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ARK Survival Evolved - MEK VS. Dinosaur: Metal Clashes Against the Prehistoric

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You’ve awakened in the ruins of a city, alone and unarmed amongst towering abandoned buildings, however another presence lurks. Dinosaurs still roam the land, fly the skies and swim the seas and have become both friend and foe. Taming these wild creatures along with making friends and allies with other survivors like yourself, you band together to build fortresses you now call home amongst the debris. With your dinosaur and human friends alongside, you fight for survival against threats of wild beasts and hostile humans ready to rob you of weaponry and materials. Outside of the city lies a wasteland too inhospitable to stay for long filled with dinosaurs that have become corrupted and enraged. These aggressive dinos cannot be tamed - with few allies on your side in this hostile environment a new weapon must be found.


Left to you is the blueprint of a giant machine, the RX-103 MEK, designed by predecessors to help fight off looming threats. These behemoth robots can be piloted and have been designed to have incredible firepower to help subdue the rampaging dinosaurs living on the outskirts. Outfitted with a tek saber for close-range combat and the plasma pistol to offer for range, the Mek is the best tool for cutting down enemies of all sizes. Don’t let the sheer size of the Mek fool you, boosters on the feet allow for quick movement as well as allowing the Mek to hover through the skies for speedy pursuit and maneuverability. “By the time you mastered the attacks and movements of a mek, you will have it moving like a fifty ton ballerina.” says a note left by one of the creators.


Along with the Mek, a variety of modules have been left to you to outfit as the situation requires. The Mek Deployable Shield Module (M.D.S.M) creates a giant spherical shield that helps block those inside from incoming damage and is an invaluable asset for defense. The Mek Rocket Launcher Module (M.R.L.M) sends out a flurry of rockets that are great for blasting away swarming enemies on the ground. Meanwhile, the Mek Siege Cannon Module (M.S.C.M) puts the Mek into a steady stance before releasing a giant cannon shell that can be fired at great distance with fierce firepower. Using these to target flying enemies is a must. Not many creatures can withstand such explosive strength of the Mek. However, one final module remains. MegaMek Operational Materialization Interface (M.O.M.I.) - using this module to fuse multiple Mek together to create the RX-412 MegaMEK, a colossal machine built for a single purpose: raw power.

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What sort of enemy could require such a weapon? Whispers of titans that could topple skyscrapers and that of an omega level threat that can only be considered the king...

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