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Top 5 free play to earn NFT games

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#-1: Nino Coloney Cross World

This is available on PC, Google Play Store as well as Apple app store. It's an incredible fun game, i personally have went ahead and explored their open world with their animal anime style kind of adventuring game play, which i think of you guy's will also enjoy. In simple words this game is really incredible fun, you get to level up, explore, trade with other players & also earn money along the journey as well.


#-2: Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a creative & unique game project, that combines NFTs & the mmo rpg genre. (Titan Hunters is inspired by fun voxel's gameplay look & the feel of mine craft, it is creative and a unique game project that combines NFTs earning feature & the best gaming genre of mmo rpg. If you enjoy fun & creative kind of games, where you can go ahead & earn lot (NFT, cash), then you can also play this for free & you must enjoy it.


#-3: Mirandis

This is on the gale games ecosystem & miranda's is a mysterious new constant where adventure awaits the brave few willing to journey to its shores. Now the main game that I will compare this to is runscape, if you did enjoy runscape & you like those types of mmo games, where you go into the open world, you go ahead & level up, fight with monsters, trade do all of those fun things. Miranda's is definitely gonna be the fantasy world that you are going to enjoy not only do they have amazing artwork but also they have a thriving community of people that are anticipating the launch of this game & when it does launch it's going to be completely free to play, but right now it's still in development, set to launch very soon this year. In my opinion Miranda is the best fantasy rpg game.



It is a fun game for all of those shooter fanatics out there. You have team death matches as well as a number of different game modes that you can hope into right now,if you so please there are strategic game modes that are just for fun game modes, there's something out for everyone. It's also incredibly fun to go ahead and play this with your friends & yes you can actually earn within this ecosystem as well and yes it is completely free to play.

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#-5: Town star

It is a farming simulator that is currently in their open beta. If you do like farming simulator definitely give Town star a shot guys, you guys will not be disappointed. It has everything that you would expect from this type of games & then even more & because it's on the gala games website, you can go ahead & select their NFTs with their town star tokens, that you can go ahead & interact with right now.


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