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5 Tips I Give You Before Buying a Playstation 5

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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Many of us have now started the austerity plan in order to buy the new-generation devices, especially the PlayStation 5. Which has the strongest popularity in many regions around the world, and there are many of us who started making perhaps impulsive decisions in this direction without paying attention to some things that might rush to judgment. them and make a decision. That is why I decided to help you with these tips.

5 tips before buying a PlayStation 5

In this report, I will put before you 5 tips and guidelines that can help you make the decision to buy a PlayStation 5 or wait a bit and study some alternative plans that may relieve you of some of the pressures of saving the price of the device if you make the decision early.

1- Are you ready to bear the price of the PlayStation 5?


This is the first and most important question in case you actually decide to purchase the device. Are you ready to bear the cost of buying a new device and game?

When you buy the PlayStation 5, you will notice that it is available in two versions, the first without a disc drive and the other with a disc drive. But due to the scarcity of the availability of the device, you may find yourself forced to buy it through third parties at a high price, and here you will have to think carefully before getting involved in paying a relatively large amount.

Of course, your decision here will be related to how important it is to own the device during its first days in the market, and you have to weigh all your decisions in order to make a purchase decision. Also, do not forget that most of the new generation games will be priced at $70, and this will also play a major and essential role in the decision to purchase the device or not at the present time. Where you will find yourself paying between 150 to 220 dollars an additional amount in order to buy various games to spend time with your new device.

2- Playstation 5 games


The second component that any gaming console player should consider is games. Which in the end will be the only thing you will spend your time with to enjoy. In most cases, the launch games for any new platform are always few and limited and do not provide the quality that these platforms can provide.

The PlayStation 5 has a fairly good game library. After a period of time since its release, there are many exclusive titles or even from third parties that take advantage of the capabilities of the new generation and provide a distinct gaming experience from the previous generation.

According to my experience, there are a lot of first-party games that are worth trying during the first year of the device's life. The great thing is that it will satisfy all tastes that extend between adventure games and open-world games, sports and racing games, puzzle games as well as horror games.

In terms of games, the decision may be clear here that the PlayStation 5 has enough games library to convince you that it is time to buy it.

3- Have you finished all your games available on the PlayStation 4?

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4- The device launch version often suffers from some problems

PlayStation 5 settings

PlayStation 5 settings

This is important information that you should know, although many companies have begun to avoid this type of problem, it will not prevent its emergence. Especially since the PlayStation 5 depends on a new operating system, and this system initially faces many technical problems that may make you lose the device completely, as happened with some users.

The first phase can extend between 6 to 12 months from the launch of the device in the market. But Sony is constantly working to improve the user experience and reduce technical problems in the system. The PlayStation 5 has received major updates since its launch in November 2020. These updates have made the system reach a state of great stability so far.

The DualSense controller is also experiencing slippage issues in the launch version, which Sony has begun to address by improving the quality of the components.

5- There may be other options!

Game consoles

Game consoles

This is also an important element, especially since Sony has not become unique in the game console market now, and there are good alternatives in the market. Such as the Xbox Series X, as well as the Nintendo Switch, as well as the personal computer, which is now widely supported by video game developers. Including Sony, which started to issue its big titles on the platform recently.

Therefore, I advise you that perhaps you should wait in making a purchase decision until you do a study on the device that suits you in terms of the elements I mentioned to you earlier, namely the price, games, and quality that the PlayStation 5 can offer you.

By waiting and studying these points, you may find yourself heading in another direction. It saves you money and time and gives you what you are looking for in the end.

These were 5 tips that I gave you and that you should take into account before deciding to buy a PlayStation 5 at these times. You may agree with me on some of them and differ on others, or you may have stronger justifications for buying the device during the first months of its launch or vice versa.

I hope that you will share it with me to be an explanatory guide for me and you and everyone.

Here I also have a new and important suggestion that you should think about before you make your decision to buy a new gaming device, have you finished all the games that you used to play or own on the PlayStation 4?

If you already own a PlayStation 4, perhaps thinking about this point will make you wait some time and give yourself more time to spend on completing some PlayStation 4 games, it is true that these games may work on the PlayStation 5. But there will not be much difference in Performance or graphics quality in the end because it was originally designed for the last generation.

Do not forget that these games can be obtained at a lower price and perhaps through a discount campaign that includes these games, while you will not see this on the new Sony device, as it is still new in the market.

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