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All You Need to Know About Daeodon in ARK: Survival Evolved

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In ARK: Survival Evolved you can tame more than 400 species of dinosaurs. Under this concept, we can say that there are many, many creatures with which players are probably not familiar, for example, today we will talk about the Daeodon, a creature that many players might not have heard of. This pig-like creature is very useful for ARK survivors.


The Daeodon is a medium to large-sized omnivore that inhabits ARK: Survival Evolved. It looks a bit like a wild boar but has a large head and very sharp teeth. In the wild, they are not good fighters and will attack humans on their own initiative. If you are not well equipped, I advise you to be prepared to run away if you encounter one.


Despite their ferocious nature, they are excellent at healing allied creatures. Daeodons have a special ability, they produce a pheromone effect that triggers a unique ranged healing impact when wounded, and friendly creatures around them can also benefit from this health regeneration. This can turn a pack of these creatures into a very dangerous opponent. This ability is very useful in PvP battles and combined with its very good defense and health points, makes the Daeodon a very useful combat creature.


In ARK: Survival Evolved, Daeodon are mainly found in the snowy northern regions and are not very numerous. Survivors in ARK often find Daeodon traveling in packs, devouring everything near them, so be more careful when taming them in the wild. There are many mountains in the north, so it is best to attack them with a flying creature or from high ground. They are relatively easy to anesthetize, but it is important to keep in mind that they have a very large appetite, so be sure to have plenty of food on hand. During healing, the Daeodon's food level will deplete quickly; be sure to bring it well stocked with food. Note that the amount of dinos the Daeodon heals has a direct impact on the amount of food it will consume: healing many dinos at once can cause it to drain thousands of food levels every few seconds.

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And this last feature reminds us of our childhood and it is inevitable to associate the Daeodons with Pumbaa, from the Disney movie "The Lion King". Undoubtedly, Timon and Pumba are one of Disney's most endearing couples. They are two characters with a very unique way of looking at life and with one of the best philosophies for living. And in ARK: Survival Evolved, some survivors recreated this iconic duo.

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