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85 Signs That You're Addicted to The Sims

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1. It suddenly begins to take you an hour and a half to make a sandwich.

2. You wonder if the Seasons expansion is installed because you're pretty sure it should be snowing by now at this time of year.

3. You consider yourself a master chef after reading the cookbook cover to cover without actually cooking anything.

4. You assume it's okay to marry someone after knowing them for just 12 hours.

5. You start to refer to sex as "Woohoo".

6. On resumes, you write Simlish down as another language that you're fluent in.

7. You've copied the music from the game onto a CD or your MP3 player and blare it in the car.

8. You often sing along, in Simlish, to the above ^.

9. Whenever you hear of a new themepark or major public place opening, you think of it as an "addition in the new expansion pack."

10. You figure just showing up to work in a good mood should be enough for a promotion and a huge raise.

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11. You've begun to look for jobs in the newpaper ads for your pet cat.

12. You've created your family, friends, neighborhood, etc. in The Sims and consider playing as social interation.

13. When you have to pee, you do the potty dance and announce that you "bladder motive bar is low."

14. You've tried to get undressed/dressed by spinning around really fast.

15. You wonder where the fast forward button is when you're in the middle of a boring action.

16. You get irritated when you realize that there's no such thing as a fast forward button for real life.

17. You wonder what random people would look like if you created them as Sims.

18. Whenever you're low on cash, you whisper "motherlode" to yourself over and over.

19. When you see somebody swimming that you don't like, you contemplate removing the pool ladder.

20. You create the love of your life or current crush as a Sim, and then yourself, and play out your fantasy.


21. You eat whatever you want because 30 minutes on the treadmill will have you back in shape in no time.

22. You figure drinking juice or chips all the time is enough to keep your hunger motive bar filled.

23. You think about what moodlets you'd have.

24. You try to categorize your personality into 5 traits.

25. You actually cry when a Sim of yours dies. You may even hold a funeral or go through a period of mourning.

26. You have a list full of baby names ready to go, anytime, anywhere.

27. You don't do your homework because your "fun motive bar is low."

28. When testing out new furniture, you avoid furniture that doesn't increase your comfort motive bar fast enough.

29. You ask mattress salesmen if they have any beds with high sleeping bonuses so you don't have to sleep longer.

30. You begin to consider a job in architecture because the buildings you make in Sims are amazing.

31. Sometimes you freak out when you don't see a little green plumbob over your head.

32. You're afraid of cooking because your cooking skill points are low, therefore a fire might start.

33. You swear you'll turn the computer off at 1:00am, but when it's almost time, you're pretty sure you meant 2:00am.

34. You put more time into raising your Sim children than you do your actual kids.

35. You wonder why your husband can't have those six pack abs like the Sim version of him does.

36. You figure a couple hours on the treadmill should fix this problem ^.

37. You're upset that your actual job doesn't pay nearly as well as an entry level job in The Sims.

38. You wish it were possible to potty train your actual kids in a half hour.

39. When interacting with people, you imagine plus or negative points above both of your heads.

40. After interacting with someone for a while, you wonder if your relationship status had upgraded from strangers to friends.

41. The only places you consider going on vacation to are France, Egypt, and China.

42. You've gone searching for rare rocks, seeds, and insects around your town in hopes of making a few bucks off them.

43. You begin to refer to money as simoleons.

44. You figure knocking out half of the house and rebuilding/redecorating it shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

