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10 Nintendo Gamecube Games That Will Give You Nostalgia

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GameCube was truly a shining moment in Nintendo's history. Even though the construct of the console itself was just a simple cube, it featured some of Nintendo's best work to spite not being as prevalent as the PS2 and not having the computing power of the Xbox. And while it never had heaps of games, in this case, it was always quality over quantity. GameCube hosted some of the very best installments for several franchises like Zelda and Mario. That is why, even seventeen years later, many seasoned gamer's still have a little place in their hearts for Nintendo GameCube.


10. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario was truly the very first of its kind in the gaming world. While at first glance, it looks to players like the same simple visual style from the N64, they are soon shocked to find there is much more to this game's surroundings than it seems. This unique visual style consists of blending 3D environments with 2D characters to make them look as if they are made of paper. At different points in the game, Mario is able to use these special paper abilities to fold himself into a boat or even an airplane to overcome obstacles.


9. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a game anyone could sit and play for hours while thinking about absolutely nothing. Gamers can take a break and enjoy their own personal little town where the most stressful thing they have to worry about is delivering a letter sometimes. The rest of their time is spent doing things such as fishing and chatting with their fuzzy neighbors. Other charming features include mini games, multiplayer and having the ability to connect consoles together. Via a cable, a Game Boy Advance can link to a GameCube and then players are rewarded with special items and perks through the game.


8. Super Smash Bros. Melee

The premise for Super Smash Bros. Melee is pure genius, Nintendo took every beloved world-renowned icon they had and threw them into an arena creating the ultimate death match. Gamers and their friends can choose to duke it out in multiplayer or they could play single-player for a classic side-scrolling adventure. They can even unlock an "All-Star Mode" where they must defeat every single solitary character in the game with only three health potions between battles, if they really wanted a challenge. Nintendo fans can also collect “trophies” throughout the game that unlocks even more playable characters to choose from.


7. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is a beautifully made spin off of the popular series created with the same enchantingly artistic vision and magical aesthetic as the original. What really makes this game different from the initial series is that it's a old fashioned hack and slash RPG. Crystal's most marketable aspect is it's multiplayer. Which unfortunately requires four Game Boy Advances in order to play and yet still makes for a unique gaming experience. The only major issue is that the single player is not even close to being as entertaining as the multiplayer but even so, it's still pretty enjoyable.


6. Mario Kart: Double Dash

Even though Mario Kart: Double Dash was the fourth sequel to be released in the racing series, it was still given rave reviews when it launched. It's most distinct highlight that sets it apart is having two characters per car. With this useful addition, passengers can pick up items or even use their own specialized abilities to wreck other drivers. Since the first game provided hidden roads and shortcuts to let players win extremely easily, Double Dash stripped them of these advantages but in return gave them faster speed and more dynamic turns to make winning more of a challenge.


5. Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online is a groundbreaking live action RPG that was originally made for the Sega Dreamcast. Enhanced with a plethora of extra content and new challenging levels, a player's main objectives is to customize their avatar and collect items while they explore the uncharted planet of Ragol. When online, players team up with their friends to complete dungeon-like areas called "environments" in order to earn super rare loot and double experience points. But in contrast to the title's name, it is actually possible to play offline and with friends as well by using the four player split screen mode.


4. Wario World

Just like any well known Mario game, Wario World's gameplay centers on fighting enemies and collecting coins. But in this story, players fight as the anti-hero, Wario, as he bashes his way through four strange worlds in order to take back control of his castle from an evil gem called Black Jewel. Each world consists of two levels and a major boss fight. Even still, in order to advance, players must find a certain number of red diamonds per level. The only downside about this game is that it's so short, that gamers could play through it in an afternoon.

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3. Pokémon Colosseum

When Pokémon Colosseum launched in 2003, Pokémon fans who had played the handhelds religiously as kids, couldn't wait to get this latest installment of the series. However, unlike in Ruby and Sapphire where players catch Pokémon by walking through the tall grass, here there are no random encounters, instead trainers begin with two Pokémon and obtain more throughout by stealing them from other rivals. What's also different, is that nearly all fights are double battles. Colosseum features a first player story line, two smaller battle modes, and "Gang Battle" option where up to four players can compete against each other.


2. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was a drastic overhaul from what Nintendo had been doing with the franchise before. They had replaced the familiar dark green forests and exchanged them for endless blue oceans. A significant portion of the game is spent sailing from island to island. The great sea has it's own share of obstacles while navigating forty-nine ocean sections, each containing their own island to explore. But also, just like in all the other Zelda games, there are plenty of dungeons, big bosses, the main quest and a variety of little side quests to complete.


1. Super Mario Sunshine

Standard for all the Mario games, Super Mario Sunshine keeps a lot of the gameplay elements of its predecessor while adding new ones such as a new robotic backpack that shoots water. It allows Mario to clean up goop, attack enemies, and even give him a needed boost to reach higher places. Also as a nod to their classic roots, Mario will sometimes come across an egg that hatches everyone's favorite little dino, Yoshi. Yoshi can be ridden upon (of course) and can attack enemies by spitting juice or by using his tongue to reel them in and eat them.

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Cassidy N (author) from North Carolina on October 14, 2020:

Thanks for commenting! To reply to Amy: I'm so happy you enjoyed it! When I was a kid, while my brothers had Xbox and PlayStation, I was given a GameCube which I personally think I was the winner in that decision. Wario World was pretty epic, but have to say Pokémon Colosseum was my all time favorite but then again I have a Pokémon tattoo on my leg. So I guess you could say I'm a bit of a fan. Haha.

To reply to Mmbb2maria:

Unfortunately I don't know a lot Spanish so I ran your comment through google translate because I just had to know what this said. Now I know sometimes google translate gets it wrong so someone let me know if it's off:

Really remembering them is very sad because they are games that marked a generation but we must not forget that the games that amused one generation cannot be the same ones that amuse others; I think Nintendo has given fun to all generations and all their games have been fun

Now I'm not entirely sure if you can read this comment or not but I wanted to reply. I agree whole heartedly with you. I can think of several games that just came from Nintendo this year that could be someone nostalgic game one day. I did write this using my own beloved games that I had a kid back in early 2000s. So now I'm wondering if I should rename the article to make it more understandable that it was written with the 2000s in mind. I'm leaning towards changing it but I'd love some feedback on the idea from anyone who's read this article.

Thanks again for commenting!

Amy on October 13, 2020:

Thanks for sharing such an interesting article. Wario world was one of my favourite games.

Mmbb2maria on October 13, 2020:

Realmente recordarlos es muy triste por qué son juegos que marcaron una generación pero no hay que olvidar que los juegos que divertieron a una generación no pueden ser los mismos que diviertan a otros ;creo nintendo a dado diversión a todas las generaciones y todos sus juegos han sido divertidos

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