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5 Collectible Games That Are Not Card Games

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Jennifer is a budding games journalist with a heavy focus on casual mobile games that don't demand too much of her single brain cell.

Collectible games have been popular since Magic: The Gathering. What feels more satisfying than completing a full set of collectibles? From physical card trading to digital card games, the genre has certainly grown to be one of the most popular in its own right. However, collectible games are not just limited to collecting and trading cards. Animal collectible games have seen a boom of popularity since Neko Atsume a few years back, and the trend has continued strong over the years.

One of the most appealing features of collectible games is they don't demand too much skill or time, and there is no end game. Collectible games last virtually forever, or at least until you finish collect everything (and you get bored of the game). It’s a great genre for casual gamers who have little to no time to grind away at their devices.

In this listicle, I've compiled a list of 5 collectible games that are not card games for casual mobile gamers looking to end a busy workday with a simple and relaxing game.

  1. Claw Stars
  2. Kleptocats 2
  3. Hamster Collection
  4. Nekonoke
  5. Alpaca World

1. Claw Stars

Claw Stars is currently in Pre-Registration and expected to launch on June 9, 2021, according to the App Store. I played this game while it was in Early Access.

This game reminds me of Board Kings, similarly incorporating classic arcade game mechanics into a bright, lively game. In this case, Claw Stars, as its name suggests, takes on the claw machine and inserts spacefaring hamsters into the equation.

The main collectibles in this game are adorable alien animals. According to game lore, hyper-evolved, super-intelligent hamsters are tasked with restoring planets and rescuing creatures from mysterious orbs. The main gameplay involves using a claw attached to a spaceship to claw for coins, rubies, and orbs. The animals are contained in the blue orbs.

Apart from clawing for animals, there are also passive collectibles in the form of the Stamp Album, Homeland, and Style Station. You can purchase Stamp Packs for the Stamp Album to complete a set and get new spaceships. Homeland is where you find furniture and items to place in your home, and there are several different levels that you can work for. Lastly, you can collect Spacesuits for your hamster in the Style Station.

You get rewards for every set completed. Unconventional to most collectible games, there’s less idleness and more active play since you need to be relatively active in clawing for orbs to get your collectibles. It’s a cute little game that offers a lot more than collectibles.

2. Kleptocats 2

Cat burglars. That’s the gist of the game.

Kleptocats 2, a sequel of the viral game Kleptocats, is not all that far from a cat collecting game like Neko Atusme-- except instead of your cats just chilling in the garden, you can send them out into the world to collect (read: steal) treasures. When they come back, you get the honor of cleaning and feeding your cats. You can collect adorable cats and unlock rooms with lots of items to discover.

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This game is not just a collectible game. There’s a complete storyline, with puzzles, actions, and mini-games that you can work through, making it less of an idle game and more engaging, giving the game a lot of life. Maybe, just maybe, letting your cats take over the world is not such a bad idea after all?

3. Hamster Collection

Hamster Collection plays very much like Neko Atsume, but with hamsters. There’s not much to do in the game, as your main goal is to attract hamsters to your little virtual cage and keeping them happy. Hamsters can be collected through a gacha system, or you can purchase items to upgrade your cage so that the little rodents appear on their own. You can feed your hamsters, collect toys to play with them, pet them, and take pictures of your collections.

There’s a lot of waiting around in the game, so it’s perfect for busy professionals that are just looking for a low-maintenance game to kick back and relax with.

4. Nekonoke

Nekonoke is another addictive cat collection game that is also an incremental clicker, featuring a whole cast of adorable cats to collect. The primary currency of the game is furballs, which you obtain by tapping on the cats. You can then use the furballs to upgrade the cats you've collected or purchase items that will boost your fur income.

As is typical for incremental idle games, furball production still goes on even when the game is not open. Overall, it's a cute, brainless little game that sports adorable graphics and serves as the perfect timekiller.

5. Alpaca World

You’ve collected cats, you’ve collected hamsters, but how about alpacas?

In Alpaca World, you get to run your own alpaca farm. There are over a hundred different colors of alpacas to collect, care for, and upgrade. You can also travel the world with a team of alpacas, during which you will encounter their wild counterparts that you can either fight, capture, and take them back to your farm. The battle mechanics are turn-based and functions very much like Pokemon. You can use items like potions or power-ups during the battle to aid your alpacas.

While the main feature is running your own alpaca farm and collecting alpacas, I find the exploration aspect much more appealing. There’s something really satisfying seeing your alpacas just galloping around and challenging other alpacas. With the simple graphics and simple battle mechanics, this game ticks all the boxes for a relaxing casual game.

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