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A guide to gardening in The Sims 4

A gardening Sim

A gardening Sim

Character traits and aspirations for your Sim

You can choose traits and aspirations for every Sim that you create. The traits are character type traits that your Sim will have and an aspiration is the liftetime goal that your Sim would like to reach in her/his life.

For the Sim that will spend lots of time gardening, the following traits are good to have:

  • “Loves the outdoors”: with this trait your Sim will be happy when he/she is outside and will therefore love to garden outside.
  • “Genius”: when your Sim is a genius, he/she will get the “focused” moodlet more often which helps you to build the gardening skill faster.

The aspiration “botanist” is the most suitable aspiration for a gardening Sim. This aspiration also gives you the “collectors” trait which gives you the opportunity to easier find new and more rare plants around your Sim world.


The basics of gardening

You can find all kinds of plants and trees around your Sim world, even in your own backyard. You can pick them (if they are ready for picking) so you can later on plant them in your own garden or garden plot. Be aware that some of the plants or trees might need higher gardening levels in order for you to be able to plant them. You can also buy seeds with the computer or buy clicking on your garden plot and choose the “buy seeds”option. You can choose between seed packets for fruit, vegetables or herbs. The seeds you receive are random and they could be either plant seeds or tree seeds. Also the level for each seed to be planted can be different.

Taking care of your plants/trees
To take care of your plants you need to water them, remove the weeds and to fertilize the soil when needed. When you click on your plant you see which option is available. Try to take care of your plants/trees daily to keep them from dying. If you take well care of them then they will increase in quality.

Fertilizing your plants
Once every few days you will be able to fertilize your plants. You can fertilize your plants/trees with the following items:
- Any food items
- Fish
- seeds

Inside or outside gardening
You can choose to grow your plants indoors or outside in the garden. This is ofcourse depending on the space you have in your house or garden. If you want to grow your plants inside, you will need garden pots. Trees can only be grown outside for obvious reasons.

Building your gardening skills

Every increase in gardening level will allow you to get more gardening options. You can increase your gardening level with the following activities:
- Harvesting the plants and trees you see around the world
- Reading books about gardening
- Gardening/ taking care of your plants/trees
- Talking to your plants (available at level 4 of your gardening skill)

Skill levelDetails

Level 2

You can now research gardening on the computer to build your skill level. To build the skill faster make sure your Sim has the focused moodlet.

Level 3

You can now fertilize your plants and trees to be able to develop them faster into plants with better quality.

Level 4

You will now be able to talk to your plants. This is great to fulfill your social needs and also to gain experience in gardening.

Level 5

You can now graft your plants in order to combine multiple plant species into one.

Level 6

Other Sims can compliment you with your garden.

Level 7

Your Sim has a green thumb now and you will have the option to "tend to your garden", so you can handle all garden interactions with one interaction.

Level 8

You will now be able to prune your bonsai again for 50 Simoleons.

Level 9

Your Sim will be able to water and weed their plants faster.

Level 10

You can now buy other types of seeds via the computer or planter box. This way you may get some seeds you do not have yet.


Garden maintenance

Maintaining a garden can cost a lot of time in the beginning. Your plants will require care almost every day by watering them, weeding them and fertilizing them. An advice is to start with only a few plants and start to increase the number of plants and/or trees once your level has increased.

Develop your plants
Once you reach level three in the gardening skill you will be able to develop your plants to produce better quality products. The better the quality, the better dishes you will prepare and the higher the selling price of your preduce.

Graft your plants
At level five you will be able to graft your plants. This means that you can take a piece of one plant and combine that with another plant. The advantage of combining plants is that you save time on maintenance. You will have less plants but still the same amount of plant species. You can keep grafting plants to have one plant with multiple species, but the amount of produce will not increase. That means that if one plant would produce 3 products, then the same plant with more species would still produce 3 products.

The cow plant

The cow plant

The cow plant

How to get/grow a cow plant
You can grow a cow plant at any gardening level in the game. You can obtain a cow plant berry by fishing (especially near the Forgotten Grotto area), digging for treasure and by grafting special plants.

How to take care of a cow plant
The cow plant needs proper taking care of with the following options:
- Feed
- Play
- Pet
- Eat Cake
- Milk
- Collect Sample

Please note that children can only play with the cow plant. The most important thing is to feed the cow plant regularly. Once the cow plant is hungry, you will see a piece of cake hanging from his mouth. Any Sim that is near will be attracted to the cake and try to grab it. This will cause the cow plant to eat your Sim! In most of the cases, the cow plant will spit out the Sim again, leaving it feeling very dirty and in need of a shower. The cow will then produce a drink (you can milk it then) that when drunk, gives the moodlet status of the Sim that was spit out before it was eaten. It can happen though, that the cow plant will eat your Sim and it will die. When this happens, the cow plant produces a drink called "the essence of life". When a Sim drinks this then it will add some days to that Sims life and gives the "happy" moodlet.
If you do not want any Sims dying from your plant then feed it regularly and especially when you see the cake appearing from the cow plants mouth.

If you do not feed the cow plant for about 12 hours after the cake appears from its mouth, the cow plant will die, leaving a skeleton cow plant that could still serve as decoration.

Microscopic plant samples

At a certain gardening level, you will be able to get samples from your plants and trees. When you are in possession of a microscope you can use these samples to producte microscope paintings that you can decorate your wall with or sell for a profit. The sample taken from a cow plant can be sold for quite some profit.

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