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3 Video Games Types for Valentines Day

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What am I talking about?

For years video game company's have made bank on holidays just as any good company will try. Halloween is a huge day for horror games and I have written a full article about the games that one could play during the Holiday season, however what about the day about love, what about the day arguably everyone could get into provided they have a special one in there life. Well before we can get into that I think we need to set a few rules about what games qualify as a good game for valentines day or love day as I have been calling it.

What qualifies

Now in order to answer this lets analyze the day of love and it's many variations across the world and see what we have to deal with. It seems to me the number one thing all these day's have in common is that they are about getting together with a significant other regardless of race or gender, but unlike the holidays I have written about previously, giving and receiving are not corner stones. Now how to put this into games. Well like before I think if the game is decorated with the love theme or the story surrounds the holiday in question it counts, If the game has constant feeling of being together it may count as well. Now with that out of the way lets go!

1: Events and Co-op games

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

Anything with a themed event has to count just has it did with Halloween and the Holidays as a whole. Now I have listed this in my Holiday games list as well for many of the same reasons, just as easily as you could play in a large group you could play with only the two of you in fact I could and probably should just say anything with a local or online (I believe a long distance relationship can work) multiplayer as being together with that loved one is in fact the main focus of this list and the day in it's self.

2: White Day a Labyrinth named school


In East Asia, an observation known as White Day falls one month after Valentines Day on march 14. In the region, women present men with chocolate on Valentine's Day, usually as an expression of affection, a reverse of the Western tradition which has boys offering gifts to girls. One month following Valentine's Day, on March 14, the men return the favor to the girls that gifted them chocolates, which is known as white day. The game takes place on the eve of White Day in 2001 and in South Korea, it follows protagonist Lee Hui-min, a newly transferred student who sneaks into his new high School, Yeondu High School, to leave his crush, Han So-young, some sweets and return her diary, which he found earlier that day on the school grounds. Upon entering the building, he becomes trapped inside the facility and encounters other students, including So-young. In his attempt to escape the school, Hui-min is tormented by ghosts and possessed human staff members of the school, and begins to uncover the dark past of the institution, learning about several paranormal events that occurred between 1998 and present day.

Most of the story throughout the game is revealed in collectible documents found throughout the school, and the plot varies depending on which choices the player makes throughout the adventure.

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This stands as a strange case where because of the nature of White Day it falls under the love theme that I am looking for but with the horror theme that it has it would also work for Halloween. You can buy this game ether on Playstation 4 or on Steam.

Give a gift and play a game about love and horror

3: Anything to save the them


Not all of us have someone on this day, but we sure can pretend. I think any game where you have to save the damsel whether it be Mario or something like Dragons Dogma is a sure enough testament to love, heck in Dragons Dogma after completing a mini quest your given a ring to which will raise the affiction level to max to any of the NPC characters in the game. Sounds like a wedding ring to me, on top of that the game makes it a point that Grigori the main dragon for the game kidnaps your loved one forcing you to fight him and save them. Sounds like astory about love to me.

Final thoughts

Ultimately we should put down the controllers and just spend time with our soulmate, but in this modern age I would be willing to bet your soulmate might have some interest in playing a game your two with you just remember to listen to them and never assume causes you know what they say "it will only make a ass out of u and me." But what do you guys think please let me know in the comment section below I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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