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A Dragon Ball Discovery in Dragonball Z Kakarot

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A Welcoming Discovery in Dragonball Z Kakarot


One wish, two wish, old wish, new wish - Dragonball Z Kakarot


Dragonball Z Kakarot is one of the most iconic games in the Dragonball verse and even though it is iconic, there is one thing about it that makes it even more iconic, the Dragon Balls. Interestingly, the story and fight for these mystical orbs is legendary to say the least.

However, in Dragonball Z Kakarot, the mystical balls work the same way and different at the same time if that makes any sense. I've never been one to complain about granting wishes but sometimes I feel like I need to point out the inconsistencies but I'll get into that in a bit.

The Dragonballs become available when you get to the Android saga as does another healing aid of sorts, I believe both become available after the fight with Androids 19 and 20.

Incidentally, when viewing the wishes they may not come off as being worth it but one of the wishes are going to appeal to you or your taste for riches. I'm going to touch on my personal review of the Dragon balls and the wishes at the center of the wish granting orbs. So strap in and let's go.

My personal experience

So, I gathered the Dragon Balls. At the time I'm writing this, this is my third time gathering the Dragon Balls to make one of the only 3 wishes that appeal to me. Let's face it, those other wishes suck!

I pride myself on being able to buy anything I need in the game which includes the 'riches' wish. Rare items are a must have in the game which I believe is the key to unlocking some very big exquisite course meals.

Wishing for more Z Orbs will go a long way as well because come the Super Saiyan God DLCs, you're going to be thankful for those orbs because you can't unlock the moves without them.

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So I'm going to, when I get a chance to use the Dragon Balls again, I'm going to make a wish for more Z Orbs. Suddenly, I can't use the Dragon Balls at my current point in the main story which puts me 9 days before the Cell Games.

This sucks because I feel like it's really coming down to the wire and I want to get the trophy for using the Dragon Balls which I believe I need to use them two more times after this and I'll get another trophy for using the Dragon Balls.

Are the Wishes Worth It?

To an extent, the wishes, all 7 of them, are worth it if you want to use them the Dragon Balls to make the top 4 wishes to challenge yourself, but I wouldn't. Simply, at your current point in the game, bringing back any of your old enemies only to challenge them to mortal combat only to kill them again is pointless, you're stronger than they are.

The only 3 that are worth it are the Z Orbs, Riches and Rare Items. So focus on these three wishes.

Added Bonus

Remember those two trophies I told you about; well, you get one for summoning Shenron 5 times then you get another one when you summon Shenron a total of 10 times. Normally, I wouldn't go trophy-hunting but this game makes getting the trophies so easy so I thought this would be another time when I would do it.

The last time I did this in its entirety or close to it was Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, I didn't get the platinum but I figured I would give it my all and start taking more pride in doing some trophy hunting instead of acting like I'm above it.

So, if you're playing this, get the 2 trophies for summoning Shenron. Be better than me. I'm not saying make that your focus or your main goal even. I'm just saying, make it a little more worth your while and do some optional tasks to bring in more trophies, 1, 2 at most.

Again, don't make this a goal. Let the cards fall where they will and trust me, you can fully access your trophies and see which ones are worth it and which ones to hold off on. Play with the wishes if you want to, but I wouldn't go anywhere near the top 4 only the last 3.

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