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10 Ways of making money in Pre-Searing Guild Wars

guild Wars

There's much more to the game Guild Wars past pre-searing (the tutorial part of the game), yet theres a community of players that never leave it. Pre has a charm of it's own compared to the rest of Prophecies and other campaignes. Pre is small and easy to solo, but most of all, it's the helpful nature of the people that remain there. It isn't without it's share of trolls and whatnot, but you'll notice a big difference in the attitudes and helpfullness of the players. The March 3rd 2011 update gave players another reason to stick around - for a little while at the least. They've made it easier to achieve the title Legendary Defender of Ascalon (reaching level 20 in Pre) which was once a very tedious and near impossible title to get. They introduced daily Vanguard quests that upon completion give you 1000xp. This update also made getting the title Survivor possible to get in Pre. Whether you're just here for titles or staying permanently, you might as well make a bit of gold while you're here.

1.)First and foremost is Nicholas Sandford and his Gifts of the Hunter. Each account is entitled to receiving what we call GOTH's. They are gifts that you trade to Nicholas for 25 of his daily desired item. The gifts can be opened and items from it can be used towards other titles such as Sweet tooth, Drunkard and Party animal. Should you choose not to open them (which makes them easier to sell), you can sell the gifts for 320-350 gold each. Some people choose to open the gifts and sell the items. This will get you more gold in the long run, however you'll probably spend more time finding buyers. If you're patient and don't mind standing around selling things for a while, then this is definitely the way to go. You can get 5 gifts per day, per account.

2.)This next way may be going a bit far, but it definitely is a great way to make gold. Some people in game have multiple accounts. This equates to getting many GOTHs every day and really racking up. This isn't for everyone though, as you'll have to purchase many accounts.

3.)Next to this is farming. Anyone can farm, but if you are low level, this is a great way to level up as well by farming for the items that Nicholas wants. Aside from visiting the Northlands, Low level players will gain the most XP by farming in Wizard's folley with Icy and Hulking Stone Elementals that are level 3. There are many players that either have too many accounts to farm for themselves, or are just lazy and prefer to buy the items. If you don't wish to own several copies of the game, then farming for others is a good way to make gold. You'll need to stock up for yourself, but any excess can be sold. All stacking drops in pre are "Nick items" except for spider webs, Charr hides and crafting materials. Save your crafting materials. Only salvage the "highly salvageable" items and once you get a stack (250) then you can sell it or you can mule it over to post with a new character or pay someone to mule it over for you and sell it there. Crafting materials are pretty useless in pre aside from the occasional iron ingot or wood plank.

4.)GM'ing (Gate Monkey or Gate Master) is someone who opens the gate to the Northlands. More experienced players like to farm in the Northlands to kill Charr bosses in hopes for good drops. The gate needs someone to pull the lever, and someone else to run through the gate. A typical payment for a GM is 100 gold or a random dye. There's also a flower on the way that you may get. This is great for new players to do to get enough money to buy much needed Charr bags (2 of them gets you 20 extra storage spaces) and whatever else you wish to buy. It takes all of one minute to GM someone, and people are looking for GM's all of the time.

5.)Once you have enough XP under your belt, Charr hunting is the next step. Leave it until about level 7 and try to get your armor prepared with runes and insignias. This is where you'll need a GM to make your way into the Northlands. There are many Charr that drop purple weapons which sometimes can have pretty valuable properties on them such as sundering and Charrslaying. Max Charrslaying (18%) on a bow, axe, sword or hammer is worth anywhere from 500,000 gold to 100,000 depending on how patient you are at selling and finding the right buyer. The lower % Charrslaying mods are valuable as well. Charrslaying on a staff isn't worth much as casters don't use their weapons as often as their spells. Fortitude (+28 health) is more helpful to these players. The Charr also drop runes and insignias. A good handful of these are valuable, especially Vigor and minor fire. When you reach the Charr bosses, they can drop Charr bags and Charr kits. These days, Charr kits alone go for 10,000 gold. Charr kits are the only gold drop in pre.

