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10 Strategies on How to Win Words with Friends

How to Play Words with Friends

How to Play Words with Friends

Are you looking for effective strategies to win Words with Friends? Do you always end up a loser and you feel you need to do something to end this malady?

In this hub, I will share with you 10 strategies on how to win Words with Friends. I assume that you already played the game, and you need some tips and tricks to beat your opponent.

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now. My curiosity and eagerness to learn are the reasons why I research about this topic. I read a lot of topics about the tips, tricks and strategies in Words with Friends, and I compiled the 10 most effective strategies in playing the game.

I am using these strategies and I found all of them to be effective in getting the points that I am aiming for. Some players may use word solver tools like Words with Friends Cheat, but I believe that if you master these strategies it will be easier for you to dominate the game.

What is Words with Friends?

For the benefit of those who haven’t played this game, I will give you a quick background. Words with Friends is a popular word game application which is almost similar with Scrabble. You can play this game using your iPhones, Android gadgets, and even on your Facebook. The main goal of the game is to score the most number of points. If you play Scrabble, it would not be hard for you to adjust the game because they operate on almost the same mechanics. However, there are still a number of modifications, which you can discover as you become more familiar with the game.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends

Form Parallel Words

Try to create parallel words on the existing words on the board. In this way, you create multiple points, one for the existing word and another for the new word. You can also double or triple your points if you use the bonus squares.

Master the Art of Hooking

Hook one or two letters on the existing word to form another word. Say for example adding letter P to AGE will form the word PAGE. Then, when you pluralize the word by adding S, so you can form the word PAGES.

Use S and Y Properly in Hooking

As mentioned above, you can use the letter S to pluralize the word. But aside from S, the letter Y is also an effective letter that you can use for hooking. So make sure, to use these two letters properly because you can take advantage of them to increase your points dramatically.

Swap Letters if You Really Need To

There are some things that you need to consider before swapping any letters. You can swap your letters only if your tile consists of all vowels and you will not have any chance of scoring any high point letters but as much as possible refrain from swapping so you won’t regret it.

Use Two-letter Words

Using two-letter words is one of the best strategies in gaining more points. Most of the two-letter words consist of the tough letters like Q, J, X, and Z. By forming two-letter words, you can easily get rid of the tough letters. In fact, there are around 130 two-letter words that are acceptable in Words with Friends. You will surely have a great advantage, if you know a number of these letters which includes QI, XI, HO, OX and ZA.

Use Blocking Letters

One of the most useful letters to block your opponent in forming words is to use the letters C and V. There are no any two-letter words that start with C or V, so you can use these as blocks so your opponent will not be able to score on the bonus squares.

Words with Friends Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat

Group the Prefixes and Suffixes

Group your letters according to prefixes and or suffixes. Look into your letters and put ATE, ER, ED, IER, PR, TION, TR, TH, ST and so on to one side. Try to look a word where you can add these letters. Who knows you may end up forming a bingo word which will give you an additional 35 points.

Form Bingo

Bingo refers to the seven-letter word that you can form in one turn. If you are able to form a bingo word, you can get bonus points plus additional points if you land it on the double or triple square. If in case, you only have one letter left to form a bingo, don’t wait too long for that letter to come, or else you may lose more points.


Block your opponent if they still have another opportunity to score using a high value letter, and you can’t use it.

Use the Premium Squares

Don’t let the premium square available for your opponent. Grab the opportunity of using it even if you score a bit lower. If you will let the chance pass, your opponent may have an opportunity to use it.

Using Words with Friend Cheat

Some people are tempted to plug in their letters to word solver applications like Words with Friends Cheat. Actually, there are many word solver app online solely for this game. Using them to cheat in the game is not healthy. The key note here is to play smart and fairly. Better to use the word solver tools as a means to know more strategies on how to play a particular move, so you won’t rob the fun and excitement in the game.

How to Win Words with Friends (RAP VIDEO)

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Bonus strategy. Do not, under any circumstances, play it on an airplane. There's a built in feature where a flight attendant will kick you off the plane, causing an automatic loss.

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