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A Ranking and Review of Juul Pod Flavours

Lisa has been an avid Juul user since 2020 and has successfully used it to stop smoking.

1. Vanilla


My personal favourite, the Vanilla pod gives you a strong hit without an overpowering taste. It has a soothing feel to the hit, but still satisfies that craving. Vanilla has always seemed to be a crowd favourite in general and it definitely applies to e-liquid flavours as well. I would highly suggest Vanilla for those new to vaping if you’re not a big fan of fruit flavours.

2. Virginia Tobacco


Before I tried this one or Golden Tobacco, I was worried that the flavour or smell was going to be similar to cigarettes, but it definitely is not! It smells a lot like a tobacco flower, which does NOT smell like cigarette smoke so don’t worry. Virginia Tobacco gives you a very smooth hit with a deep, smoky feel. I would highly suggest this one for individuals who are currently switching to vaping instead of cigarettes.

3. Golden Tobacco


I’m assuming you’re already wondering what the difference is between this one and Virginia Tobacco. They are indeed quite similar, but Golden Tobacco provides a much more subtle flavour (one of my friends even thought it was a flavourless pod!). I really like this one for its delicate quality but still providing that smoke kind of feel. If you like the taste of Virginia Tobacco but find it to be too harsh, then this one is for you.

4. Mango


The most popular favourite of all the pod flavours, Mango provides a decently accurate flavour compared to a real mango. I’m personally not a big fan of fruit-flavoured e-liquids, but Mango is definitely my favourite out of all of their fruity flavours. It still packs a good punch without taking away from the mellowness of the Mango flavour. Perfect for a summer kind of vibe, or for those that need their craving satisfied and don’t really like traditionally flavoured vape or smoke flavours.

5. Fruit


I was really curious as to what it meant by just “Fruit” as it’s clearly a very vague name for a flavour. It kind of tastes like fruit punch but with a very slight hint of what seems like peppermint; to be honest it reminds me of cough syrup, which it makes it sound awful, but it’s not that bad. This flavour to me is good every once in a while, but it gets displeasing very quickly.

6. Mint


I am a HUGE fan of anything mint-- tea, candy, chocolate, coffee, ice cream… everything. So naturally I was very excited to try this flavour, but I was slightly disappointed. It’s not bad per se, I find it to be refreshing in a way so I still choose to order it occasionally. The thing that makes it unenjoyable to me is that it’s very strong-- it feels like you’re chewing five pieces of spearmint gum at once when you take a hit. You kind of get used to the intensity of it as you make your way through the pod, but it can understandably be too much for some. This flavour would be perfect for someone who is trying to switch from menthol cigarettes to vaping.

7. Cucumber


This flavour can give a revitalizing feel when you take a hit, but I personally would never get it again. Maybe it’s because I don’t like cucumbers (probably it), but I found it to be like injecting cucumber water into your lungs instead of just drinking it. None of my friends like this one either. But hey, you don’t know until you try it, right?

But remember...

Nicotine is a very addictive and toxic substance. I do not condone its use unless it's to help stop cigarette smoking. I would not suggest starting to vape just because it's available. Although vaping is better than smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping itself is still not a healthy habit. If you're struggling with overwhelming stress or something else that is making you want to start, talk with a healthcare provider. There are plenty of healthy self-care options out there!

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