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About Mobile Legends Bang Bang

I am Dason Stephan G. Sailadin. I am 11 years old. I am studying at Jose Maria College. I am a Grade 6 student. I like playing mobile games.


Are you a fan of the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang? What is you rank? Who is your favorite hero? What is your main role?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in mobile. It was developed and published by Moonton. The main objective is to destroy your opponents' turrets and base.

Just like you, I am a fan of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I started playing the game last Summer 2019, due to the influence of my friend named "Bikoy". During quarantine days, I spent most of my time playing MLBB with my sister, Ate Sarah.

Most players aim to reach the highest rank which is Mythical Glory. Before you rank up to mythical glory, you have to pass through the lower ranks. The MLBB ranks (from lowest to highest) are warrior, elite, master, grandmaster, epic, legend, and mythic. You will rank up by gaining stars through playing rank mode. As of now, I am in the rank Epic.

MLBB Game Modes

MLBB Game Modes

There are different game modes in MLBB. They are classic, rank, brawl, VS. A.I., custom, and arcade modes. Arcade mode is a combination of many other game modes such as magic chess and survival. In all these modes, my favorite is classic.

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MLBB Heroes and Roles

MLBB Heroes and Roles

In MLBB, there are currently 97 different heroes and 6 main roles. All heroes play specific or a combination of roles. The roles could be tank, fighter, marksman, mage, assassin, and support. Just like my favorite hero Irithel, she plays as a marksman. Other heroes like Tigreal and Akai are tanks. Chou and Aldous are fighters. Valir and Vale are mages. Ling and Lancelot are assassins. Angela and Diggie are supports.

MLBB SEA Games Champions

MLBB SEA Games Champions

In MLBB, players can join in a tournament. There are players who play nationally and internationally. Just last year, MLBB was one of the games competed in SEA Games. Our representatives won as Champions. The players were Angelo Kyle "Pheww" Arcangel, Karl Gabriel "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno, Kenneth Jiane "Kenji" Villa, Carlito "Ribo" Ribo Jr., Jason Rafael "Jay" Torculas, Jeniel "Haze" Bata-anon, and Allan Sancio "Lusty" Castromayor. As an MLBB player, I also joined tournaments with my friends and relatives as opponents, during quarantine days.

There are MLBB players who brought pride and honor to our country. Some also earned. Others bring stress and problem to their parents. They play overnight, so they don't get enough sleep. Thus, they get sick. Some don't help doing the household chores. They don't want to be disturbed. They keep on playing, so they could rank up.

If you are looking for a mobile game to play, I recommend downloading Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It is free on iOS and Android. If you will play the game, make sure that you have the resources to finance the load it entails. Also, we should bear in mind that playing MLBB is just for fun, so play it during your spare time. Don't let this game distract your studies. Don't give stress to your parents. Make them happy and proud of you.


Poignant Scott from Davao City on August 30, 2020:

I don't know. After playing it again and again I came to the conclusion that the game is pretty monotonous. The only thing you do the whole day are 5v5 fights, which are sometimes intense and fun of course. However, it just bores me to the tears after a few days of playing some matches. I mean you do nothing else. Also, the events are not too intriguing either. If you can even call them events. They do the best develop the game to make it somewhat interesting but it's just a 5v5 game after all.

Anyways, I do really love that you came up with this content knowing that this kind of game is very popular to all millennials. So much fun and easy to read! And for the record, this first article of yours made me believe that you have the potential to become a good writer and an influencer. Keep sharing your thoughts kiddo!

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