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Top 5 Reasons Why Video Games Are Bad

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The effects of video games

Video Games

Lets face it. Everyone can say they played video games growing up but in the end it becomes a lost hobby. Just a waste of time in the end. A lot of studies have been going on in the past few years about the effects it has on kids and how it might impact them in different ways. This can also be linked to have a lot in common with the nature of some cartoons. I'll be honest, I personally don't think you should allow your son or daughter to view such programs that truly may not be intended for their age group, like sponge bob. I love the little guy and he's Hilarious but not the best ideas for kids growing up. There are thousands of games that promote great violence, explicit gore, killing and even gambling games. Do you really think it's wise to allow a fourteen or fifteen year old kid, to play games where you kill and other such nonsense? I hope not. This is a waste of time and a pollution to the mind. Some systems like the Wii have actually been known to cause seizures which is pretty crazy. This is why you are shown this caution of word when the system is first turned on. Now ask yourself, would you take your child to the doctor to be completely sure playing a video game doesn't harm them. I doubt it and it is funny but not really if it would happen to someone you know. Some games can be educational and even systems like the Wii provide great entertainment and exercise. If your child does play a lot of video games, consider the five reasons why this habit is not so easy to break. It's more of a lifestyle so to say. Rpg's and great football games like Madden can be addicting. Especially, if your good at them! Story line games consume a lot of time, when really it can be put to better use in a variety of ways. In extreme circumstances, the best way to deal with this is only allowing maybe and hour or two a day to play video games. Time restraining yourself or children. So let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why video games are bad.


Top Five Reasons

5) In the end it's just a waste of time! No matter what, I don't care how good you are at a game or your statistics. This could go to things like homework or reading a good book. Being good at a video game in the end means nothing, unless by miracle they have a future in the electronics or gaming field. Some adults get paid to test video games but it's rather unlikely. Lightening also strikes here and there. Get my drift.

4) Video games can hurt or even destroy a relationship. Why not keep your children active in a sport for exercise and a great way to make new friends. A father can use this time to take his son fishing or even a movie night or board game is better to just spend some quality time together. I have seen some adult males spend more time caring about what their rank in Call Of Duty is then spending time with their kids or special someone. It goes BOTH ways.

3)One of the most overlooked reason is how EXPENSIVE this hobby can be. There is a reason you see thousands of game stops and video game stores. A single ps3 game usually is always about $60 bucks. The typical player would probably have around 8 to 16 games. This adds up considering you have games and a console totaling more then the price of a computer. The more the persons loves to play, it can end up being pretty expensive.

2)Video games are addictive almost like a cigarette as ludicrous as it sounds. People get hooked on games ranging from all age groups. When someone leaves work and the first things on their mind is to go home and play Madden for 4 hours. That's is a serious addiction. Sitting around all day drinking and eating in the meantime is not very healthy. Go the opposite direction. Get a pool or one of those huge trampolines. Hey, it's a lot healthier and keeps them busy.Knowledge is power. Try getting into books or maybe painting. Music. Anything is better then putting your time to doing something that will mean NOTHING!

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1) Simple and most important because you CAN! It can pollute the mind with images of violence making the mind think a certain way or view things. A parent not buying a Call Of Duty game for their son because all of his friends have it and play it is not wrong. Actually a miracle in disguise. When a child picks up a book instead of a video game controller to learn or read about something they enjoy. That is a lost miracle in this generation!This can happen at your will, especially if you start hobbies for them at a young age. Just make sure they like what they are doing. Don't be foolish and make them do things they don't like or truly enjoy.

P.S. Mind over Matter ~ Video games do nothing for the mind so they shouldn't matter~

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Miles jjjjjjj on February 21, 2020:

thank you

Ace609 from Hamilton, NJ on September 01, 2011:

I go to school for Game Design. This is just as much insulting as it is ridiculous. You're probably one of those people that believe PokeMon is the devil, is a vegetarian and sniffs their own farts. You probably drive a hybrid because they're "good" for the environment.

Video games are a form of art just like movies, books, and movies. They're not "poison" for our youth. There's an ESRB rating for a reason. If you wouldn't let your kids see a rated "R" movie then you wouldn't let them play a rated "M" game.

It's about parenting and deciding which games you buy for your kids, not about how violent a game is. If a 12 year old shoots up his school and said he learned it from Grand Theft Auto is it Rockstars fault for making the game or his parents for buying it for him in the 1st place?

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