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6 Tips and Tricks to Win in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PCs, and PlayStation 4 devices available now, FALL GUYS is a free game to play. You've certainly seen the colourful, amorphous, bean-shaped people from Fall Guys, scrambling over race courses. It became a sensation back in 2020. The fast-paced battle royal has been purchased by Epic Games, famously known for Fortnite, and the free version launched in June with millions of players.

Becoming the last bean remaining is the goal of Fall Guys, a series of largely random minigames. You might have to outlast your other players and beat your rivals by overcoming challenging hurdles and racing to the finish line. There are up to sixty players. Only one will conquer. If you're new or not these tips and tricks will help you rack up crowns.


1. Plan out your Jumps

Although it may be simple to focus simply on moving toward your goal, you shouldn't discount the other features that are offered in the game. Let's jump. A well-timed jump can assist you in moving forward in a crowd, and cross the finish line milliseconds before you would be disqualified.


2. Don't Forget to Grab your Opponents

If you ever want to climb over walls or on ramps, you'll need to perfect the grabbing technique. Even though the timing can be challenging, try and you'll quickly master it. Even other players can be grabbed to prevent them from succeeding.


3. Time your Dive

It's ridiculous that Fall Guys physics is goofy. You will discover that you gain momentum, making it difficult for you to go around obstacles. In these situations, diving is crucial in Fall Guys. Try it it may save your life

When attempting to escape hazards like hammers in motion or fan blades, diving is also helpful. If you time it just so, you can launch your body forward, narrowly avoiding the moving obstacle which would've sent you flying into space.

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4. Be Patient

To not get stuck in a loop, where you keep running into the same obstacles that knock you. You need to change up your timing or move at your own pace to dodge some obstacles will be quicker in the long run than sprinting to your demise at peak speed, even though your present minigame may actually be a race.


5. Tips on Beating Fall Guys Levels

To advance to the next rounds, you must complete certain challenging stages. Here are several strategies for passing these particular levels:

Hit Parade: In order to squeeze through the spinning panels once you get there and be in a great spot to get through the center gate, stay to the borders of the panels in alignment with the sides of the yellow blocks. When the balls are swinging, keep an eye on their route and slow down to allow the next one to pass. Avoid stopping in the path of another ball, though, as you can get hit and fall off the sides.

Slime Climb: You can skip a few sections of this course by, for example, leaping on the first yellow triangle to jump up to the next ramp, hopping up through the opening by the first purple sliding block, and jumping up out of the slick goo to the final sliding blocks portion. As you sprint toward the finish line, keep moving ahead and be aware of the swinging balls.

Tip Toe: Maintain a position near the middle of the group, but do not take the lead. instead, let your opponents run through the tiles. When the finish line is in sight, though, be prepared to sprint to it. If you fall off remain calm and be ready to quickly find your way back, try to recall as much of the path you followed as you can. A connected path of nearby tiles must always exist, so if you notice that the other tiles shake that means you have to travel to the next tiles. The solid path may include uneven tiles, but watch out for trembling tiles as they are the ones that will drop.


6. Remember to Have Fun!

With its wacky jelly bean characters battling to outlast other players and win, Fall Guys is an entertaining game. The key to winning the game is to have fun playing it with your friends and family.

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