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Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Lists

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Scavenger hunts are a popular party game for adult groups of all types -- from the corporate to the casual, bachelorette parties to large-scale citywide games. The scavenger hunt game can function as a good icebreaker for people who are just getting to know each other, or it can be a great way for already close friends to have lots of fun.

The key to a scavenger hunt is having a good plan and having a good scavenger hunt list, so I've put together a list of free adult scavenger hunt lists and some party planning books you can pick up if you want a more formal game or just need more ideas.

The best way to use these lists is to grab a bunch of different scavenger hunt lists and then borrow items from them to make up your own unique list. Also, you can use them as a springboard for your own ideas. For instance, the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt list includes items that will be unique to the city of Chicago, but surely you can think of some things unique and interesting about your own city to add to your list.


Types of Scavenger Hunts

There are essentially two types of scavenger hunts -- the traditional hunt involves collecting physical items that you would bring back to the judges. Frequently, you will have to decipher hints to figure out exactly what the item is and where it is.

Sometimes instead of finding an item, you might have to perform a task (with witnesses to attest to its being done). There's a new type of scavenger hunt that's growing in popularity however, and it lots of ways it makes scavenger hunts more entertaining -- this is the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Thanks to instant cameras like the Polaroid, and now digital cameras, you can play a scavenger hunt game that involves you going out to collect pictures of the objects in the game -- or any tasks you are compelled to do. This can make many games more fun and challenging than ever before. For more tips, check out my Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas. They should be enough to get you up and running with some of your own ideas.

Planning Your Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger Hunt Lists

  • The Great Scavenger Hunt
    This is a photo scavenger hunt that is coordinated online. They have some great lists that will help you get some really creative ideas for your own photo scavenger hunt. Warning -- their lists are quite ribald and adult. No kiddie hunts here.
  • Girls Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
    Great ideas for an end of school year road trip or an extended bachelorette party. You an easily adapt this list for mixed groups too.
  • Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas
    Some great lists and ideas for scavenger hunt parties at this PartyPop message board posting. Be sure and check here for some ideas to use for your own game.
  • Scavenger Hunt Lists
    A few more useful scavenger hunt lists here -- one for a community-based game and another bridal party list too.
  • The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt
    The U of Chicago Scavenger Hunt is a very large game conducted in May every year. Use their lists to get some ideas for more challenging items to add to your hunt.

Have some more ideas? Share them here!

Michele on July 09, 2013:

Does anyone know a company in NJ that would actually arrange a scavenger hunt for my business? Thanks!

Fanney on July 31, 2011:

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My scavenger hunt consists of four line poems.

Ex. "I'm smiling at you,

although I'm hard to see

you will find what you want'

around the bark of my tree."

(this is a tree we have that has one of those tree faces on it) We have a family reunion every year and print out about 8-10 poems, when they find where it is, there is a prize there they get to keep. A bottle of booze, set of beer mugs, shot glasses, gift cert., even a blow up doll. Very fun and funny. Spencers a good place to find things for prizes.

Sandy on August 11, 2010:

Check out the iPhone app called "ScavengerHunt Deluxe". You can use this app to create your own scavenger hunts! It's easy to use...and the iPhone adds just the right amount of sophistication to the game.

harsha agravat on February 02, 2010:

i am president of aladies club with900 members .i wanted something ineresting for my members and your photo scavenger hunt is the best i liked. iam organising this on 5th feb in our town Jamnagar of Gujrat state in India. I will write what happens after the hunt. thank you very much

earnestshub from Melbourne Australia on June 03, 2009:

You have got scavenger hunts covered right here. Mixing these ideas together makes for endless fun ideas.

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