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All the Possible Health Potion Combinations within Skyrim


Which Ingredient combinations give you Health Potions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

There are an inordinate amount of ingredients to be found all over the Skyrim - and beyond - world. What if you were surrounded by ingredients all the time that could save you money, and time, and your life? That'd be something to look into, right? What if crafting these would also have the byproduct of leveling your character up slowly and surely.

That would surely be something of interest to help you upon your quest(s), whatever it/they might be.

If you don't use them or have too many.. you can always sell them and make more gold. Whatever your motivation, this information will help!

Restore Health

Combine two of the following will create a potion to Restore Health.

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2

Blue Mountain Flower


Blue Dartwing

Butterfly Wing

Charred Skeever Hide

Daedra Heart

Eye of Sabre Cat

Imp Stool

Rock Warbler Egg

Swamp Fungal Pod


(Any Other Item on List)

Locations of Ingredients Needed for 'Restore Health' Potions

Skyrim is a very vast world as I have said before and it is very easy to find a lot of the ingredients needed to craft potions. However, it is just as common to find some things, as not to find them. This is the nature of the beast when creating portions.

Some elements of the potions are everywhere: Blue Mountain Flowers, Blisterwort, Impstool etc and some are not: Daedra Heart , Glowing Mushrooms, Giant's Toe etc. This is also very relative to where you actually are in the Skyrim universe.

You can always find all ingredients mentioned on this page in and around the cities and villages of Skyrim.

Here is a list of key locations for each ingredient to get you started:

  • Blue Mountain Flowers = Temple of Mara, within Riften - just outside the temple.
  • Blue Dartwing = Lake Ilinalta, just west of Riverwood - found just above the water all over this lake.
  • Charred Skeever Hide = Sanuarach Mine, and most mines - this, it seems, is what people like to eat when mining. In Skyrim.
  • Eye of Sabre Tooth = Froki's Shack, south of Autumnwatch Tower - this is also one of those ingredients that can actually come to you. You get it, or them.. After being attacked by a sabre toothed cat. You will only really "find" them if you're in the snow and up high. If you go to see The GreyBeards, you will 100% see a few on your way.
  • Rock Warbler Egg = Temple of Dibella, within Markarth - just outside the temple. You can also quite commonly find it where you find Juniper in the wild.
  • Wheat = Cowflop Farm, Rorikstead - you would have thought this would be everywhere but it is not all that common outside of farms, which all will have Wheat.
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  • Blisterwort = Blackreach, Tower of Mzark - this is located in a cave underneath the city. This will always be found in most if not all caves. The one mentioned has the highest amount.
  • Butterfly Wing = Blue Palace, within Solitude - they can normally be found flying around the rear of this building.
  • Daedra Heart = Hall of the Vigilant, south of Dawnstar - these are quite tricky to find. Found sitting - not literally - on a table. These will have to be stolen so be sure to sneak and maybe use a potion of invisibility to steal them.
  • Imp Stool = Robber's Cove, west of Dragon Bridge - another ingredient that can commonly be found in caves.
  • Swamp Fungal Pod = Abandoned Shack, Southwest of Solitude - quite an ambiguous name but you can find quite a few at this location.

How to Put the 'Restore Health' Potions Together

A word of Warning

Now though I have researched the different combinations of the potions that exist, Bethesda, the game developers have and probably will keep releasing newer versions and DLC packs for the game which might well cause this list to not be the definitive list. Also, there are more mods for the game than grains of sand in all the deserts on Earth. So I might have unintentionally or unknowingly missed a few things. Also, where the cost of an item out ways the logic to use it to make a potion that could have been made with cheaper ingredients.. I have left those off. Well, some of them.

Fortify Health

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2

Bear Claws

Blue Mountain Flower

Boar Tusk

Giant's Toe

Glowing Mushroom

Hanging Moss


Yellow Mountain Flower

Locations of Ingredients Needed for 'Fortify Health' Potions

  • Bear Claws = Fallowstone Cave, Riften. Though like with the Sabre Toothed Cat you will generally get these off of bears you have killed and the good news, or bad news, is that these can turn up anytime when you are in the wild - they wont attack you while you are in a tavern knocking back some mead, though.
  • Boar Tusks = These can only be stolen, bought or found on Rieklings - a sort of warthog creature - after you have sent them on the merry way - killed them.
  • Glowing Mushrooms = Bleak Falls Barrow, Northwest of Riverwood. This is a quest you should get early on. They will be mainly located when you leave the exit - of the quest and cave.
  • Giant's Toe = Palace of The Kings, within Windhelm - if you search through the rooms you will find them. They can be in different locations. They will have to be stolen. Another place you can get them is from killing a giant. However, I wouldn't recommend tangling with Giants as they are very tough and can pack quite a punch (I have attached a video below of a usual outcome.
  • Hanging Moss = Dustman's Cairn, southeast of Morthal - no surprises that this is an old place, a tomb to be precise. You would think that this stuff would be everywhere but it is quite hard to find and not all that common.
  • Yellow Mountain Flower = Castle Volkihar, Morrowind - Around the entrance in the flowerbeds. This location is within a DLC pack for Skyrim. Morrowind is another land mass that was added and you access it by taking a ferry from Skyrim.

How to Put the 'Fortify Health' Potions Together

Basic Tips for Making Your Potions

  • Pick every ingredient up you see in the wilds of the world as you don't know when it could your gold dust later. If it isn't, you can make easy potions as a way of leveling up your character.
  • If you want to steal your ingredients from houses and public places, be sure to save the game before you do it, just in case. If you get caught, EVERYTHING that you have stolen EVER - that you have on your person - will be taken and if you last saved ten minutes ago.. That could be annoying to go back to or annoying to lose all your swiped items.
  • Check the costs of the ingredients you are using. You might well be using very rare and pricey ingredients for a potion that.. isn't rare or pricey at all.

Best leave the Giant's Toe where it is...

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