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7 Reasons Why Inscryption Is One of the Best Video Games Ever

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E.B. Black is a nerd girl who loves games of all kinds, including tabletop RPs, board games, and video games.

After watching Markiplier play Inscryption for only a couple of minutes, I knew that I had to play the game, too. I was addicted to watching him, but a big part of the game is about making your own choices. I wanted to build my own deck and see how the story would unfold for me.

That's when my obsession started.

I've always loved video games, but only a few of them draw me in so much that I'm still thinking about them and wishing to play them more while dealing with my other life responsibilities.

This game was that good, so I decided to make a list of seven reasons why it was so enjoyable. I want to encourage other people to play it, too.

***No Spoilers***

This articles contains zero spoilers because I don't want to ruin the playing experience for anyone.

1. The Atmosphere

Nothing is explained when you start playing the game. You're just suddenly trapped in this dark room with this creepy guy. It is absolutely horrifying, but also draws you in.

It kind of reminded me of playing Dungeons and Dragons because you're playing a card game and using a game board to imagine you're going on a journey where you fight various creatures.

The guy you are playing against also acts a lot like a Dungeons Master, but everything the two of you do has consequences outside the game, which makes the whole thing exciting and intriguing.


2. The Storyline

There are lots of games with predictable storylines where you can guess what might happen next, but I'd never seen anything like this game. I had no idea what the point of anything was or where it was going to lead to until the pieces all began to fall together.

Things that don't seem to matter in the beginning suddenly become big deals later on. Everything winds up having more significance than you ever thought possible.

3. The Mystery

Because you are trapped in this room with this creepy guy, you know something has gone horribly wrong. It's like you're cursed, but you can't put your finger on what is going on exactly.

Yes, the guy you are playing cards with seems unhinged and enjoys throwing random real violence into the game here and there.

Yet he doesn't do anything outright sinister. A lot of the violence he tricks you into were because of decisions you made on your own, so no matter how you try to put the pieces together, it's a mystery trying to figure out who he is and what he wants.

Why did a guy who is this crazy lock you in a room if all he wants to do is play a card game?

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Why is everything so dark? Why does it seem like there are unknowns all around you?

The room you're trapped in seems to know more about what is going on than you do.

4. The Characters

All of the characters in this game are interesting. Every single one of them is unique. I became attached to all of them, even the "evil" characters.

I got so interested in all of them that I was very sad when I didn't get to spend more time with some of them. It felt like I'd been robbed.

5. The Deckbuilding

I enjoy deckbuilding games to some degree in real life, so I was acquainted with how deckbuilding works, but none have ever caught my attention the way this game has.

I've made decks in it over and over again. No two decks are ever the same.

The rules are easy to follow, but the decks contain so many possibilities that it never gets boring to play it.

Every game you play and move you make on the board modifies your deck in some way. You make choices, but also some things are out of your control. All of it makes the game impossible to stop playing.


6. The Plot Twists

Like I said, this game is extremely unpredictable. The plot twists shock you and leave you at the edge of your seat.

One plot twist was so dramatic that I got completely freaked out by the game and wanted to shut the whole thing down. I literally tried to rip my computer apart a bit in the process.

It is that good. It draws you in that much.

7. The Ending

The ending was long and satisfying. I felt emotional during it.

The suspense didn't let up until the very end. I was on a rollercoaster the whole time, up until the credits rolled.

These are the best kind of endings. That's why this is a great game that everyone should play.

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