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How To Get The Party Started

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.


Let's Party

When one attends a party, one expects to have fun! They want to make memories with friends and family.

No one likes a dull party and being a wallflower at a celebration is certainly not fun.

The host or hostess invited you, but maybe they could use some help to get the party started.

Maybe it's your own party and you aren't sure how to get the party started.

I've listed some suggestions to help you. You could also incorporate some of my ideas with some of your own clever creations and have a bash that your guests will always remember.

You might not consider my ideas as traditional party planning, but variation could be exciting. You'd be surprised at what your mind could accomplish when you leave your comfort zone behind.

You might think some of my suggestions are not for adult parties, but you'll be surprised at how much fun you could possibly have. Remember, to think out of the box...


Karaoke Singing!

You probably thought that karaoke singing was yesterday's good time.

NO! Karaoke is still fun!

Have an assortment of different genre's of music available for your guests to select from.

Also supply an extra microphone for duets.

Some people won't sing alone, but will sing their hearts away with a partner.

Strip Poker!

Yes Strip Poker! Near the entrance of the party have large totes or bowls filled with many props, costumes and accessories!

Have the guests wear as many items as they want and start playing poker! You didn't think I actually meant to STRIP their clothes! Did you? This game could go on for hours!

Musical Chairs!

We are NEVER too old for musical chairs! Well, if there is a chance you could break a bone then you might want to pass on this game. If you are overly intoxicated you might also want to pass, being dizzy might make you want to puke.

I can be brutal with musical chairs and I like to win! Set up the chairs using one less chair than amount of players. Turn up the tunes. Walk around the chairs. Turn off the music, last one standing is out of the game, also remove a chair. Repeat the process until there is one chair left with the winner sitting in it! Have fun!

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Spike The Punch!

Add some liquor of choice to the party punch and have a blast!

Or better yet inform the guests that the punch is spiked and watch them think they are drunk when in reality they are having fun being alcohol-free!

Flash Mob!

Place someone in charge of choreographing the flash mob! Depending on the number of guests, or how large the dance area is you might need a large outdoor area.

Watch YouTube videos beforehand to get an idea of how flash mobs have previously been done. Be sure you have this videotaped to add your creation to YouTube!

Table Dances!

WARNING: Be sure the tables are stable! This game could be dangerous if not done appropriately or if the dancer is a bit tipsy.

The dances could easily be done sober, if you have the nerve. You might actually get $1 tips if you are really groovy! Watch the video to get some ideas from a two year old Brazilian boy who can move like jagger!

Food Fight!

Who doesn't like a good food fight?! It doesn't have to be messy, just entertaining!

  • Jello (assorted colors)
  • Cool Whip (Reddi-Whip)
  • Popcorn (butter is optional)
  • Peanut shells (eat the peanuts first)
  • Mashed potatoes (one of my favorites to toss!)
  • Flick jelly beans at each other
  • Marshmallows, go big, not just miniature

Have towels and showers available for the guests!

Tell Jokes!

Have a microphone available. Each guest has the opportunity to share a joke or two with the other guests. Depending on the age group this could be lots of fun! Raunchy jokes are always entertaining.

After the jokes are all told guests could do voice animations of their favorite cartoon characters!

I hope these tips help get one of your parties started! If you have any additional ideas to add please do so in the comment section below. Thank you! It's time to get the party started!

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