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DOTA Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Akasha the Queen of Pain item and guide

Akasha The Queen Of Pain

So who is Akasha you ask? Well Akasha is one of the strongest and I think she is the best and strongest among all the intelligent type characters in the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne DOTA All stars game also known as Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Defense of the Ancients.

In this article you will find simple suggested build and item guide to help beginners especially noobies not to be feeders when they are using Akasha the Queen of Pain in playing. This build is not originally made by me. I just used my imagination and assembled all the items together. With this build you can even kill Magina the Anti mage, which is definitely a big disadvantage against your character. Since the ultimate skill of Anti Mage the Mana Void skill deals great damage to characters whenever your character is lacking mana. Of course you need to kill enough enemies to earn enough gold to buy the necessary items needed.


Building the right hero: SKILLS needed

First thing you should do is either get the Blink skill or the Scream of Pain skill. Either of this two will be your arsenal. Blink can be used to get near or to use it to escape opposing enemies. Remember to use your range as your advantage especially against close ranged characters. Then use the Scream of Pain skill when ever enemy heroes tries to get near you. I prefer maxing out the Scream of Pain skill first. It is because you can use this skill against enemy creeps to earn gold faster so that you can buy the necessary items you need. Then you can get the ultimate skill of Akasha which is the Sonic Wave skill. Next skill you should max out is the Blink skill. To have a good combination move, you should hit enemy heroes with your ultimate skill first. Giving a huge damage in your enemy's hero. Another tip that I would definitely suggest is to use your ultimate skill when enemy hero is marching or pushing forward with enemy creeps. In that way, you can eliminate enough enemy creeps and earn enough gold and you can focus more on the enemy hero then use the Blink skill in front of your enemy and wipe the hero out with your Scream of Pain skill. The closer the better so that if ever there are remaining enemy creeps the closest enemy unit will have more priority to be hit with the skill. You need to max out next is your ultimate skill. The Sonic Wave skill. Allocate skills in bonus stats (the yellow plus sign in your skills window) until you can max out your ultimate skill. Once you have maxed out the Blink skill, the Scream of Pain skill, and your the Sonic Wave skill, your next priority is your bonus stats skill. Each skill point allocated in this skill will grant you +2 to all attributes. Increasing your damage, mana, attack speed and your health even your armor. The last skill you should max out is the Shadow Strike skill. It is used to slow enemy heroes who are critically wounded in clash battles so that they cannot escape from you.

Tools of the trade: ITEMS needed

For the items that you are going to build are the following. First item that you should buy when the game starts are three pieces of Iron wood branch and a Magic stick. When you have enough gold, complete the Magic Wand item. Use this especially when your life is very low or to replenish your mana. The more charge it has the better. You can sell this item later in the game. Next item that you should assemble is your Power Threads. You should start with the Boots of Speed first, then the Gloves of Haste and finally the Robe of Magi item. Remember that Akasha does not need speed boost like Phase Boots, since Akasha has the Blink skill you can easily catch up to fleeing enemy heroes. The next item you should assemble is the Dagon item. Pick the Staff of Wizardry first so that it can increase your damage since the item gives +10 to your hero's Intelligence and complete the Dagon item as soon as possible. You should also upgrade your Dagon to its max level. After using the combination I mentioned a while back, hit the enemy with your Dagon skill. It's a sure kill since the combination really deals a great amount of damage. If your enemy hero still manages to survive that wipe out combination attack simply hit em up with your normal attacks and always Blink on the enemy hero so there is a slim chance for survival. You also need to assemble the Aganim's Scepter since it upgrades your ultimate skill. Pick the Staff of Wizardry first to increase your damage more and also increases your mana. The tendency is you will be able to deal great damage with your skill and you hit your enemy with your normal attack first before the enemy hero can wipe out your health. Then you can move on buying the Ogre axe item to increase your hero's life and finally assemble the scepter. Next item that you should be assembling now is the Blood Stone item. You should give greater priority to the Perseverance item first so that you can replenish health and mana. You can still use the Magic Wand item during harsh measures but I prefer that you sell it once you have completed the Blood Stone item. With this build alone you are hard to beat. Your build is complete and the two remaining item slots can be used with your preferred item. You can add the Eye of Skadi item to increase your damage and slow the movement speed of your enemy heroes or even add the Heart of Tarrasque item to maximize your health and increase your chance of survival. Or if you want you can assemble any of the following items. Butterfly for you attack speed combined with the Eye of Skadi item. Eul's Scepter of Divinity combined with Shiva's Guard. Orchid of Malevolence combined with any of the above mentioned items. Keep in mind that Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne regularly updates it's map versions and this can change item recipes. So it pays if you read updates and item recipes.

Sample items for Akasha the Queen of Pain


Just use your imagination with the two remaining item slots and keep in mind that Akasha is not a hitter but rather a spammer of hardcore dealing damage using her skills. Always remember to over abuse your skills and do not buy unnecessary items like life stealing items because before you will be wiped out by your enemy's hero they are bleeding and already running to save their lives. This build is not for one on one only but is also effective when a clash of heroes is happening. Also remember that the basic items I've mentioned that you will buy to assemble the other items can be changed when later versions of the game are released.

Experience is the key here especially on how you can master the hero appropriately. Simple computation of damage and luck in chasing your enemy heroes. But as mentioned above, this is the easiest hero to master and it will not disappoint the user.


mackynanquilada@yahoo.com on March 02, 2012:

ang galing!!

MrShadow on March 27, 2011:

I hate Akasha because its hard to play with her but I saw some player who played pretty good with her