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5 Easy Baby Shower Games Ideas

Is your best friend, a colleague, or a family member having a baby? Well, having a baby is the most exciting news ever, and with that you can throw her a fantastic and out of this world baby shower. Usually with baby showers, games are played as part of the traditional celebration.

Having games at a shower is not particularly necessary but they do add a special element to the event. It's a well known fact that there will be games at a baby shower, and if you don't plan on having at least some type of activities, your baby shower will be very boring indeed. Give your guests (and mom to be) something to keep them entertained.

Planning games for a shower doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. There are some very easy and quick games you can plan for. It's not about having the most elaborate games that take hours to plan and play. Just a few quick activities your guests can participate in will suffice.

5 Incredibly Easy Baby Shower Games

Once the theme of the party is all sorted out and the cute little invitations are sent out to your guests, the next step is to decide how you are going to be entertaining your guests. Your games and entertainment should be out of this world so that your guests remember your party even after the twins are all grown up and away in college. Remember that your games should be easy, simple, and fun, and keep in mind that everyone of your guests should be involved equally so that nobody feels left out. You can have various little prizes for game winners. Below are a few games that you can incorporate:

My Water Broke

In this game, you will be required to freeze toy babies in ice and then place the ice cube inside people’s drinks. The ice is bound to melt eventually as the party progresses and the baby will then pop up to the top. The guest whose baby pops first gets to say ‘MY WATER BROKE’ out loud, and thus will win the game.

How Many Kisses?

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This game will require you to fill a baby bottle with Hershey’s kisses and then make your guests guess how many there are. The one who comes up with the nearest possible number will win.

What’s My Name?

If you cannot decide on what names to give your twins, then a baby shower might just be the perfect place to ask your guests for their suggestions. You can give each guest a piece of paper on which they can write their name suggestion and the reason why they came up with the suggested name. You never know how you might end up liking a certain name.

Double Doodie!

This game will involve giving your guests little diapers that are made from a safety pin attached to white felt in triangular form. Two of these diapers will contain a tiny poop (Tootsie Roll) in them. The guests who get these diapers will win the game.

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