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Alternative Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh Card Analysis & Rulings)


Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon becomes Blue-Eyes White Dragon once it is in the graveyard or field. With 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. It has strong abilities perfect to use. Seto Kaiba uses blue-eyes White Dragon in the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh.

For decades, this is admired by many Yu-Gi-Oh fans for being powerful and the toughest original normal monster. It involves a lot of support cards that make it brilliant, even though it lacks effects - involving summoning and ignition.

However, this card must be specially summoned from the hand through divulging the “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” It has a light attribute in the eight-level with a passcode 38517737. You can destroy a monster your enemy controls; the turn cannot be attacked once the effect of the card is activated.

It imitates its precursor’s battle stats in the graveyard or battlefield. It can be used as a material for fusion monsters in the graveyard. Once you divulge Blue Eyes White Dragon from your hand, you can normal summon for the turn.

This card can be searched through the following:

• Dogu

• Single Purchase

• Painful escape

• Chaos Zone

• Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden

• Eclipse Wyvern

• Draconnection

• The Melody of Awakening dragon

• Paladin of Felgrand

• Krystal Dragon

• Priestess with Eyes of Blue

This card is perfect and considered to be useful to Fusion Summon by its effect. It can summon “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon”, “Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” and “Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon.”

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Original Card Game Rulings

• It is a “Blue-Eyes” monster.

• This has a Continuous Effect wherein it prevents the card from being embattled or defeated by the enemy’s card effects.

• With the Ignition effect, it destroys a card on the enemy’s field.

• It has an effect that can only target one card on the enemy’s ground. Thus, if summoned as a material, you can have the power to target 2-3 cards on your enemy’s field. You can select how many targets, ranging from 1-3, you can attack with the effect.

• If you are in Main Phase 2, you cannot activate the given effect if attacked during the turn by Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards You Needed for Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Card

You can make your dragon card the best. Using your card alone may not assure your victory during your turn, for best outcomes you can use other cards that can support your Blue-Eyes Alternative card and erase your worries with monsters effects which your enemy controls. Here are the cards to be considered in Blue-Eyes White Dragon build aside from the card itself. Support your card and impose it at its best.

• Dragon Spirit of White

This is a monster type card too. This card is handy to support the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Card. You can target and expel and opposing curse or trap once this card is summoned normally or special in the hand or graveyard. It helps to create an impossible graveyard recovery. From your hand, you can honor Drago Spirit to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon once your enemy controls at least one monster. It requires a normal summon for the two sacrifices.

• Return of the Dragon Lords

This is a spell or magic card that can trick dragon creatures from your card to the graveyard. That’s why it is essential to find other ways on how to summon your card again from there. Through battle or effect, this can help to prevent Blue-Eyes White Dragon from being destroyed in the graveyard.

• The White Stone of Ancients

This monster deck can help in summoning strong synchro monsters. These monsters can help and support Blue-Eyes White Dragon. During the turn, once the card is placed in the graveyard, you can summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your card and add another Blue-Eyes monster to your hand. This card allows easy summons and retrievals in the graveyard. Always bear in mind that it should be used during the end of the turn.

• Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

This monster card offers a monster that performs together with Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This can be conveniently summoned from the hand and the graveyard. Just make sure to protect this card for you to use the reusable monster summon.

• The White Stone of Legend

With tremendous power, this card helps to ensure you can win the battle. In a single move, you can activate effect as long as you want.

• Deep-Eyes White Dragon

This provided easy summoning effect, matches and destroy your enemy’s monster. You can impose 600 damage to your enemy for every dragon with a varied name in the graveyard.

• Maiden with Eyes of Blue

Rather than the dragon element you assume, this bonds Yugi’s monster spellcaster-type. Even though it’s not a dark magician, it can be one of the finest supports for Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Card. To your heavy build offense, it gives a good defense. This card doesn’t need to worry about losses for it can negate an attack when being targeted. It can also change the battle position, and special summon the Blue-Eyes White Alternative Dragon from the hand or graveyard. It can assist by pulling the Blue-Eyes by pulling when being targeted. Your enemy can struggle in eliminating her without activating her abilities.

• Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

This card is one of the best synchro monsters you can have for support. Until the end of the next turn, it has effects that defend the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon to be a target or defeated. With this card, you can summon any normal monster from the graveyard.

• The Melody of Awakening Dragon

Without a doubt, this spell card can be activated through discarding one card. Once you did, you can add up two more dragon-type monsters comprising 3000 or more ATK and 2500 or less DEF from your card to your hand. You can search for Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.

These cards serve as help for your Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Card. Once used with enough support, you can find the best strike to defeat your enemy in the graveyard.

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