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5 Tips to Help You Ace the Duel Link Meta


5 Tips to Help You Ace the Duel Link Meta

It’s no secret that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links meta has been dominated by Fire Fist and Blue-Eyes decks for the past few months and with good reason. These decks have powerful ATK/DEF stats, Level 3 and higher monsters to flood the field and specific strategies that make them hard to beat if you don’t know how to counter them.

Which cards are most used in DL so far?

5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, and so on. A list of common meta cards. The top five for each rank. This will help players build decks that can compete in duel links meta right now. If you are interested in building a deck use these tips when buying new cards. Use these articles as resources before playing duels with friends or battling it out online. Find what is being used most often then try to find ways to counter those decks by using other cards that have similar effects but do more damage or have better defensive abilities. Finding ways to make your deck stand out is one way of winning more duels in duel links meta. Duel Links has been out for almost two years now and there are still no signs of slowing down anytime soon because it's very addicting and easy to play while at work or even while doing chores around your house if you need something else to keep your mind off things going on around you like if someone's bugging you while they shouldn't be.

Which decks are top tier?

Ranking decks on an informal tier list can help players make educated deck decisions. While decklists themselves are up for debate, some decks outshine others. We’ve assembled a few of these decks for you here! If you’re new to duel links, or if you just want to learn about top-tier strategies, be sure to bookmark these decks and check back as updates are released! The Ritual/Horus Deck: If you haven’t heard of it by now, chances are someone at your local card shop has asked you to join them in their next Ritual Summon Horus Deck Tournament. This deck is played primarily by experienced duelists who know how best to play around with traps while using cards like Ritual Weapon and Rite of Spirit to win duels in one turn. When executed correctly, it is nearly impossible for opponents to come back from a losing position. As with most things in life though, practice makes perfect—and we recommend playing against friends first before going into battle against other players online!

What are strong tech choices?

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Everybody has their own opinion on which decks are viable in a given meta, but one thing that most duelists agree on is what makes or breaks a deck: strong tech choices. In competitive play, a single match is rarely won by playing all high-costed monsters and spells; it’s won through careful tech choices designed to counter specific strategies. This guide will give you an overview of some of these commonly used cards, as well as why they’re considered so effective against certain strategies. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other tech options out there, but these are some of the best!

Which decks are good vs Metalfoes?

In Duel Links, Metalfoes are one of the strongest and most popular decks. They’re a good deck to use if you’re looking for consistency. The best way to beat a Metalfoes deck is... by using a Metalfoes deck! Other good decks against them include Masked Heroes, Blue-Eyes, and Dark Magician. For more information on how duel links meta works visit the duel links wiki. If you have any questions about duel links please feel free to comment below.

Which decks are good vs Sky Striker?

As of right now, Sky Striker is easily one of, if not THE best decks in duel links. To succeed against Sky Striker, you need a deck that can either outlast it (Burning Abyss), stop it cold (Sylvan), or simply beat them over their head with better cards than them (Bujin). There are a handful of other ways you can win but those three are your best bet! Good luck! And happy dueling!
So what decks should you use? Well, Sylvans can be annoying to play against since they negate your traps and shut down any easy plays you might have had otherwise. Buggies will deal just as much damage as sky striker will while being very aggressive in some cases, making dueling burn more difficult than normal since they threaten 2k-3k swings every turn. But none of these top Burning Abyss at being able to grind through skys advantage so I’d recommend that if possible!

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