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ARK: Survival Evolved - The Ultimate Hunter Shadowmane

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With the release of the expansion of ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2, we find fantastic and diverse creatures that never cease to surprise us. On this occasion we will be analyzing the characteristics of a fierce and stealthy hunter, with a series of unique abilities that allow him to develop in this new environment with great ease. Becoming one of the most dangerous and lethal creatures, but also one of the most fascinating creatures to discover.


The Shadowmane

We are talking, of course, about the Shadowmane. Fierce killers with a feline, chimerical appearance, with certain similarities to lions. But don't let its feline appearance confuse you, this cute little cat is not afraid of water, on the contrary, it is a born swimmer, extremely fast. When the Shadowmane sets its eyes on prey, it will chase it for a long time, longer than any predator would. It usually moves confidently through the terrain in a solitary fashion, although they have sometimes been seen in groups of three. Shadowmane's most powerful feature is its ability to turn invisible, making it the ultimate stalker and ambusher. In addition to his great leaping and throwing power, he inflicts damage to all targets in his path. By the time his victims become aware of his presence, it is too late.


Male vs. Female

Another characteristic we can mention is that there are differences between males and females of this species, not only differences in appearance, but also in their abilities and skills. In the wild, the male lion has a more prominent mane than the female lioness. Shadowmane share this distinctive trait between males and females, but in addition, certain abilities of a Shadowmane are directly determined by its gender. Males are able to roar, which increases the confidence of the creatures around them, while females are able to become invisible to themselves and other creatures.

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Taming the Beast

Trying to tame this creature will test our nerves and above all, our patience. To achieve our goal we must be well prepared and always ready for any unforeseen event. To do this, we must take into account two fundamental factors, the first is its feeding, the second is to establish a reliable strategy to tame this agile and relentless hunter.


Shadowmane are tamed in a passive way, start by filling many baskets with fish weighing more than 0.5x weight. Then, head to the western part of the map during the day to find a sleeping Shadowmane. Approach him and give him a basket. When you feed it for the first time, it will quickly move away. Don't get discouraged, just wait for it to reappear, go to sleep and repeat the process. In this way, you will gain an invaluable ally in the face of all the dangers and adversities that remain to be discovered in Genesis Part 2!

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