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7 Reasons to Take Your Children to the Toy Library

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Have you ever taken your children to the toy library?

On rainy days or when we have exhausted all our ideas for outings and activities, we know that the word “toy library”.

The official definition is “The toy library is a cultural facility where free play, loans, and fun activities are practiced”.

There are generally several rooms or several "universes" by theme or by age: The baby's awakening corner, the wooden play corner, the miniature replica of a house and a grocery store, the space with tables and chairs for children. the board games of the greatest etc.


Here are our 7 good reasons to take your children to the toy library:

#1 - Because the toy library is entirely dedicated to “play” and “play” is one of the fundamental elements in your children's learning and development.

#2 - because the toy library offers your children the chance to discover a multitude of games and toys to which they might not have had access, especially since they are generally of good quality and constantly renewed.

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#3 - Because the toy library is a place that allows you to share moments of play with your children and that these moments are the foundations of a fulfilling emotional and educational relationship.

#4 - because the toy library contributes to their development and prepares them for life in society: They learn sharing, politeness with other children, the rules of borrowing and respect for the property of others (it is not necessary to not damage toys), etc.

You find there Interest

You find there Interest

#5 - Because the "toy librarians" are "super nice", always available to explain the rules of the games or the functioning of the toys, to guide the children, and even to play with them.

#6 - Because children quickly tire of their toys and the toy library is the ideal way to regularly (and inexpensively) renew games and toys at home. As in the library, the games offered for a loan are also frequently updated and new features are added to the catalog.

#7- Because taking your kids to the toy library as Christmas approaches is a great way to find out what types of games they are most interested in, or to test the ones you want to buy.

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