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A Lot of Good Games Coming Right at Us

I've always been a lover of video games and I've been playing them for the 32 years, I've beaten more than 1000+ games and still climbing.

Playstation 5


Games meant for the PS5 and PS4

2022 is a big year for video games especially the ones coming out on the Playstation 5 as it stands right now. Some of the games that are on their way will be here in a good month or two. For starters, Sniper Elite 5. I've played Sniper Elite 4 on PS4 and it is an impressive game to be sure.

Games on the way now

Sniper Elite 5 -

Sniper Elite 5 is coming on the 25th of next month and like its predecessor before it, it'll take place in a world war II era. A game that teaches you how to strategically kill without being seen and if you are, acting fast and on your feet becomes your saving grace.

When I played this game on PS4, I was wowwed, that's saying a lot coming from someone who only stuck to playing Action/Adventure and RPGs so I was thrown for a loop. Make no mistake, the 5th game promises to clean up and deliver more action and all around slaughter.

I can't say that I'm not excited because I pre-ordered the game so now it's just all about the waiting which is always the hardest part. Well, if you're big on video games that is.

Games In The Wings

God of War Ragnarok -

Now, there are a few blockbusters on their way and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that God of War Ragnarok is at the tip of that iceberg. The game has been in development for the last 4 years and I want it to go on the record that the first game was tight as hell. I couldn't get enough of effortlessly dodging the travelers, big guys with greatswords, and making a fool out of the Valkyries.

But, with the Valkyries out of the way, a new threat will rise to take their place and I get the feeling that whoever the sidequest big bad(s) are will make the Valkyries look like the Kermit's crew from Sesame Street.

Not surprisingly, I wouldn't be surprised if, since you'll be traveling to all 9 realms in the game, you'll no doubt face whatever Nordic sidequest boss(es) there is. Personally, Ragnarok is going to shape up to be something great.

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I hope its a sidequest where you get to tangle with each of the Nordic Gods with Freya and Odin at the head. Last I checked, God of War Ragnarok is set to come out on August 31, 2022. Mark your calendars and get your money ready!

Forspoken -

I was looking forward to this game coming out this summer, but there was a delay and it got pushed back to October 11th. Interestingly, this game comes out 3 days after my 42nd birthday so it'll be a good birthday present.

On that somber note, this game is going to kick more ass than Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger. This game is going to really take magic to a whole new level and give it an even badder name.

Putting you in the drive seat of a girl who'll done a magic bracelet that bestows upon her magic power unimaginable. The kind of power that we as people wish we had when it comes to dealing with life's hardships. Ironically, this game reminds me a lot of Devil May Cry except that the protagonist isn't of demon blood; that we know of.

Forspoken is one of those games where, if you had a hard day at work at someone's restaurant, this game would be an excellent stress reliever. I've seen my fill of the trailers, in for a treat one and all. I had all but given up hope of getting to play this game but I am looking forward to owning on launch day.

There are not many games where you only have magic as your weapon and defense, I personally think it's going to try the patience of all of us gamers; if some of us aren't still playing Elden Ring.

Ultimately, the aforementioned games are among the best of the best that the year has to offer and I also suspect that there are more games coming out as well. Another story for another time!

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