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3 Easy Fixes to Stop Stardew Valley From Crashing (PC)


These simple tips and tricks should help stop the game from crashing, at least on a playable basis.

  • Launch the game in administration mode.

Right click the application and head on over to properties. Under the "compatibility" tab, there should be a check box you can check to run the application in administration mode.

Note: Make sure you have administration rights.

  • Play the game in a window instead of fullscreen.

This can be set when the game loads up by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

  • Launch the game in compatability mode for your operating system.

Again, this can be set under the application's properties using the same method described in the first tip.

"But wait, the game crashes immediately when I load it up!"

In my experience (and with certain versions), the game simply wouldn't launch if there was a problem with my computer's audio.

Right click on the speaker icon on your task bar (usually in the down right corner) and check your playback devices. If disabling and then re-enabling your preferred playback device doesn't work, try running the sound troubleshooter after disabling your playback device.

To do this, disable your playback device, exit back to your desktop and simply click on your speaker icon. The troubleshooter should launch automatically.

There is one last resort. You're going to have to reinstall it.

This is something I did and it worked temporarily. When I tried finding out why the game kept crashing, I noticed something about the graphics. I was completely stumped, but reinstalling the game gave me at least enough leverage to get to the game's menu.

The good news:

According to Stardew Valley's wiki, your game is saved as a seperate XML file, which means that you can reinstall the game and you won't lose any progress!

But just to be safe, I'd make a copy of my game if I was you.

The precise instructions to find it is in the wiki below.

Stardew Valley's Wiki

  • Saves - Stardew Valley Wiki
    The game saves progress when the in-game day ends, i.e., when the farmer goes to bed, collapses from exhaustion, or collapses at 2am. All progress during a day is lost if the player quits the game without ending the day.

Here's what worked for me

Like I said, when I looked into the reason why the game kept crashing, the crash report said something about the graphics.

I toyed around with the graphics when I managed to get through to the game's menu and TA-DA!

The game stopped crashing.

I simply changed the game's graphics settings from "fullscreen" to "windowed borderless" and chose another resolution similar to the one I had on default.

Update: December 2019

This might sound obvious, but if you're still having trouble with Stardew Valley crashing, consider updating to the latest version.

Especially the 1.4.3 update.

In this update, the game has been streamlined and upgraded for better performance and gameplay. Not only did the game get a vast amount of content added to it, it genuinely performs better, so much so, I can literally feel the difference.

Where the game would've usually caused my computer to produce some slight heat when playing for a certain amount of time, the new update makes it run cooler and smoother.

The game also looks brighter, with subtle yet impactful changes to sprites and textures.

For more info about what's new in the game visit the Stardew Valley Wiki.

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