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American Girl Doll or Our Generation Doll Review

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Our 3 Year Old Wanted the American Girl Doll

I had kind of a struggle nearing Christmas 2013. The struggle was whether to purchase an American Girl 18 inch Doll or a cheaper brand. I had read every review online about both, but in my head a doll is a doll especially when it’s for a 3 year old who clearly doesn’t know anything about value and expenses. I’d pretty much drained myself financially leading up to that time. She kept asking for an American girl doll, and well it’s kind of hard telling a 3 year old no, especially at Christmas.

American Girl and Our Generation Doll Compared

So here’s what I learned during my struggle, she now has an American Girl 18 inch doll the retired Felicity and an Our Generation 18 inch Target brand doll. To me, the similarity of how they’re made is amazing. After studying them both for about 30 minutes trying to figure the big difference besides the price, I figured it out.

  • The American Girl 18 inch doll can actually open her legs to a split position,
  • The Our Generation doll cannot.
  • Both dolls can stand by themselves and sit when bent.
  • Both of the dolls feel the same, and it looks as though they’re made of the same material.
  • The Generation doll arm’s does not fall straight to its side like the American Girl Doll, but that’s completely unnoticeable.
  • Our Generation dolls arms and feet are more flexible which comes in handy when squeezing her into clothing or shoes.
  • The American Girl dolls arms, legs, and feet are hard.
  • Both can share clothing, although we were unable to put the Our Generation dolls stable outfit boots on the American girl doll because the arms, legs, and feet are not as flexible.
  • The Our Generation doll does offer a future problem with tangling hair, but that’s an easy fix.
  • The American Girl Dolls hair is not as perfect as was made out to be on numerous reviews.
  • We found the American Girl Dolls teeth’s makes her look odd.
  • The Our Generation Doll does not show teeth.
She's the retired AG Doll, really nice.

She's the retired AG Doll, really nice.

Our Generation Doll Won Her Over

In the end, my daughter seemed to take more to the Our Generation doll whose name is Lily Anna by the way. In fact, we purchased both Lily Anna and Shannon our generation dolls, one for my stepdaughter. The purchase price for 2 Our Generation Dolls was still cheaper than that for just one American Girl Doll. Luckily for us, we didn’t purchase the American Girl Doll, we just lucked up on her about a week after Christmas for free and she was in perfect condition. When we brought Felicity home, my daughter was happy to receive her, but not jumping up and down happy like she was when receiving Our Generation Lily Anna.

Both American Girl Doll and Our Generation Doll are Great Choices

Both are terrific brand dolls, sure the hair can be a problem with any doll, but the $40 Our Generation Brand went over much better with my daughter. Also, both dolls come with books and lots of accessories. I think the thing that makes the American Girl doll so amazing with little girls is the name itself and how she’s marketed to be better. If it weren’t for the name I don’t think our little ones would even recognize a great difference. I will be purchasing American Girl dolls in the future because I realize how valuable they become in the long run, but not as a plaything for my daughters.

I forgot to mention that my stepdaughters mother purchased her a just like me American Girl Doll for Christmas which probably led to my daughter wanting one. My stepdaughters American Girl doll spent more time than anything on the floor when she visited for about a week, and that was truly sad. Marketers sure know how to sell kids on things because the American Girl Doll has her own Salon and Clothing Store in Chicago where we live. I have lived here for years, although I have never been to the salon or store. I am planning a summer visit for fun with my daughter as we hardly do one on one outing. I can just imagine what I am going to walk out of that store having purchased, but if I end up overdoing it I will definitely have to check into the shopper’s rehab!

I will upload some photos of the Our Generation Doll Lily Anna Soon!!!

American Girl or Our Generation

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Alexa on January 14, 2018:

Ok,loving my AG doll!!As my friends and I say,OG is now OLD GENERATION!!(no offense)

Melanie O'Donnell on November 26, 2017:

I purchased a Our Gen for my 7yr old daughter last month as a Christmas prezzie. she asked me last night for an American Girl doll because her friend has one and she loves it so I been trawling the Internet for one, alas we live in the UK so not an easy feat thank you for this review it's answered a load of questions and saved me over £100 I can spend on other accessories for her OG doll

Alexa on September 22, 2017:

Ok update I'm getting an ag.Will update soon.

Stellar (author) from Chicago on July 13, 2017:

My daughter now has a collection of "Our Generation" dolls and all are still in excellent condition. She's passed her A.G. phase, and would rather use extra money for other things. She's 6 now! So it's been years since I updated. Thank you all for the comments!

Alexa on January 07, 2017:

Marley came 2 months ago.My girlfriends and I think OG is better then AG cause there teeth don't show.Although AG is a more popular brand,OG won us all over.

Alexa on November 05, 2016:

I have an OG doll named getting one on Thursday,and her name is Marley!!Yay!

Kym on January 17, 2016:

My daughter LOVES her Our Generation Doll, we get all her clothes/accessories from (it's an Aussie website).x

Elena Sofia on October 14, 2015:

I love my og. AG is crap.

Monica on June 25, 2015:

We've gotten away w/ Our Generation doll without my daughter noticing. Now that she's 10, I'm getting her a AG doll. Mainly because she really loves the dolls and we can not do the hair of the Our Generation doll since it's plastic and melts and pulls out if you try to do anything with it.

Agforever on November 24, 2014:

American girl is better because the hair can be flat ironed and curled and stuff and our generation hair melts with heat and american girl is original an our generation is just a knock off and copies american girl and when you style american girl dolls hair you don' t see bald patches and when you style our generation dolls hair you see a bunch of bald patches and american girl dolls hard plastic is better so it doesn't break off

agfan on July 29, 2014:

I love american girl. I had an old Our Generation doll because when i was little i though it was a ag doll. I was obsesed with ag when i was n 3rd grade i got a magzine from ag i loed the my ag ones. But since it was 8+ i could'nt get it yet. So soon on my birhtday i opened my present and i found out it was a my aq number 10 i liked her a lot. but soon i found out that the our genearation doll wasn't exactly a ag doll so i didn't know what to do with it i though if i keep her inside it will ruin her so then i thought of finding her alikes and differences to see which doll was better. I started doing research and soon i figured out my american girl is better quality maybe your daughter doesn't really know about my ag yet so maybe she stuck with our generation though i finally figured out that i willl give sam (our genaraion) back to the store

May Galnou from Melbourne, Australia on April 29, 2014:

Interesting Hub. My daughter became obsessed with American Girl Dolls after a trip to the New York store a few years ago. We don't have them in Australia, so we have to get them shipped from America for Christmas and birthdays. We can get Our Generation Dolls here, but she's never shown any interest in them. The AG dolls, clothes and accessories are more expensive for a reason in my opinion - other dolls just don't compare in detail or quality. I also love the historical dolls - great way to teach girls about history.

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