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Among Us – Comparison Between Pc and Mobile Editions


Without a doubt, Among Us has generated an active player base and peaked up to millions in September 2020 alone. With a consistent player count, streamline gameplay, and tons of fun, Among Us, has more than enough reasons for people to keep playing either with friends or strangers. Among Us, developers – InnerSloth – made two versions of the game: the mobile and the PC. While the majority of players go with the mobile platform, Among Us sold well on Steam too, costing just around $3 to purchase. That’s $3 for a full content game (excluding the DLC skins). But, are there any significant differences between the mobile edition and the PC version? Let’s check them out and see if we can pinpoint the contrasts.

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Among Us on PC

Let’s start with the PC edition of the game. We have to start it off to where InnerSloth began: the Steam platform. If you did not know, Among Us has been around since November 2018. But, back then, not a lot of people knew about it. It was one of the most niches yet highly entertaining multiplayer games on PC.

It borrows the same principles of Trouble in Terrorist Town – a mini-game found within the community-driven game Garry’s mod. If you are not familiar with Among Us’ rules, you start with around 4 to 10 people inside a map. Most of you will need to cooperate and follow the objectives found on-screen.

However, about 1 to 3 of you are murderers looking to pick off each unaware player. If another player finds a dead body, they will initiate a meeting where the whole crew will discuss who killed the last player. This act is where things get interesting because it toys around with trust and suspiciousness among the team.

One of you gets voted out if the group reaches a vote. It can be a right call, or they missed out the opportunity to find out who the real killer is. Either the crew can finish the objectives and leave to win the game, or they cast a vote on the right person, or the murderer wins if all crew members are dead.

Among Us borrows the exact rules of Trouble in Terrorist Town except in a more pleasing 2D setting.


There is nothing much to say about the visuals of Among Us. Sure, it looks cartoony and well-drawn, but there is no out of the ordinary presentation. It is honestly of the most zany-looking 2D displays in a game – as if you are inside a cartoon with dark humor.

But, comparing it to the mobile version, Among Us PC lets you play on 1080p up to 4K and within a range of 60 to 240 fps. The texts also look more evident, and the outer-lining of the graphics are very smooth – then again why would you even bother going through the anti-aliasing of the game?


Again, there’s nothing much to say here since both the PC and mobile editions are the same.


This technique is where the significant differences are between PC and mobile. You can either play Among Us with a keyboard and mouse or a controller like the DualShock 4 or the Xbox One control pad. This way also makes it easier for players to type whatever they want during meetings and solve the puzzles easier.

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Arguably, some would say that the connection in the PC version is faster than mobile, but there is no hard evidence about it. What matters is that you have a stable connection, and you are playing on the right server.


Before you can play it, you need to pay $3 for the game. However, the best part about buying it is that you don’t have to go through the pesky ads.

Among Us on Mobile

Ever since InnerSloth decided to bring the game to mobile devices as a free to play game, they never thought it would become this big. Thanks to its easy access to everyone, the game’s reputation skyrocketed and surpassed Fall Guys for the most played game of September 2020.

Visuals and Sounds

Again, nothing much to say here except it’s all 2D. A potato phone can even run Among Us smoothly. Same goes with the sound, nothing much to look forward to.


Uniquely enough, Among Us on mobile includes two types of controls: joystick and touch. This all depends on your preference, but both are quite nice and effective to use in any game.

The only problem with the game is that you have to type on a landscape keyboard which is a bit tiring for the thumbs.


Not many issues regarding the mobile version as long as you have a stable connection.


The biggest reason for its fame is because of the free to play accessibility. The only gripe you have to struggle with is the annoying ads. But, you can take them off if you are willing to pay $3 for the app.

The Platform Depends on Your Preference

PC, mobile, whatever you choose, Among Us is still a great game. Just take note that the PC version is a paid app while the portable edition is free to play with ads.

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