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7 Optical Illusions To Test Your Brain

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

What is an Optical Illusion?

An optical illusion is anything that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is. It is caused by the visual system and characterized by a visual perception that appears to differ from reality. Our eyes are the key which allows us to see and visualize. It sends what the light reflects back to our brains in order for us to understand or interpret what we believe we see. But sometimes that visual perception can play tricks on our logic.

There are 7 optical illusions below, let us see how good our visual perceptions are. Try solving the illusions before reading the solutions.

1. How many Animals do you see?

How Many Animals

How Many Animals


There are sixteen (16) animals hidden in this optical illusion.

  1. Fish:Eye of elephant
  2. Beaver: Elephant head
  3. Tortoise:Elephant Ear
  4. Elephant:If you cant see the elephant please close your browser and go to a optician!
  5. Donkey:Largest white space below elephant
  6. Mosquito: white space above donkey's ass.
  7. Dog:Black space below donkey
  8. Snake:Elephant's Tail
  9. Swordfish: White space between elephant's rear legs
  10. Cat:White apace below dog
  11. Mouse:Black space below cat
  12. Shrimp:White space between elephant front legs.
  13. Hen:Ear on donkeys head
  14. Crocodile: Elephant's Tusk
  15. Dolphin:Elephants Trunk
  16. Bird Head:White space between elephant trunk and head

2. How Many People Do You See?

How Many People Optical Illusion

How Many People Optical Illusion

2. Solution

  1. Man
  2. Woman
  3. Baby:Outline of tree branches and the lake

3. How Many Faces?

How Many Faces Optical Illusion

How Many Faces Optical Illusion

3. Solution

There are a total of nine (9) faces in this optical illusion. Did you find them all?

  • Two three between the pieces on the wall to the left which look like pawns.
  • One Face at the beginning of the Arch.
  • One Face at the end of the Arch
  • The Lady
  • The Baby
  • The old man with the cane
  • The old man head

4. Is This Bird Trapped In a Cup?

Coffee Owl Optical Illusion

Coffee Owl Optical Illusion

4. Solution

What do you see. Coffee or Owl?

The image above is quite extraordinary if not funny. It was formed when a guy dropped a pair of Hula Hoops (potato snacks) into coffee and saw a bird of prey staring back at him. This only shows that owls are wise enough to even get in your coffee.

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5. Cat Going Up or Down The Steps?

Cat Going Up or Down Stairs illusion

Cat Going Up or Down Stairs illusion

5. Solution

So which direction did you guess the cat was going?

Well for me it was just a matter of looking at how the cat was stepping. Take a look at his paw and you would see that the cat was going up the steps. If the cat was heading down the steps, his paws would be placed on the surface of the steps not visible to us.

6. What is Hidden In These Rocks?

Landscape Rocks Optical Illusion

Landscape Rocks Optical Illusion

6. Solution

Can you find what these rocks are hiding?

The landscape picture above illustrates a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere one would simple like to visit to experience the exquisiteness and beautiful surroundings. But these rocks are hiding more than just pebbles.

The reflection of the water reveals a Monk and a young boy praying. Just turn the picture 45 degrees right and the illusion becomes much clearer.

7. How Many People are Hiding in the Forest?

Hidden Faces Forest Optical Illusion

Hidden Faces Forest Optical Illusion

7. Solution

Can you spot all the faces of people who are hiding in this forest and watching the traveler?

There are thirteen (13) faces in the forest watching the traveler as he goes by. See the solution created below.

Hidden Face Forest Optical Illusion Solution

Hidden Face Forest Optical Illusion Solution

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