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Best Free Mobile Apps For Adults

In my twenties, I liked a bit of PlayStation but now that smart phones are the norm - I have discovered a whole new world of fun things!

What Are Some Addicting Games For iPhone

When I first got my Samsung Android, I was looking for something to read at the gym and discovered that there were books in the style of choosing your own adventure. These were all the rage in the '80s and '90s and I am glad to see these games still exist in a modern way. Nowadays, I have an iPhone and have discovered the world is my oyster as far as gaming goes.

Right now the best apps ever are in such high demand its really a matter of taste but here are a few that deserve a mention:

  • Alsto's Odyssey,
  • PUBG Mobile,
  • Fire Emblem Heroes,
  • Brawl Stars,
  • Rowdy Wrestling and,
  • Words With Friends.

Who needs a Playstation when you can carry your gaming device where ever you go and still enjoy some pretty cool things. Check out the rest of the best android games that you can download for free.

Gamebooks - Choose Your Own Adventure Style Choices Games

Delight Games - Choices

This is a choose your own adventure style book. There aren't fancy graphics as it's more a kindle style book but the stories cater for any genre you are into. There are books written under the horror genre with witches, vampires, zombies, and sleuth among others.

The app itself is free to download and, you can read them for free ads and accumulate coins to get the next chapter. Coins are given for not dying during your adventure plus daily bonuses and watching videos.

I read Zombie High, and while it is predominantly a teen book, I really enjoyed it. The story is about Jane Valentine who lives in a futuristic time period where all of humanity moved underground. Your choices can make her the nice person or the not so nice person and themes of popularity and potential love interest get peppered throughout as are choices based on strengths and weakness.

I would recommend this to anyone but it's great that if you have younger teens who like to use your phone, it is something you could leave on there for them to use.

The Wolf Among Us

This app blew me away when I found it. It's made by Telltale Games with involvement from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

It lets you begin the first volume for free. Then you pay per volume or $29.99 discounted entire edition.

This one is not like a kindle— it's a movie where you control the outcomes and choices of the characters in the story in a realistic cartoon format. The characters swear like sailors. There is even a scene where a very scary man beats up on a prostitute. I (playing detective Beast) found myself in a simulated fight scene where I had to tap and swipe at the screen to avoid or give punches. Other scenarios have you search or navigate areas of the scenario to find clues or pick up objects.

The Wolf Among Us starts out with you playing as law enforcement and it's set in Fable Town. Characters have been named after Fables and the plotline involves trying to figure out who is killing people.

The characters are engaging and it is definitely suited to older adults due to the swearing and minor violence. The content comes with an R or an MA15 rating depending on the title.

Other Titles by Telltale

  • The Walking Dead.
  • Game Of Thrones.
  • Tales from the Borderlands.
  • Dark Dreams Don't Die.
  • Metal Gear.
  • Sherlock Holmes.

The Wolf Among Us - Short Clip of Gameplay Fight Scene

My game was full of blank choices after purchase. It's a shame because I was really enjoying it.

My game was full of blank choices after purchase. It's a shame because I was really enjoying it.

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Warfare Games With Great Social Interaction

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has been around for a few years now and it is extremely popular.
There is not a lot to these types of games besides the quirky and often humorous characters and modern graphics when compared to warfare games from decades ago. Previously on-screen graphics were extremely basic now they are much improved.

This is a time-based game featured around your own army and village. You build structures allow you to get different troops, spells and decorations and battle against other players.

I believe the ongoing popularity of this game, is through the use of clans. Once you start the game and reach a certain level, you can look for a clan or group to join. Being in a clan allows you to take part in wars with other clans, have strategies about who to attack the opposing team and be given larger rewards to help you along with upgrades for your own village. The better your village becomes, the more expensive having a stronger village is.

  • Other players can take your hard-earned resources if you aren't careful with the village set up. Where you place your walls, your weapons and everything else becomes important.
  • How good you are at the game is also ranked by way of a colored shield which tells other people in your clan how good you are at battle.

You can pick from an array of countries around the world and each clan has its own rules. Break them at your own peril, they will kick you out and if the breach is particularly offensive to the leader or co-leaders within the hierarchy they can block you from returning.

The game has evolved over the years with new troops introduced, mock character videos and other small details including a new alternate village to keep your attention.

In-Game Chat

  • There is a chat bar, where once accepted into a clan of up to 40 people, you can get to know other players.
  • Failing or missing an allocated an attack during a war can result in expulsion or reprimand, making it feel like your being bossed around for not playing.
  • Some groups like to swear, talk about alcohol and tease or make jokes which aren't PG-rated. Youngsters who attempt infiltration of adult clans stick out like sore thumbs in these groups and get weeded out fairly quickly. They get questioned by clan-mates and through conversation.

