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20 Billion Wives: Tips and Tricks Guide

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20B Wives: Tips and Tricks

20B Wives: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever entertained the thought of marrying not just one but 20 billion wives? In Masukachi Inc.'s 20B Wives, you can marry all the wives in the world! Fascinating, isn’t it?

The road to marrying all 20 billion wives is actually short but laden with some obstacles. Do not worry though because nothing is impossible with love. Love is the answer, and it’s the reason this guide exists. Help yourself now and digest all the tips and tricks that you’ll ever need to conquer this game of love.

1. Always Tap

You got that right! For 20B Wives, tapping is life!

Tapping is the fastest way to gain love for most of the game. The love you gain from tapping—LPS (Love from Tapping)—can be increased by leveling your MR (Marriage Requests). The higher the level of your MR, the more LPS you get.

If you want to finish this game quickly and unlock all the secret illustrations, then tapping maniacally is the best way to do it.

2. Check your Achievements

Players often overlook the Achievements Section of this game. Mind you, this section isn’t only a place that showcases all of your achievements. It exists for a grander reason, and that is—to provide you more LPT!

Each time you unlock an achievement, LPT bonuses await! You have to manually tap on them though. Every achievement gives you +20% LPT. Neat, huh?

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3. Leave the 20B Wives Application Open

If for some reason you get tired of tapping, there’s another good way for you to keep the love flowing, and that is—leaving the application open!

By leaving the application open for hours on end, you won’t have to do anything anymore. Love will continue to flow as long as the application is open. This method can save you a lot of time—at the cost of your battery draining a lot faster.

4. Shower your Wives with Gifts

All wives love gifts—and the wives of 20B Wives are no exception! In order to get more LPS (Love per Second), you have to give gifts to your wives and make them fall in love with you even more.

It’s a give-and-take relationship. You give gifts, they give you more LPS. And the more LPS you get, the more wives you can marry.

5. Watch Ads and Get MRX3s

MRX3s have the power to temporarily increase your LPT by three times its original effect! And the good news is—they cost you nothing! All you have to do is watch advertisements and you’ll get MRX3s. You can only do this a few times a day so be sure you take advantage of this feature.

6. Don’t Play the Bonus Game

In 20B Wives, there’s this little feature called “BONUS!” that’s hidden in the History Section. Don’t let it fool you because it’s actually not worth it! It gives you the chance to pick one treasure chest from the four provided treasure chests every day. Their contents are as follows:

  • Treasure Chest 1: +10% Wives (Love)
  • Treasure Chest 2: +50% Wives (Love)
  • Treasure Chest 3: -10% Wives (Love)
  • Treasure Chest 4: -50% Wives (Love)

See, it’s a gamble—and it’s a 50-50 percent chance gamble! It’s totally not worth it. And going by experience, I usually picked the losing treasure chests. If you want to win this game fast, it’s wise to steer clear of this “BONUS!” feature.

7. If You Are Willing To Spend, Buy Some Wifeplus!

The only item that can be purchased in the game with real cash is the Wifeplus. The effect of this item is to permanently increase LPS by 20%. You can buy as many Wifeplus drinks as you want. Just keep in mind that its effect cannot go above 1000% increase in LPS.

If you get a hold of this luxurious item, then finishing the game won’t be a chore at all. You don’t have to buy it though if you don’t want to. It’s more like a charity item. If you want to finish the game fast or want to donate some funds to the game’s amazing developers, then buying a wifeplus is the right decision.

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