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Amusing Gaming Clips of the Day - Episode 1


Compilation One

Here is a collection of clips that are solely from the game Dayz. A lot of things can take place in this game, and outside of it also. When I say also I mean that if you are a streamer, your viewers can play pranks on you. Let's see what we have in today's clips.

I would add that this is a shorter collection of clips than what would normally be seen.

  • In the first clip in the collection we can see what it is like if you play the Samaritan role with a random player that you do not know. One of the things that makes Dayz quite an immersive game is that you never really know other player's personalities or motivations and sometime, this can cost you
  • In the second clip we can see some of the bugs that linger in any game. Normally this will be blamed on mods - user/player coded addons to the game that changed or add something to the base game that the developers do not have anything to do with. They can be game breaking, or just funny.
  • In the third clip you will see an example of when the game is working fine, and everything in the in-game world is also working fine, but, once you allow viewers to have some sort of input or minor control over the game.. unexpected things can happen.
  • In the forth clip in the collection you will see how quickly a Dayz scenario can escalate. Everything can seem fine and manageable, viewers might tell you to "Run!" which you're confident that you can ignore. Then it will dawn on you, rather quickly, you just might not be okay after all and standing your ground might well not be the best option and running would be the wisest option.
  • The fifth and final clip will demonstrate what can happen if you wander around in Yogi Bear territory, talking away to your chat and not listening out to anything but some nice music.

* The clips below can contain swearing. A censored version can be found at the bottom of the page.

( Streamer: UndeadClockworksCo )


Compilation Two

The main game being shown in this compilation is 7 Days To Die though the clips from were taken at different times - the beard and hair length testify to this. The second clip in this short compilation comes from the game Medieval Dynasty.

  • The first clip sees the streamer being chase by various zombie types. Certain types of zombies in this game (7D2D) have an attack of sorts that separates them from the average zombie. There is a screamer and a demolition zombie chasing after the streamer - among others - the demolition zombie explodes if his explosives are triggered and the screamer will scream and this was cause more zombies to show up. It is unknown if what unfolds is planned or just a happy, and funny accident.
  • In the second clip all I can say is this must be a bug. I assume it is a bug of sorts. Otherwise it might explain why people in The clips in this short compilation all come from the same game except for the second clip medieval time had a lower life expectancy compared to now.
  • In the third clip we have a cautionary tale. When playing with other people It would be wise to know where they are located. When you are creeping into a house and checking the regular hiding places you don't really want to have your wardrobe change dictated to you by another player on your server.
  • In the fourth clip we see the coolest thing. However we are not the only ones who do and perhaps the other pair of eyes that see are not too happy to hear or see someone in their house.
  • In the filth clip we see the old prank of sorts that viewers like to play on streamers when they are least expecting it. The reaction is somewhat unexpected too if not at the exact time expected.
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* The clips below can contain swearing.A censored version can be found at the bottom of the page.

( Streamer: JonahBirch )


Compilation Three

A collection of different games feature in this clip compilation. Again these have been taken at different time and show a few funny bugs and scenarios. And maybe even warnings.

  • The first clip in this compilation comes from the game Hitman. And as you can quite clearly see, there might be a small bug in this part of the game. What makes it most comically is the AI character goading the player.
  • The second clip comes from the game Heroes and Generals. This is a game where players pick a side from WW2 and fight it out. The streamer takes their car "offroad" while being attacked by a plane. Lucky and unlucky situations then take place.
  • The third clip will bring fear into the heart of any seasoned Dayz player. The sound of a bear means one of two things - fight or flight. Probably best not to fight with bare hands but use a gun. Just make sure you have your gun in your hand and also that you have enough ammo.
  • The fourth clip is a good demonstration of a piece of software that streamers can use called Dixper. Dixper allows viewers to control the actions of the player momentarily. And that is what you see here. It is good that I mention this as you might be wondering who the streamer is talking to when things start to happen in the game that they are not doing.
  • The fifth and final clip is a simple comical interaction from one man and his dog. People do say never work with animals and children on live TV as anything can happen. This is not terrible, more sweet and funny.

* The clips below can contain swearing.A censored version can be found at the bottom of the page.

( Streamer: ColdRizer )

Below you can find a censored version of all the videos featured in all the compilations.

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