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7 Games Like Angry Birds Go for Android

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The Angry Birds franchise takes the pig vs. bird rivalry to a new level. The latest free-to-play kart racer from Finland-based studio features feathery birds furiously driving on race tracks and trying every trick in the book to defeat those evil oinks. The game has several race modes, including a fun Grand Prix mode, a timer-based casual racing mini-game and Fruit Splat that allow you to kart crush fruits scattered on the racetrack.

With the launch of an Angry Birds-themed kart racer, Rovio joins the fray of 3D go-kart games that feature popular video game characters. The game includes elements of previous titles, including the slingshot which is used here as a launch pad to sling feathery racers as far as possible.

Like Angry Birds Go, there are several kart racing games ready to be downloaded to your Android device. These feature the same old traditional kart racer mechanics, 3D graphics, two control schemes (tilt and touch-based), power-ups and traps. Check out these titles:

1. Garfield Kart


Garfield Kart has characters like Odie, Jon and the adorable cat hitting the road. This cartoon themed kart racer has 16 different race courses and each race track offers environments straight from the Garfield comic strip. These include the house, dark manor, his neighborhood, the supermarket and the farm.

The game has an online multiplayer mode as well as a local mode which allows Wi-Fi play between 5 opponents. There are some nice driving skills to master and crazy traps and defenses to take advantage of. However the gameplay mechanic is very similar to Mario Kart. The driving environments are no different than the original. Since it’s free, there’s no harm in trying out some race levels, and if you are a Garfield fan, then you might fall in love with the familiar environments and cute characters on wheels.

2. Beach Buggy Blitz


Beach Buggy Blitz combines racing fun with exploration. Players can drive their buggy beast as far as they can, exploring a tropical island full of mysterious creatures and structures. There are secret caves, ancient temples and gorgeous beaches to explore. The fully destructible world harbors various deadly creatures, including giant crabs and even mythical monsters like the yeti.

While enjoying riding along the sun-swept beaches, don’t forget to improve your 4-wheel beast with performance-boosting upgrades and power-ups. Some power-ups can really turn your beach buggy into a destructive fire-spitting vehicle, destroying everything that stands in its way.

There are tons of automobile unlockables and collectibles hidden in every corner of the mysterious island. The game has great 3D graphics and incredible physics. But make sure you play it on your Quad core devices like the Nexus 7 to get the ultimate race experience. Beach Buggy Blitz is free and offers the best in open-ended racing.

3. Tiki Kart 3D


Tiki Kart 3D takes kart racing to extreme levels. The incredible physics and crazy vehicle roster guarantee hours of high-speed mayhem. The highlight of Tiki Kart is its bizarre list of karts, which include fruity automobiles, wheels on a turtle back and many more.

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There are around 8 outrageous automobiles to unlock and 15 challenging tracks to drive on. And to make racing more fun, there’s always that “item of destruction” you can use to drive opponent racers crazy. You can drop off a land mine to destroy rival karts or put some gooey tar to make them slip and tumble. It’s total torture for your opponents and you in case your rivals try the same dirty trick on you.

Each kart has its own unique abilities and control options. There are 3 speed levels as well as various levels of difficulty to make racing more challenging for you. If you liked Mario Kart, played Angry Birds Go and want some more kart racing, then download this game now!

4. Pac Man Kart Rally


Themed kart racing games can be quite entertaining, especially if they feature your favorite cartoon or video game characters. The Pac-Man themed racing game is one of them and this game not only has the dot-munching character and his friends, but also characters straight from classic 8-bit video games like Dig Dug and Galaga. You will be racing against them while mastering several kart racing techniques on your way. But make sure to preserve those elusive “Pac Dots” because they tend to disappear every time you bump into an opponent. Preserving dots also gives you a speed boost. Racing in Pac Man Kart Rally is quite tough.

Like Mario Kart and Angry Birds Go, this Android game lets you take advantage of speed boosts, traps, bonus items and power-ups while racing against opponents. The game’s multiplayer mode will allow you to play with your friends via Wi-Fi. Pac-man Kart rally is certainly for those who would love to see their beloved characters on wheels.

5. Red Bull Kart Fighter 3


Virtual kart racing in traditional third-person view is fun, but top-down racing is equally exhilarating. If you are looking for top-down kart racers for your device, then you must play Kart Fighter 3. Although it boasts fewer karts when compared to other games in this list, it offers tremendous replay value. There are 40 superb racing tracks, over 5 different environments and lots of stunts to show off. And if you are bored with those drifts and jumps, then there are those colorful wild cards (power-ups) to boost your kart’s performance.

Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 is certainly for serious kart racing enthusiasts. Players will need to master certain kart techniques to get past opponents. The tracks are well designed and racing is fun despite being played from a top-down view. But there’s no escape from in-app purchases and you may need to spend some cash for power-ups. Still, the game is quite entertaining and a perfect pocket racer for serious kart-loving players.

6. Mole Kart


Mole Kart is another exciting third-person 3D kart racing game that features furry mammals on wheels. There are different types of moles, karts and race tracks to choose. Each vehicle has its own unique abilities and driving these karts can be exciting, where you prefer auto-driving or manual driving.

The objective is to win races, which can be done by taking advantage of various traps, weapons and speed boosts. There’s also a time mode that lets you race against time to achieve the fastest lap, but it’s the racing mode that offers maximum fun. You can use your Android device or touch the screen to accelerate your kart. You start with two playable characters and unlock additional characters and vehicles by winning medals. Character artwork is quite unique, but the racing tracks are pure clones of the tracks of a classic kart racing game. The racing is fun, but you won’t find anything new or innovative if you have already played Mario Kart.

7. Crazy Kart Racing


Krazy Kart Racing has more than 15 race tracks and 5 single player game modes. The USP of this game is the character roster. Yes, you will be controlling karts driven by some of the most popular Konami characters. But this isn’t a light-hearted game. The race tracks are quite challenging once you know how the controls work. Finishing races isn’t easy and one has to win against an unlockable character before attempting the next Grand Prix.

While racing, there are several challenges, including a Tag-like mini-game that uses bombs. However, players will find the racing part more exciting, especially with such amazing courses to drive on. The interesting variations added to the single-player mode makes gameplay interesting. And yes, there is online play, another big reason to buy this game.

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