45. After 3 days with a guitar, you suddenly know how to shred like Jimi Hendrix.

46. You keep an eye on those pesky garden gnomes in your neighbors yard. You know they're up to no good.

47. You figure you should go to college -- you'll graduate in about a week or two.

48. When the pizza delivery man comes, you don't answer the door in hopes of them putting the pizza down and leaving.

49. You start checking your own milk cartons for Bella's face.

50. You begin to start trying to carry EVERYTHING on your person.

51. You have a Sims related tattoo.

52. When you notice that one of your favorite musicians will be doing a song in Simlish for the game, you freak out.

53. You've planned out the blueprints of your next house during class or work.

54. You speak about your Sims as if they're real people. Everyone thinks you have new friends.

55. You've watched the television in The Sims and you've actually enjoyed it and found it entertaining.

56. You've ever made Sims music videos or videos of any kind.

57. You've ever fantasized about a Sims you've created.

58. You're constantly comparing real life people to your Sims.

59. You begin a garden in hopes of growing Life Fruit.

60. You've tried detonating your own refridgerator for scraps.

61. Talking to yourself in the mirror has given you charisma skill points.

62. You cancel plans with friends to play Sims.

63. You sometimes forget to feed your dog because you fed your Sim dog and figured that was the same thing.

64. You've spent countless hours watching Sims Youtube videos and consider some to be your favorite shows.

65. You've dumped your boyfriend/girlfriend because they had a problem with your Sims obsession.


66. You're constantly paranoid that someone is going to take the pool ladder away when you're swimming.

67. As a teen, you're afraid to set foot off your own lawn after midnight... cops are everywhere!

68. You begin to take fashion tips from your Sim.

69. You've accidentally answered to someone in Simlish, and wondered why they were giving you a strange look.

70. You wonder why pregnancy can't just last 3 days like it does in the game!

71. You've visited your neighbors just to scope out the interior of their house - You then recreate it in game hours later.

72. You've read (and maybe even have written) Sims fan fiction.

73. You suddenly begin to start referring to yourself as God, or Their Creator.

74. When around a group of people who don't play Sims, you feel powerful knowing that you're the ruler of your own world.

75. When a Sim adds their own actions to the qeue and deletes yours, you get angry and punish them.

76. You've created custom clothes for your Sims, and consider yourself a fashion designer.

77. You've considered opening up your own Sims real-estate website.

78. You have a bust of Will Wright on your shelf.

79. Your Sims collection has its own special shelf.

80. Your family has staged an intervention.

81. Forget keeping up with the Jones' -- You're trying to keep up with the Landgraabs!

82. You've had dreams of being a Sim yourself and living in your Sims neighborhood.

83. You're worried that everyone can see your thoughts via thought bubble.

84. You consider everybody else in the real world as NPCs.

85. You spend your free time looking up lists like this.


Sims 4 Unicorn on December 29, 2016:

I've had the sims 4 for 2 days and I have most of the signs of addiction (did that make sense?) so far; I've spent 23 hours on it; had two generations of sims; I consider myself as a sim, like I've actually tried spinning around a few times to get dressed/ undressed, I stuck my maths homework above my desk, and tried to enable its emotional aura.

I also tried to figure out how many simolens there are to a pound not had much success; and my friends think I have gone crazy (In the car I asked for pop music; they put it on; then they looked me like what? While I made a rant about why It wasn't in simlish.) Plus I did all of this before I got the sims (every day I would watch sims videos). Is that bad?

PS: when My friend was crying because her dog died, I told her that we can take its ashes to a science falsity, get a ghost then feed it some ambrosia, and hey presto: one living dog!

Kai on October 19, 2015:

...hehehe...Stop Spying On Me!

I-I need help...

sims is da best! on July 11, 2015:

i can not lie i am in love with the sims in fact i am trying to revive a sim right now i dont know how but ive got a death flower im pretty addicted i admit it

carozy on September 24, 2012:

I used to play the old version of Sims and got addicted to that one. Your list makes me want to play the newest version.

Sheribear64 from Omaha , Nebraska on June 13, 2012:

This is so true, I too have thought about Sims during my everyday life. But I have to admit I am addicted to The Sims real bad :)

I Am The Leader on June 12, 2012:

LOL, so true. I have a mild addiction: no simloneans slip ups. I have to admit I'm guilty of number 75. The only reason I keep free will on is because without it... They'd die. :P

Aiman on March 16, 2012:


so tru!!!

im addicted the light of thou sims have shined upon me!!!

Bmm209 from California,U.S.A on February 26, 2012:

Haha. I'm actually guilty of a couple of these! I'm addicted. :)

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