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3 Games to Play During the Holidays With Your Children

Agnes Laurens is a writer, wife, and mother of three daughters.

What games to look for

What games do you want to look for? That is a question you probably ask yourself when you have children, or when you are organizing a children's party, or maybe babysitting. It is totally fine to get lost when you don't know what to do with children. And it is fine to let them find out what they want to play. But sometimes, it is good to have some options available for children when they come to you when they ask you what to do.

When you don't know what to choose. Here are three games I love to do with my children. Something with endless ways to fantasize, and some variations. And who knows with what kind of variations children come up with during the games!

Variations on playin with a football

Who doesn't want to play a game of football? Who doesn't play a game involved with a ball?

I know I love it, even I am an adult and even I get exhausted when I have played that game. Still, I love it and I love to variate with all the possibilities. So I know the children have a happy time.

With a football, you also can variate games and invent games whatever you want with a simple football.

Football game

What you need: a large lawn, a ball and at players.

Game 1: You can opt for a regular soccer game with the number of kids you have, and then divide them into equal groups. They play sweetly with the game for a while. Agree after how many points the groups will be shuffled.

Game 2: You can also opt for a variation in the football game. For example, choose that each player can play over twice with the foot, each time within twenty seconds. And if you don't immediately overplay, that team gets a penalty point or that team member has to stand aside for a minute and then play again.

Game 3: Another variation is to make a circle of all the children participating. Each child passes the ball to the one standing to the left of the player. And you can also do the other way around, play to the right.

Game 4: Stand with the group divided into two teams facing each other. You play zigzagging - so obliquely - the ball over and back from the last person to the other person. Do that four times, and then see how fast it goes and measure the time.

Water ball games

What you need: players, 1.5-litre bottles filled with water, a large lawn and buckets for each. Swimwear if needed.

Game 1: Stand in a circle of about 2 meters per person. Each person has a large bottle filled with water. No need for a cap. The person with the ball tries to knock the player on the right over his or her bottle. That person is obviously trying to protect the bottle. If the bottle does fall over, the bottle must be picked up again as soon as possible to prevent water loss.

Game 2: Stand straight across from each other, about five meters apart. A person facing each other in a straight line. Next to each person is a large bucket of water full to the brim. The idea is that a row starts to pass to the opponent opposite you. You try to get the ball into the other person's bucket, but the other tries to stop it so as not to get wet. Each time the ball enters the bucket, the thrower gets a point.

Football is the most important of the less important things in the world.

— Carlo Ancelotti

Building with Lego

I have good memories of building with Lego and Duplo. As a little kid, I prefer doing that (next to playing the violin), and not playing with dolls. I hated dolls, still hate them. Even though I had lots of fantasy - if the rare occasion happened when I played with dolls - I still hated it, probably I had nothing to do and I played with them.

So, Lego and Duplo were for me. These buildings I made often when I played with Duplo or Lego:

  • Building castles
  • Building houses with gardens
  • Building gardens
  • Building a playground
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I can imagine that boys and men won't make those buildings, but car races, football stadiums and other buildings they like could be made.

Kids can't build a marble statue at home. But I've had parents tell me that, after an exhibit, their kids immediately dug out their Lego kits and disappeared for three days.

— Nathan Sawaya

Crafting anything

Oh, crafting is what I did at school often, but at home too. I still love to do that when I have time at home, together with my children. At school I always was in the crafting class after school, even when I didn't make the best creations, it was the process of trying and seeing something 'homemade'.

Always coming home with something I made, and now seeing the creation my children made at school. I love to see what they made, and the meaning of their creation.

Well, all these creations the following, I haven't tried myself but will do in the future.

What to do with toilet paper

Do you collect lots of toilet paper cubes? Great, you can craft a lot with it. I made lots of paper dolls from toilet paper cubes. Or make a dollhouse of toilet paper cubes. Have you ever tried to make a house of toilet paper cubes?

Here are more amazing tips for crafting with toilet paper cubes.

What to do with wooden houses

Oh, I do love wood, and especially when you have hand made it. You could be so proud of yourself for doing so. That feel when you touch that wood when you have finished your house, and finish it with beautiful decorations. That feels amazing, and it looks so good when you see it all through your house.

Oh, here are more ideas for working with wood.

What to do with jars

When you love Halloween or other holidays, you always can make a theme related jar. Such as a jar for collecting money for your orchestra, sports team, or just for yourself when you want your new skates. But collecting it with your homemade jar feels amazing, and maybe people are more generous to give the money.

I saw some jars when children were ringing the door to collect the money, and I was hooked by their creativity. They made it for their school project. I was willing to give a bit more than usual.

This is a lovely site for more inspiration for making jars.

Pinterest ideas

I love ideas to make anything handmade, or just searching.

This search result on Pinterest is a great idea for crafters.

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© 2021 Agnes Laurens


Agnes Laurens (author) from The Netherlands on June 30, 2021:

Thanks a lot, Pamela, since I got children, I thought about it and done them a lot. Some people are very creative thinking about those things, and others need some help. That is why I wrote this article: to help those who are not so creative in thinking about games.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 30, 2021:

Your suggestions for games to play with your children are really good, Agnes. Thanks for sharing.

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