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3D Video Games Make Me Sick

Has anybody ever sat down to play a game and after a few minutes started to feel physically sick? This is my reality.

Let me explain

So a few years ago I wanted to get my first Xbox. At this point I was already an adult but I thought to myself...why not? I ordered it off of Amazon and it arrived! I was so excited! I hooked it up to my television and there it was. The first game I played was Gears of War 4. It took me a solid 45 minutes to figure out the controls but once I did I was flying. But then something weird happened. I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. Like I was on a boat. I thought "that's enough for one day". Then it happened again the next day and the next. After years of playing I'm starting to think this problem won't go away anytime soon...


What happens exactly?

Every time I start to play a video game which is 3D I am doomed to feel sick. The best I can describe it as is motion sickness. I feel like I should be moving, but I actually am not, and this disconnect leads to some intense nausea. I have no problem with 2D games like Animal Crossing, Inside and Valiant Hearts. But forget 3D games like Skyrim, The Witcher and Zelda.

What I've tried

So I have researched this topic countless times. I have tried the following:

  • motion sickness pills
  • changing up the distance from myself and the screen
  • changing up devices on which I play
  • brute forcing it
  • a fan

The motion sickness pills are annoying to say the least. I mean sure they work, but at what price? You need to plan at what time you are going to play so that you can take them in time for them to work. There is, of course, the side effects, which are not really worth risking in my humble opinion. There is also the SLEEPINESS. This is not a joke. They work better than melatonin pills. I am out by 7pm if I take them at 3pm. It is also, to say the least, an expense to buy at least two packs a month of these things, depending on how often you play of course.

I have tried sitting farther away from my television screen and even sitting closer. None of it works. If I sit farther away I'll be in the street!

I have tried playing on a television screen, PC screen and even a Nintendo Switch. It does not really make a difference where I play. I have to say though that playing on the Switch is not as bad. Probably because it's a small screen and therefore not as immersive.

This may seem ridiculous or obvious...depending on how you see it. But I have tried to make myself get over the nausea and the dizziness by just pushing through it. Till now I have not seen the fruits of my labour. It does not help me to bear it for longer because sometimes it takes a solid 45 minutes of playing to start to feel symptoms, and other times it takes 10 to 15 minutes. So do not try this at home kids.

I have also read that making sure your senses are stimulated from the real world while you play helps. This is to sort of help your senses stay grounded in the real world and not experience motion sickness. I have tried placing a fan on me, so the wind of my face helps me not get nauseous. Result: This has not put a dent in it.

Is there a secret?

I know people can play 3D games for hours and still be fine. There are people in esports who play for days to train for competitions. I sometimes feel jealous. I wonder if they know something I don't. Maybe it is because I only started to play 3D games later on in life? All I know is that it is ridiculous. I mean there are so many amazing games out there... like Portal or Red Dead Redemption!

I am calling out for all gamers out there to help us out. I know I am not the only one who has this problem. For anyone who has had this and found a solution, you are a special guest in the comments section. Welcome!

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