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100 Free Fun Trivia Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.


If you're looking for a challenging set of 100 lively questions for your pub or social group quiz, here's the place!

The questions cover a wide range of subjects, and the answers are given in bold italics next to each question for your convenience.

Feel free to print this page if you wish.


1) Which kind of food did Oliver Twist ask for more of? Gruel.

2) Doric, Corinthian and Ionic are all types of what? Architectural columns.

3) What is acetic acid more commonly known as? Vinegar.

4) Name the two brothers who formed 1960s pop group The Kinks. Ray and Dave Davies.

5) Which goddess gave her name to breakfast cereal? Ceres.

6) The human breast bone is also known as what? Sternum.

7) Name the English teams taking part in the first inter-county cricket match in 1709. Kent and Surrey.

8) What sort of creature is a miller's dog? A fish.

9) Which meat is traditionally associated with the festival of Easter? Lamb.

10) Which type of bean is used to make baked beans? Haricot.


11) Name the two singers who died within weeks of recording TV shows with David Bowie. Marc Bolan and Bing Crosby.

12) On which animal would you find a parson's nose? Chicken.

13) Actor and cake baker Jane Asher is married to which famous cartoonist? Gerald Scarfe.

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14) Which contemporary artist exhibited various animals in tanks of formaldehyde? Damien Hirst.

15) In which Italian city would you find Harry's Bar? Venice.

16) Name the record chosen to launch Richard Branson's Virgin label? Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

17) Name the southernmost part of the British Isles. Lizard Point.

18) What do a.m. and p.m. stand for? Ante meridiem and post meridiem.

19) What kind of animal was the first to be domesticated? Dog.

20) A health food for psychiatric patients was first developed in 1906 by which company? Kellogg.


21) Who was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984? Indira Gandhi.

22) Name the first BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Christopher Chataway.

23) What is believed to be the world's oldest city? Damascus.

24) In British politics, who were the SDP's gang of four? Shirley Williams, David Owen, William Rodgers and Roy Jenkins.

25) A human collar bone is also known as what? Clavicle.

26) What was Long John Silver's parrot called? Captain Flint.

27) Which imaginary lines encircle Earth parallel to the Equator? Latitude lines.

28) Name the man who shot American President Ronald Reagan in the hope of favourably impressing Jodie Foster. John Hinkley.

29) What colour is the ribbon on a Victoria Cross? Maroon.

30) What do an X chromosome plus a Y chromosome add up to? A boy.


31) Name the famous film which featured RIck's Cafe. Casablanca.

32) If the term livestock refers to farm animals, what then is dead stock? Farm equipment.

33) Who recorded the first official maximum break in snooker in 1955? Joe Davis.

34) Who did Hamlet order to get to a nunnery? Ophelia.

35) In the punk band Sex Pistols, what was Sid Vicious's legal name? John Simon Ritchie.

36) Which century saw the introduction of potatoes in Britain? 16th century.

37) Name the modernised traditional dance first aired at the 1994 European Song Contest. Riverdance.

38) Where, on Earth, did Superman originally live? Smallville.

39) Which side allegedly fired the first shot in the American Civil War? The Confederacy.

40) What are the first five books of the Bible known as? The Pentateuch.


41) Who closed his nightly diary entries with the phrase, "And so to bed"? Samuel Pepys.

42) Which TV show had its characters regularly meet in New York Central Park's coffee bar? Friends.

43) What was the only thing left inside Pandora's box? Hope.

44) Deoxyribonucleic acid is more usually known as what? DNA.

45) In the children's TV show, "Postman Pat," what colours were Jess? Black and white.

46) What is the collective name for a group of judges? A bench.

47) Cordelia, Regan and Goneril were the daughters of which fictional king? King Lear.

48) Who invented the aqualung? Jacques Cousteau.

49) Which natural feature is shared by Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan? River Nile.

50) What does a gynocrasy describe? Matriarchal rule.


