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Amazon Fire Tablets for Kids

Victoria is a single mother of two daughters that has personal experience with grief in many different forms.

The Amazon Fire Tablet/ My Choice

Apps and Games

The tablet already has previews of apps that children of the age entered ready to be just clicked and downloaded. The device has Alexa capabilities in parent mode for children still learning to type what they may be searching for.

If you set up a child email to link to their apps, it saves the apps that they are most interested in and recommends games that are similar.

My daughters love that they can search YouTube for their favorite videos and then games will show up that are related to those loved videos.


  1. When setting up this device, please be careful to use a parental control to not allow children to accidentally purchase videos or books from your amazon account.
  2. There will be an option for a parent profile and child profile. The child profile does not allow for the settings menu to remove apps or cache if store is running low. I recommend having an easy password for the parent profile for older children and just remove the payment method to avoid unwanted purchases.

Amazon Rating is a 4.7 out of 5

Tablet Devices


The Amazon Fire tablet can seem pricey compared to others when searching for products that are also offered. The quality and durability is what has this product standing out for my forever approval. I have bought many different brands, sizes, durability, and functions. This one is the only one that has yet to disappoint me on any function compared to any other purchase.

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