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Top 5 Must Have Games For Windows RT And Windows 8 | The Best of the Best


The Device Nobody Supported

In a world amidst the Tablet Wars the push to have better mobile games has become apparent. Every Apple and Android user most likely has a complete set of games to pass the time. But what about us Windows users?

The Windows Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro have both been out for a few months now and everyone has heard about how terrible the sales have been. With the original Surface having major price cuts, the complaints about the lack of developer support for the Microsoft Store and the late start to the tablet world it's easy to see that things aren't going well for Microsoft.

That isn't to say that there aren't people that have gone the Windows 8 route. With the wide range of PC's sold, and all of the recent Windows computers going to 8, Microsoft isn't going to go down without a fight. The problem at this time seems to be that developers don't want to work with the quirky ARM processor that the Surface uses.

All that being said, I am an owner of the original Surface RT 32gb (no not even the pro) so pretty much any other Windows 8 device should be able to run any of these games no problem. The games I review are the 5 main games I play when I have time to kill and each one is very different because I believe different situations call for a different kind of mind numbing gameness.

Enough of this introduction nonsense! On to the games!

#5 Halo: Spartan Assault

1 of the 30 levels in Halo: Spartan Assault

1 of the 30 levels in Halo: Spartan Assault

The Only Superb "Shooter" for Windows 8

Price: $6.99
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Top-Down Third-Person Shooter

One of the bigger holes (other than lack of Google support) in the Windows Store is the severe need for first person shooters. Yes, I've tried Battle Bears Gold and a few others but the only game that comes close to satisfying that itchy trigger finger is Halo: Spartan Assault.

Despite not being the biggest Halo fan this game entertained me for quite a while! The variety of guns isn't amazing and no it's not as fun as sneaking up behind someone and seeing a sweet knifing sequence but you're still putting bullets in alien scum. Graphically the game wont knock your socks off but the cut scenes are pretty on my Windows RT device and it will take up a chunk of time to complete all the missions.

That being said there's no online gameplay. And as we all know, Halo without online gameplay is just boring after a while. Either way, you can't have a list of Windows Store games without Halo: Spartan Assault.

Windows Store Rating: 3.9

#4 Into The Dead

Typical post apocalyptic scene in Into The Dead

Typical post apocalyptic scene in Into The Dead

Zombies, Running and Gunning

Price: $1.99
Publisher: PikPok
Genre: Action / Zombie Runner

As typical as this game may appear it fits a nice role in the gaming area of my metro. I get my distance running game itch scratched as well as my zombie fixation!

The game itself is very simple. Your character is in a zombie apocalypse and crashes his helicopter in a field with the flesh eating dead just on your tail! What do you do? ... RUN! As with many in the runner genre you are going in a straight line and you have to lean left or right to avoid zombies. On the way there are crates glowing with flare light that you can snag to pick up weapons like a shotgun, uzi or assault rifle.

As with all games it does have a down side. In this case it's inherent with the type of game it's trying to be. It feels like an iPhone game, not a full game by itself. You get the running and gunning but you don't go anywhere. Still, this game will eat a lot of your time up (especially if you're saving up for the mini-gun).

Windows Store Rating: 4.1

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#3 Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Crawler for those without Diablo

Price: Free
Publisher: Gameloft
Genre: Dungeon Crawler RPG

Dungeon crawling, multi-player co-op and Deathmatch, materia-like weapon system, I must be talking about Dungeon Hunter 4! This game has been available for quite a while now and with the negative reviews on Dungeon Hunter 3 Gameloft aimed to please and they came through. This game has full voice acting and cinematics, fun gameplay, 4 different characters classes and a classic RPG storyline with Gods and Demons using the human realm as their battlegrounds.

The game speaks for itself with all the great reviews out there and the fun multiplayer is definitely a plus but the game has a few little problems and one major problem that need to be addressed. In the multiplayer modes all my skills have a 1 second delay. My character stands frozen while the minions whack me then performs the skill I requested. Another problem is that in order to take charms (essences that add attributes to your weapons and armor) out of your equipment you have to wait for a certain amount of time unless you want to pay for Gems. Gems are the in game purchase that allows you to buy crazy weapons, speed up equipment upgrades and charm removals.

But the biggest issue (at least on the Windows RT) is that there's a glitch that can erase all of your data. I read about this but never thought it would happen but just before I sat down to write hub last week all my characters and gold/gems disappeared. I held off on writing about this until after Gameloft addressed the issue. It took about 4 days but they gave me double the amount of Gems I purchased and half a million gold to compensate. They required that I show them my receipt of in-game purchase and a screenshot of my character screen but they eventually came through.

Even with all those problems I will be re-crafting my characters and running through all the same dungeons again. Why? Because it's just that fun.

Windows Store Rating: 4.3

#2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Price: $6.99
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Genre: Sandbox

If there's one thing Rockstar Games knows how to do it's make money. The best part of this game becoming available on almost every mobile platform is that it shows us how a company that makes games with great content can keep making money on their more revered creations. With GTA: Chinatown Wars and all the other PS2 games coming to mobile Rockstar learned that if it's available, they will buy it.

I shouldn't have to sell you on this game because we all played 10 years ago and we all loved it. It was the best selling game on the PlayStation 2! Everyone knows it's great. But how does it perform on the Windows RT? The short answer is yes, it performs pretty damn well. It has it's hiccups and the touch screen controls are a joke but plug in that mouse and go kill some drug dealers!

For my full review of the game and it's functionality on the Windows RT you can click here!

Windows Store Rating: 3.7

#1 Snes8x+

Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Classic Gaming Made The Right Way

Price: Free (yet somehow priceless)
Publisher: Duc le
Genre: n/a

That's right every other tablet, the Windows Store has a dedicated Super Nintendo emulator that works amazingly.

Back in my jailbreaking days I remember how happy I was when I got Pokémon Red to run on my iPhone 3G. The Windows RT has an app available that can run Super Mario games, Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, Mortal Kombat, etc.

The ability to bring such classic entertainment so easily in the modern world is amazing and the Windows devices are seeing lot of great development. But the need for more support in the store is very apparent and we need more companies releasing games/apps like these that show the Windows tablets are not out of the race.

Windows Store Rating: 2.7

What Am I Missing?

I know there are other Windows 8 gamers out there. Most of the games here have a pretty high number of reviews! Let me know in the comments below what games I should be playing and I'll try them out!

Enjoy My Top 5 List?

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Caleb Rich ௐ on October 13, 2018:

play tracks the train simulator

ChrisGibson (author) from Anchorage, Alaska on March 12, 2014:

Right!? I still haven't recovered from losing all my data but I'm still plugging at it. =P

hiwaka on March 12, 2014:

Nice list. Dungeon Hunter 4 rocks. As do the rest actually :D

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