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4 Proper Ninja Video Games

To Start

Over the years there have been many games to feature ninja as ether the main character such as Ninja Gaiden with Ryu Hyabusa or at least as a playable character such Mortal Kombat and Scorpiion however i have notived that these games often do not portray ninjas properly, ninjas should quitly sneak up on people from behind and stab them in the back and disappear without anyone really knowing that they were even there. Having realized this I went on a mystical journey to find some games that feature the true way of the ninja.

But first a few rules.

1: going by historical records ninjas were all about stealth. Even wearing light armor in order to do the job as quietly as possible.

2: You should feel like a ninja. Sneaking around taking people out without others even knowing that you were there.

And with that lets begin.

Shinobi versus Ninja what's the difference

To put it simply a ninja is a assassin that uses stealth as a means to eliminate his or her target I will have examples of that in this list. They may have lots of different tools and weapons in order to get the job done but first and foremost they are assassins, they kill people for money.

Shinobi on the other hand is a bit vaguer, as they do not to kill. So long that person uses stealth to reach his or her objective, they are by definition shinobi.

In short, all ninjas are shinobi but not all shinobi are ninja. Just thought I should get that out of the way before moving on to this list.

1: Mark on the Ninja


Mark of the Ninja is a 2D stealth game, you tend to die really quickly so using the shadow is really heavily advised. You do have a few tools to help make things easier however. You have poison darts that make people go nuts and attack each other, interactive environments that allow you to drop something on someone's head and many other things. however, as you are taking out guards be sure to hide those bodies enemies will notice and will become aware that a ninja might be in the mist.

This game has been released on pretty much everything and it's not much so if you like stealth and ninjas please check it out.

2: Aragami

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Aragami is a 3D stealth game to which you play as Aragami a supernatural being that was summoned to perform a job. Aragami is a being made from darkness meaning that light can weaken him and if it is intense enough could even straight up kill him meaning that the shadows is where you should stay. On top of that, you have shadow powers that allow you to teleport and perform other unique abilities, However the best thing of all is that this game is Co Op so you can play it with a friend, even a highly skilled ninja shouldn't go alone if he can help it.

Aragami is also available on pretty much everything and also thankfully is also cheap.

3: Tenchu Shadows Assassins


Tenchu is actully a series of video games by Ubisoft with the most recent being Tenchu Shadows Assassins back in 2008 on Wii and Playstation 2. Each game is all about stealth and silent assassinations in feudal Japan. In the most recent entry in the series, you can play as two characters each with slightly different skills and abilities. Tenchu Shadow Assassins also stands as one of the few M rated games on the Nintendo Wii.

Unfortunately, there has not been a new entry in the series since 2008 which is a shame that Ubisoft would let a franchise like this fade to the passages of time.

It has come to my attention that I have made a mistake. While Ubisoft published the game for the U.S technically From Software own the Tenchu franchise. Same statement applies however From Software have a very good series that’s not a souls game and they are not doing a thing with it.

5: Assassins Creed Series


I realize that no assassin of the series as of writing this is from or takes place in Japan but not only does that not matter but we did get on that takes place in China in Assassins Creed Origins China. As far as ninjas go you can't get much better than the Assassins Creed series, being open world games, you have multiple ways of taking out your targets, you can go in charging with your swords or guns but you will get further using stealth and with things like smoke bombs, poison darts and a wide verity of other useful tools to get the job done it is honestly allot of fun to approach each problem as sneaky as possible. you may even find yourself hiding in the bushes or perched on a high beam just waiting for that perfect moment to strike, how much more like a ninja can you get.

Assassins Creed as multiple games in the franchise so you are bound to find something on whatever platform you are on.

Get started on your ninja adventure here

Honorable Mention: Batman Arkham Series


To say that Batman is not a ninja would just be wrong, and the Arkham series refelcts the gameplay perfectly. In all the games, you hide in the shadows and if you play the game right you can potently take out all the enemy's without ever being seen, if that doesn't sound like a ninja then I don't know what does. In addition, you have all of Gotham city to explore and all sort of secrets to find and gadgets to help you feel more like ninja. The only thing about all these games that stands against Batman being like ninja would be that he doesn't kill, ninjas are assassins by trade meaning that Batman is not a ninja but is in fact a shinobi. It's still worth looking into if you want a good shinobi experience.

The Batman Arkham games are available on most modern consoles so finding it shouldn't be a problem.

Final Thoughts

this was a hard list to make, and it is not even a definitive list the Hitman series for example should really be included, however all of these games i have at least some experiences with whereas I have none in the Hitman series. I hope that somebody somewhere have some good proper ninja fun, which is not to say anything about Ninja Gaiden those games are great, although I would like to see Ryu Hyabusa going in full ninja mode and being as sneaky as possible, I think team ninja could pull it off and it probably be allot of fun. But what did you guys think of this list please leave me a comment of any kind in the section below, I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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