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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pokémon Go

The world came to a standstill at the end of March this year (2020). With the coronavirus pandemic hitting us all, our lives started to turn upside down, but most of us found solace in Pokemon Go. The game (apart from PUBG, of course) that kept us going even during tumultuous times! Moreover, it was really nice of Niantic to bring in a few new things to the game so that we could enjoy the game even at our homes. Things such as remote raid passes, extra XP’s for every excellent throws, and not to forget increase in time and effectiveness of incense. All these things made the game more exciting than ever and as Pokemon Go trainers, we all were licking our fingers. But there are certain things that you probably did not know about Pokemon Go and I will be running through them and this will surely help you a great deal, I hope. So let’s get moving!


#1. Earning XP Quickly To Level Up

You all know how difficult it is to level up, especially after going past level 35. But Niantic has made life easier by introducing more XP for every excellent catch you make. You get around 2200XP+ for excellent throws and this helps in leveling up quicker. But there is another cool way to drastically gain more XP and the answer is gifts and friendships and not to forget the lucky egg. Each lucky egg let’s to earn double XP for 30 minutes and you surely want to maximize those 30 minutes to the fullest. And the best way to do this is by opening all 30 gifts (daily limit) during those minutes. But remember, open gifts only when the friendship level for hearts two, three, and four says one day to go to become good friends, ultra friends, and best friends. But what if you have no friends with whom you have one day to go to level up? Well, do not worry because you can still maximize those 30 minutes. How you ask? It’s simple, just add 30 friends and ask them or hope they will send you a gift. Then open all of them while you’ve egged up. You’ll be getting around 180,000XP. And you will still have time to earn more XP, and during the remaining minutes you can evolve your Pokémon’s. Evolve as many as you can and if you evolve ones that are not registered, you will earn 4000XP per evolution, which is not bad at all.

And yes, coming back to the gifts, remember to wait on the main screen of the game after you open all gifts for the game to process the 6000XP per gift. This is important because while the timer of the eggs runs down, you want that XP to reflect in your total XP count. I am saying this because once I opened 30 gifts and used the other 18-odd minutes to evolve Pokémon’s and by the time I reached the main screen I had only about two minutes left. The game began processing the XP’s from the gifts and when the two minutes were up, I noticed the remaining XP’s from about ten gifts did not double up and that is because the egg timer was up. So make sure you wait for about two to three minutes after you open gifts before you go and evolve your Pokémon’s for more double XP!


#2. Hatch Eggs Without Even Walking

As you all Pokemon Trainers know, there are five classes of eggs in Pokemon Go – 2km eggs, 5 km eggs, 7 km eggs, 10 km eggs, and the newly introduced 12 km eggs. And while the 2 km eggs are quite easy to hatch, as with the 5 km egg and perhaps even the 7 km eggs as well, the 10 and 12 km eggs can take some time to hatch. But there is a better way to hatch them and you do not need to walk at all. All you need is your hands! Just open the game and shut the screen. Then take your phone on your preferred hand and start spinning it. That’s right! Spin gently so that you can spin for more minutes, and the more you spin, the more kms you’ll get on that egg. So if you spin for about 10 minutes, you’ll probably end up with approximately 1 to 1.5 kms of distance covered. And not only that, the kilometers also add up to your weekly 50 kms task, so that’s double the joy. So whenever you have some free time at home and are lazy to walk out, simply lie in bed, and let your hand to the spinning! This is a great technique to crack eggs and I do use it a lot to hatch and get to that 50 kms weekly task. What are you waiting for, start spinning!!


#3. Checking Out The Moves Before Pokémon Go Battles

Player versus player battles as well as the Go League Battles that take place in the game is a great way to earn more stardust and also show off your strong Pokémon’s. But before you pick out your three best Pokémon’s for a particular battle, how you wished you could take a peek at their fast and charged attacks. You’d want to check them out so that you can select the best combination for the battle. And you move out from the battle page and go check their attacks out before batting. But hey, there is a better and more efficient way to check the moves of each and every Pokemon of yours before you enter into any battle. While selecting your three Pokemon team, all you have to do is long press on that particular Pokemon and right before you, you will see their stats that include their fast and charged moves. This really helps you select your best combination and you do not have to waste time by going back to the main screen and checking their attacks out in your Pokemon section.

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#4. Skipping Catch And Gift Animation

The Pokemon catching animation as well as the one for the gifts can literally take forever to finish. And that can get on your nerves, especially when you really need to speed things up. But fret not, because there is a way to actually fast forward the catching and gift animation in Pokemon Go. To skip the catch animation, all you have to do is follow a few steps. First, use your finger and grab either the berry icon or poke ball icon and drag it to the center of the screen without lifting up your finger. Now with the other hand, spin the poke ball and throw it towards the Pokemon. Then quickly release all your fingers from the screen and tap the ‘run’ icon that is situated at the top left of your screen. By doing this, the game will take to you to the main screen and you will notice that the Pokemon that you just tried to catch will not appear on the screen. Then click on your Pokemon section, and you will see that your Pokemon was caught!

Now moving on to the gifts part, this trick will help you to open gifts faster as well as send them to your Pokemon friends. So here’s how it goes; first, when you are about to open and send gifts, you will notice an ‘x’ option at the bottom, which means to close. All you have to do is, as soon as you open or send gifts, quickly tap that ‘x’ button three to four times. By doing this, you are skipping the gift animation and saving time. How cool, yeah?


#5. Maximizing Your Poke Coins

Each day, if your Pokemon is in the gym for approximately 8 hours and 20 minutes in total, you earn 50 poke coins and that’s unfortunately the daily limit. So basically you can earn a maximum of 350 poke coins in one week, enough for a Pokemon trainer to perhaps purchase 3 remote raid passes and still be left with 100 poke coins. But do you really want to invest your poke coins on remote raid passes or is there a better option to maximize your poke coins. Well, the answer is yes, there is a better way. So then what does purchase from poke coins? And the answer my friend is, lucky eggs! A set of 8 lucky eggs costs you as many as 500 poke coins, so that is basically 10 days of getting 50 poke coins each day. While this may seem a lot of money for just 8 lucky eggs, but in terms of earning XP and quickly leveling up, there is nothing that beats the lucky eggs. And I personally would recommend stacking up your item bag with lucky eggs because if you are really pushing to increase your level, you better use the coins for lucky eggs and nothing else. Well, the odd 200 coins for increasing poke storage and/or item bag storage is fine at times.


And that’s a wrap guys! I really hope you enjoyed this blog and perhaps even learned something new today. Thank you for reading, and happy Pokemon hunting!

© 2020 Ronald Daniel Sampson

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