6.)Now that you're Charr hunting, one thing you can do is to offer to power level. This is when you take lower level players along with you so they can gain experience from the Charr. This usually can get you about 500 gold per run for something you're probably already doing anyway. The terms are as you choose, but usually go as such : Powerleveling for 500g per run, and you get to keep any good drops. If you're level 16 or over, you'll get no XP from the Charr. Make sure to settle the rules before going. If you want to keep all the drops, say so in your ad before taking someone in. Not everyone is going to be honest. Some people will agree to your terms of you keeping all drops, but then if something good drops like a black dye or a Charr kit, they can take it and run. You'll come to expect it at times unfortunately, but for the most part, people seem to be pretty honest about it. After level 9, there isn't anything outside of the northlands that can level you up. Level 10 is when players can start doing the Vanguard quests, so people are always looking for someone to help them level to that point as Charr hunting can still be challenging alone.

7.)Minipets usually come from opening your birthday gifts. Once your character has reached an anniversary, you'll receive a birthday present that opens into a minipet or for 6th year gifts so far, an Everlasting tonic. Trading minipets is an easy way to gold in your pocket. Buying low and selling higher. This method takes patience for selling, but can have a good turnout with making gold. Unopened gifts are more valuable, but you could be selling something rare. Not as likely, but not impossible. It's a gamble.

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8.)Some people like to dye farm and dye trade to make money. In my experience, dye farming isn't a fast way to make gold, but some people like to do it. Dye trading seems to be more effective. As dye farming goes, there's a quest called Bandit raid that you should have loaded. From Ashford Abbey, run outside to the whole bunch of bandits. They will swarm you, and you can use whatever skill that hurts enemies ajacent to each other. Preferably fire storm if you have it. This kills everything at the same time, and you pick up your items and dyes and start over. If you have ranger skills, leave your pet behind. If you have an imp, don't summon him until after the bandits are dead. You want the bandits to swarm only you so you can pick them off at the same time. Black dyes are the most valuable, as they are the rarest drop and most desired of dyes. Players use black dyes as currency to buy expensive things such as higher priced minipets or tonics. Dye traders also buy dyes cheap and sell higher. Players that don't bother with dyes just want to get rid of them. Post an ad looking to buy any colour dye for 25 gold or so, people will flock to you.

9.)When holidays come along, there are special holiday drops. In March, when Guild Wars reaches it's birthday, birthday cupcakes drop at random. Trick or Treat bags at halloween, Four leaf clovers and grog ales at St. Patrick's day, Chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs at Easter and so on. These items drop along with your kills, so this is a great time to be farming. Like the dye farming method, have "The Bandit Raid" quest open and kill the bandits over and over. This is the fastest way to farming holiday drops. If you haven't completed the quest "The Worm Problem", then there will be extra worms for you to kill that pop up all in a circle. It's worth your while to kill the worms as well, since they are all in around the same spot.

10.)It's much easier to make gold in post than in pre. The ratio lays around 2:1 or 2.5:1. If you have wealth in post, you can offer to exchange it for pre gold. A typical trade would be 3 Ectos for 1 Black dye, or 2,000-2,500 post gold for 1,000 pre gold. Be sure to take screen shots as you trade, or use a trade monitor. This is a mutually trusted player to make the trade in pre while you and the person you're trading with makes trade in post. It makes trading safer and easier. If you didn't use a trade monitor, and the other player ran off with your things if you traded your things with them first. You can report scammers like this to Anet and they will get banned. However, you don't get your things/gold back. Tip trade monitor!

Pre tips:

If you plan on staying in pre, don't complete the quests "Bandit raid" and "The Worm Problem"

When you begin solo Charr hunting, be sure not to complete the quest "Across the Wall". When you enter the Northlands, you can get Ben Wolfson to accompany you in fighting the Charr. He's only level 5 but he holds his own pretty well and serves as a tank to keep the damage off you. As long as you don't lead him back to the gate, the quest will stay open. Once you feel you can solo without too much trouble, then finish the quest if you like.

Some things are more valuable in post than in pre. One thing that you can do is to have a "mule toon" that you can fill their bags with random things to bring over to post, drop off the things in your chest, then delete the character and start over. Crafting materials and Soul Reaping runes are good to bring over. Fill your bags with Soul Reaping runes and whatever stacks of crafting materials Watch the market for these things. Visit the rune traders and watch the price fluctuate. When Soul Reaping reaches 4,000 gold or close to it, mule it over and sell them. You'll make an easy 100k+ gold.

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