How Do I Become a Co-Leader In Clash of Clans?

A leader starts the group and can select co-leaders to aid with the day-to-day running of the clan.

  • Co-leaders can start wars and give direction and are usually there as senior members.
  • All levels are given via promotion but each level gives more power to boot someone out, promote someone up or decide on acceptance of someone new entering the clan.
  • When you enter, you are first a member, then become an elder for staying a few days, other times you have to earn it through how well you fit into the group.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale got spawned by Clash of Clans. It features some of the same characters but the gameplay is entirely different. If the two platforms were a TV show, you could say the characters sometimes cross-over, but Royale has a larger choice of troops.

How Do I Play Clash Royale?

The aim of Royale is to engage in real-time arena-style battles.

  • You and your opponent have three castles to protect and the first to destroy the main castle or the most castles within the clock countdown wins.
  • You collect cards with your troops on them and they each have different abilities.
  • Troops are upgraded using gold awarded through treasure chests given at time intervals, through winning matches and by entering tournaments with large gold bonuses.

Chat in Clash Royale

You can join a group of up to 50 people.

  • Chat centers mostly around gameplay strategy, what works well, what doesn't, members frustration at losing steaks and daily life.
  • People talk about where they come from, what type of work they do and other such trivial things to do with daily life.
  • The longer you stay somewhere, the more you get to know who you are with. This game also offers groups to join from around the world.

I stick to adult groups and I like a variety of regions. My favorite is the Australian groups. Like Clash of Clans, you always get members from other countries which always makes it interesting. In most cases as long as you can write and understand English and follow a few courtesies, you'll be accepted.

Weekly Battles on Clash Royale

Clash Royale has a weekly battle that begins on a Friday within your own group. It's basically a time contained competition of who can win the most points in battle and once the upper limit reached, the group receives a large reward by way of more cards and gold.

Clash Royale is a great time killer.

Other Games Like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

  • Boom Beach.
  • Brutal Age: Horde Invasion.
  • Clash of Kings.
  • Forge of Empires.
  • Battle of Zombies.
  • Stormfall: Rise of Balur.

Clash Royale Animated Movie - By SuperCell Featuring the Arena Battle Field

Walk-through Style Games with Interactive Chat

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

This game is simply a role-playing shoot-em strategy game with the characters of The Walking Dead TV series as the characters you can choose from to complete missions.

The game features video clips you can watch when you choose, various missions increasing in difficulty and other smaller challenges to win resources to upgrade and build things within your base camp.

There is a massive arsenal of weaponry to choose and upgrade, along with clothes and trading screens. The game offers bonus rounds of different things you must to keep playing the game for longer periods and waiting times for things being built or made better take more time as the game progresses.

It's not very complicated to play once you get the hang of where everything is. There are many components to learn how to use, but after the first few missions are complete, this game too allows you to join a group, organized into hierarchy levels (leader, co-leader and elders) whom you can simply ask the advice of about gameplay, hints, and tips.

Once a week there is a team challenge and if everyone completes the challenges during the required time, bonus awards and items used to trade in shops are given.

The game itself is a little repetitive though, so I am not certain this one is one that will keep up my interest. It's an average game to have, but if you like the ability to play for 5 minutes and leave it, it may suit.

Other Games Like The Walking Dead No Man's Land

  • War Z.
  • Last Empire-War Z.
  • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.
  • Mobile Strike.
  • World at Arms.
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne.
  • Dead Trigger.

Horror Movie Game - Something Different

Sarah is Missing or Otherwise Known as SIM

This game is completely different to anything I've ever seen, so far I haven't been playing very long but once downloaded and opened your screen turns into Sara's phone. She has a futuristic Siri like helper who assists in both fixing the corrupted phone and providing you with more clues and allowing the user to ask it questions when the next step seems hard to find.

You begin by going through Sara's emails, messages and other things to find out where Sara might be or what might have happened to her and fairly quickly realize it's not something good. This game adult themes and is not recommended for anyone under 17 years of age.

What is Sarah is Missing About?

Sara is a paranormal psychologist and writes papers on the subject and one of her friends is into witchcraft. Within the first hour of playing alone in the dark at home, I found it had unnerved me a little with its clues, videos, and calls enough to turn the lights on. Had my family been home I wouldn't have minded so much but paranormal themes always scare me the best.

The videos and photos that are eventually recovered by the AI assistant are real actors which makes it all the better.

If you want to download something free that's different and like your horror genre as I do—perhaps give this one a whirl.

A Little About the Game and the Creators Kaigan Games

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