51) How many sheets of A4 paper could be taken from one sheet of A0? 16.

52) Name the two brothers who acted in a film about the criminal Kray twins. Gary and Martin Kemp.

53) For another point, name the pop group which the Kemp brothers were members of. Spandau Ballet.

54) Name the French actor who starred in "Monsieur Holut's Holiday". Jacques Tati.

55) Name the author of "Look Back in Anger". John Osborne.

56) Which romantic British poet was a hero of the Greek War of Independence? Lord Byron.

57) Which American mountain has been carved with the faces of former presidents? Mount Rushmore.

58) Who claimed it is impossible to be too rich or too thin? Wallis Simpson.

59) The Greek and Roman solar deities shared what name? Apollo.

60) Who claimed that "morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we dislike"? Oscar Wilde.


61) What was the ship's name used on Charles Darwin's voyages of discovery? The Beagle.

62) Name the famous golfer who initiated the US Masters tournament. Bobby Jones.

63) In cricket, where are the Ashes displayed? Lord's museum in England.

64) Which two pop stars died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly? Richie Valens and The Big Bopper.

65) Name the American family in which three generations of actors have all won Oscars. The Houstons, (Walter, John and Angelica).

66) In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, what is the name for a state of unity with God? Nirvana.

67) To what kind of footwear did the Irishman Arthur Wellesley give his name? Wellington boot.

68) What type of hat was invented in Ecuador? Panama hat.

69) Name the tune allegedly composed by King Henry VIII. Greensleeves.

70) How many stomachs do cows have? Four.


71) What was the British Royal Family's surname before they changed it to Windsor? Saxe-Coburg.

72) In the board game Monopoly, what colour is Mayfair? Dark blue.

73) Name the Dutch artist who once shared a home and studio with Frenchman Paul Gauguin? Vincent van Gogh.

74) Which ingredient turns curry yellow? Turmeric.

75) Name the author of the biography "Goodbye to All That". Robert Graves.

76) For another point, how old was Robert Graves when he wrote "Goodbye to all That"? 34.

77) Which sport features The Laurels and Scurry Gold? Horse racing.

78) Which colour would litmus paper turn if dipped in acid? Red.

79) What line is found along the side of a ship? Plimsoll line.

80) Name the Greek philosopher who believed that movement was caused by a god. Aristotle.


81) What is Chicago's nickname? Windy City.

82) The TV show "Pot Black" helped popularise which sport? Snooker.

83) According to singer Paul Simon, how many ways are there to leave a lover? 50.

84) What was Jacques Cousteau's ship called? Calypso.

85) What was Billy the Kid's real name? Henry McCarty.

86) Who wrote "Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Go Out in the Midday Sun)"? Noel Coward.

87) Name the organ which produces insulin in the human body. Pancreas.

88) In which country stands the ancient city of Petra? Jordan.

89) What was the name of the medieval house used by Scots kings who visited London? Scotland Yard.

90) Where is the Sea of Tranquility located? Moon.


91) Which golf major did Arnold Palmer not win? US PGA.

92) Which drink claims to be the real thing? Coka Cola.

93) John Parr's song "Man in Motion" was the theme to which 1980's film? St Elmo's Fire.

94) Invented in China in 1916, how many characters could the Hou-Kun Chow Tong-Zhi typewriter create? 4000.

95) Which Italian dessert name translates as "pick me up"? Tiramisu.

96) What is Vladimir Heavy Draught? A breed of Russian horse.

97) Juniper berries are used to make which drink? Gin.

98) Who was killed on the Ides of March? Julius Caesar.

99) Who built and owned Skibo Castle in Sutherland, Scotland? Andrew Carnegie.

100) How many members of the Rolling Stones have their been? 7.

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© 2018 Adele Cosgrove-Bray


RedElf from Canada on April 05, 2018:

Awesome article - good thing you supplied the answers - I'd still be Googling some of those questions.

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