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Akbar Birbal Short Stories In English With Moral



Akbar and Birbal are two unique characters in whole India.Their combination is a source of many stories famous in India and all over the world. Every year many books publish containing their stories. It also sells in good number. In this hub, I will tell you about Akbar Birbal short stories in English with moral , where they have born and how they met. Last I will end the hub with one beautiful story of them.

Biography Of Akbar

Akbar was the first and great king after Hindu kings who ruled over whole India.During his reign, the capital of India was Agra. His birth took place in umarkot sindh province of Pakistan on 1542.His father’s name was humayu and mother name was Hamida. He became king at the age of 13 because of his father untimely death. At that time.He was small to rule the Mughal Empire.

Akbar Birth Place In Umarkot Pakistan

He expanded his kingdom with the help of his strong Millay strength. Akbar built an administration where he gave important post to other religion people,thus win their faith.

He was open to all the religion therefore in his reign many religion flourished like Hindu ,muslim, jain and Christian. He was also fond of arts and gave promotion to arts form like mughal and European. Akbar died in October in 1605 in Agra India.

Who Is Birbal?

Birbal was an intimate friend of Akbar. Akbar used to consult him on all family and state affairs. He used to test his intelligence skill as well. Birbal was born in 1528 on kalpi village in Tikawanpur district in uttar pradesh India.

His father was ganga das and mother name was Anabha.He did his education in that post tikawanpur.He was expert in braj langauge and sanskrit.

He was the nine jewel in Akbar assembly. By birth he was Hindu and his name was Mahesh das but because of his service in Akbar assembly he changed his name as Birbal. He got many titles in Akbar assembly like birbal and raja.He died on 1586 in pakistan.

How Akbar and Birbal met

Once when Akbar went for hunting, while hunting he lost in the forest and reached a place where he spotted 3 roads . Akbar knows that one of this roads will go to his capital Agra but didn’t know which one.Suddenly Akbar spotted a man. He called a man and asked which of this road will go to Agra? Man replied,sir, road doesn’t go anywhere.

Traveler goes by the road. Hearing this ,Akbar smiled and yes man you are true. Amazed by the reply, Akbar gave his ring to boy and asked him to come to court with this ring so I could recognize you in the court. Now tell me the way to go to Agra.

Birbal in Akbar -Palace

Birbal in Akbar -Palace

Birbal told the right way to the king.Next day, he visited the Akbar court with the ring.As Akbar was already enchanted by birbal intelligence,he gave him advisor post in his court.

Akbar Birbal Short Stories In English With Moral

Akbar Challenge And The Poor Man

Once Akbar did a unique announcement in his assembly that whoever will stay whole night in a cold lake near the palace in cold winter, he will give him 100 gold coins as a gift. Hearing this one poor man who needs some urgent money for his daughter marriage accepted the challenge.

On due day, he stayed whole night in cold lake which was cold enough to glaciate bones (famous proverb).Somehow he did this austerity. Next morning he came before Akbar and asked for gold coin as gift.

Akbar with his soilder

Akbar with his soilder

Akbar said that how can I believe that you stayed in cold lake for whole night. It is the lamp in palace that was giving heat to you and therefore you could able to do it. Actually the lamp in Akbar palace was far away from the lake. Hearing this poor man begin to weep and left the assembly.

When Birbal came to know about this incidence, he thought to teach a lesson to Emperor Akbar. One day Birbal didn’t go to the assembly. Akbar asked the other members in court about Birbal absence, but nobody did know about him. Akbar sent his messenger in birbal house.

When messenger reached the house of Birbal, Birbal told him that tell the king that I am making khichri(it is food item made up of rice, water and vegetables).He will come when his khichri will be ready.


Messenger gave the same message to Akbar.Long time has passed but Birbal didn’t come in the court. Again he sent his messenger. Messenger came back with same message.

It repeated 3,4 times. This time, Akbar himself decided to visit birbal’s house.There he saw that in one of the tree near his house, one vessel was hanging with khichri stuff and below it, wooden logs are burning.

Akbar said to Birbal, Birbal are you fool? Vessel is hanging in the top and you are burning logs very far from it. This way khichri will not be ready in the future, as the heat of logs is not reaching to vessel.

As if the Birbal was waiting for same point, he said then how can far away lamp in your palace give heat to that poor man. Your palace lamp is very far away from that lake and it is impossible that lamp can give heat to the poor man. You have done injustice with that man.

Akbar understood the point of Birbal and realised his mistake. Next day, he called the poor man and gave 100 gold coins as his promise.Thus story ends with happy note.


Akbar was liberal king and Birbal was his associate who used to correct him.Both are inseparable.Their stories bring a smile in your face and gives a sharp moral message.Hope you enjoyed reading it.Wait here For More Stories.


rahul (author) from Bangalore on November 13, 2015:

Thank you very much Charu Bhatnagar for your encouraging comment.

Charu Bhatnagar from India on November 13, 2015:

Enjoyed reading the hub. I remember reading some of the stories of Akbar-Birbal. Also loved the way you wrote their description.

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