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50 Ideas for a Hobby Selling Niche

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I enjoy sharing information on various topics and ideas about crafts that people could take up.

A friend of mine retired recently from a job that she held for too long. Even though she did not enjoy the long hours and the menial tasks, she liked having a steady income and something to keep her busy during the day. Retirement did not work for her, and she became depressed especially because she had nothing to do all day long.

We talked about ways to fill her time. I was surprised to learn that she could think of no interest or pastime to fill her days.

Taking on a new hobby and interest can improve mental health and may stimulate a person out of depression. Furthermore, there are more than a few hobby niches to help a person make an additional income. One or more of the following activities and pursuits may be invigorating.


You Could

  1. Sell aircraft or plane spotting to track the movement of aircraft that is often accomplished by photography, celebrity photography, Frisbee throwing, live event attending, and/or pyrotechnics stuff.
  2. Cemetery walking, fruit gardening, live shows. In cemetery walking, each grave site is a stop on the circuit, where a person, dressed in period clothing, tells the story of the deceased.
  3. Market aerobics, ceramics, gambling, long drives, quilting products.
  4. Promote aeromodelling, charity work, games, machining, and/or radio talk show listening services. Aeromodelling is the making and flying of model planes.
  5. Create air hockey, checkers, garage sale shopping, macramé, and/or rafting items. Macramé is the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative items. These activities are amazing.
  6. Advertise aircraft spotting, cheerleading, gardening, magic, and/or rally cross merchandise.
  7. Publicize amateur radio, chemistry sets, genealogy, magic tricks, and/or winter sports gear.
  8. Provide animal breeding, ghost hunting, making anything, and/or rappelling info products. Rappelling is a climbing technique to get down a mountain or cliff in a timely and efficient manner, instead of just climbing back down.
  9. Animal care, playing cards such as gin rummy, making online videos, and/or radio-controlled aircraft equipment.
  10. Endorse animal rescue, child care, baking gingerbread houses, making paper, and/or winter sports events.
  11. Distribute animal spotting, Christmas light decorating, glass blowing, making robots, and/or car racing accessories.
  12. Auction animal training, gliding, map making, radio-controlled toy supplies.
  13. Produce animals, church activities, gymnastics, marathons, and/or sell reading tools.
  14. Sell antique cars, cigars, go-karts, marbles, and/or read stuff to people.
  15. Antique collecting, civil war history, going to movies, woodwork, and/or conducting a match or game as a referee.
  16. Market antiquing, classic/muscle cars, gold panning, martial arts, relaxing products.
  17. Promote apple picking, climbing, golf, matchstick modeling which means scale models made from matches, and/or renting services.
  18. Create aquariums, clogging, golfing, meditation, and/or rescue animals. Clog dance is a type of folk dance where the dancer wears clogs or wooden-soled shoes that stress the rhythm of their feet.
  19. Advertise archeology, google searching, memorabilia collecting, and/or researching products.
  20. Publicize archery, collect coins, gourmet foods, metal detecting, and/or restoration projects gear.
  21. Provide architecture, collect music CDs, GPS, microblogging, and/or robot-making info products.
  22. Suggest aromatherapy, collecting stuff, graphics making, and/or robotics equipment.
  23. Endorse art collecting, computers, collect greeting cards, and/or rock-climbing events.
  24. Distribute asteroid spotting, cooking, greyhound racing, mini-golf, and/or rock collecting accessories
  25. Auctioning astrological items, selling cosmetics/make-up, guitar collecting, mixing drinks, and/or rock music supplies.
  26. Selling Quantum Astronomy telescopes, country music, gunsmithing, model aircraft, and/or rocket tools.
  27. Sell astrophotography, coupon collecting, gun/target shooting, model boats/ships, and/or role-playing games stuff.
  28. Make backgammon, crafts, hacky sack, model building, and/or roller-skating things.
  29. Market backpacking, crocheting, handball, model cars, and/or rowing products.
  30. Badge collecting, croquet, handwriting, model figures, and/or rummage sale shopping services.
  31. Baking, cross-stitch, handwriting analysis, model houses, and/or rummy cards game.
  32. Do crossword puzzles, hang gliding, model rockets, and/or sell running merchandise.
  33. Learn ballet dancing, cryptography, harp/violin playing, model trains/railroads and/or RV gear.
  34. Ballooning or flying balloons, cycling, haunted buildings, motor/engine building, and/or sailing information products.
  35. Ballroom dancing, line dancing or just dancing, family time/nights, motorcycle riding, school/college homework equipment.
  36. Join a band, do darkroom photography, hearts, motorcycling, and/or science projects events.
  37. Assist ability-challenged people, mountain biking. and/or scrapbooking accessories.
  38. Auction bar games, darts, hiking, mountain climbing and/or scuba diving supplies.
  39. Make barbecue/grilling, decorating, hiking, movie watching and/or sell sculpting tools.
  40. Sell beach games, digital art, hill climbing, movies/video games and/or sewing stuff.
  41. Digital photography, hip-hop dancing, multi-use online games and/or mystery shopping.
  42. Market beadwork, dioramas, historic events, museum touring and/or singing products. A diorama is a replica of a scene, typically a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model.
  43. Promote beekeeping, dog breeding, historical re-enactments, mushroom hunting and/or skateboarding services.
  44. Create beer can collecting, dog item collecting, history, music and/or skeet shooting items. Skeet shooting is a recreational activity where participants use shotguns to break clay targets fling into air by two fixed stations mechanically at high speed and a variety of angles. Skeet shooting could be a competitive hobby.
  45. Advertise bell collecting, dog shows, hockey, music concert attending, and/or sketching gifts and merchandise for sale.
  46. Publicize belly dancing, dog training, home automation, music instrument collecting, and/or weight lifting gear.
  47. Provide product information on bicycling, doing brain teasers, home brewing, and /or music listening.
  48. Suggest bike tours, stunts, home remodeling, and/or natural remedies products.
  49. Endorse bike rides, doll collecting, home repairing, nature activities, and/or sky diving events.
  50. Distribute billiards, doll houses, home theaters, nature photography, and/or sleeping accessories.
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You may find one or more of these hobbies exhilarating and energizing. Make sure you select the one(s) that speak to you and one you can commit to doing.

Remember that a hobby is something that attracts your attention freely and sustains it for a long time.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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