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10 Monsters to Help You Get S Rank on World Boss in "Summoners War"


What Monster to Build for World Boss

Hello and welcome to my guide,

I'm going to keep this short and efficient. Some time soon I'll craft a full World Boss guide but today I'm going to just tell you which monsters you can build to quickly get that S rank or better. If you are wondering why this is important I'll give you a simple answer; Devilmons, Legendary Scrolls, Mana stones.

Devilmons and Legendary Scrolls drop more often at higher ranks and the Mana drops increase in size. So basically more resources.Treat World boss like the Tower of Ascension. It's a place to get good loot!

What types of Monsters are best for World Boss?

There's a lot that goes into how you score in World Boss. I could write 10,000 words and you might still be left scratching your head. So, here is what you need to know.

A Monsters stats (HP/Def/Speed/Att/Crit/ETC) Are combined to get a single value. Monsters with high stats will be more useful. Also Speed doesn't seem to count for as much as other stats so it's a little less important. It also goes without saying that reaching level 40 will help to. The higher the base star level of a monster the higher the base stats...usually.

A Monsters type can effect it's score. Because the World boss is a Fire/Water type Water will have an advantage and Light/Dark will score neutrally. So we'll be focusing on those types.

A Monsters skill level drastically changes it's score. Monsters that are easy to skill up are at an advantage but it's important to balance base star level with ease of access to skill ups.

This is a short summary that I hope gives you an understanding of how World Boss score works.



1.Sigmarus-Water Phoenix

First on the list is Sigmarus. It's a natural 5 star monster so you'll find it stats are on the higher end. It's also a fusion so you can control when you get it. If need be you could even fuse more for bonus skill ups but I think most players would agree this monster is worthy of using Devilmons on. It's water typing makes it a natural choice. While this is going to be the only Water nat 5 I suggest for world boss you can pretty much guarantee any you may pull while playing the game will be worth building.



2. Veromos-Dark Ifrit

Like Sigmarus, Veromos can be made once you have the correct pieces through fusion. As natural 5 star it will have good stats and is worthy of Devilmons. You can also use other Ifrit's bought from guild shop to skill Veromos up.

Note: If you are lucky enough to get Theomars (Water Ifrit) build it instead . Both are great monster but you will want a fully skilled Theomars before Veromos.



3.Jeanne- Light Paladin

This is the last fusion Monsters I will recommend. Like Veromos, Jeanne can be made at any time and will have good stats and a neutral element. She is however harder to skill up. Still she's a great monster every player should have anyway for pvp, TOA and Guild content. Some people would even say you should build her before Veromos but for the purpose of world boss she's just slightly behind.



4. Kahn-Water Griffon

The Water Griffon has the highest HP of any 3 star monster. He's also farmable. Kahn even has high HP when compared to 5 star monsters. The only real downside is you'll probably be using up your griffons on Spectra and Bernard. So you'll have a hard decision to make. Word Boss or anything else.



5. Tarq-Water Hellhound

Tarq is a great monster for adding points to your World Boss score fast. Being a 2 star monster it's stats are a little on the lower side. However if you are using the Faimon farming method to get all your monsters to max level you'll pick up quite a few of Tarq's brothers. Tarq can be max skilled in just a few hours and taken to level 40 quickly just using the fire Hellhounds that drop. It's likely the monster that can be put on your world boss team the fastest.

Tarq is also pretty useful. Think of it as a cheap and easy version of 2A Raoq.



6. Chilling- Water Jack-O-Lantern

Alright hear me out. Chilling is one of the natural 4 star monsters in the game and he should be a staple for every player. Doesn't matter if you want him for World Boss or Dragons or Guild Siege. His ability to strip constantly makes extremely useful.

Now the reason why he should be on your World Boss team may not be obvious to new players but seasoned veterans of Summoners War might have this figured out. Every year for the month of October (so far) we have gotten a Jack-O-Lantern Hall of Heroes. This means at least during October you can get 5-10 skill ups for Chilling with a little effort. You don't even need to feel bad about it because most of his family is not that good. This also means whenever you pull one you can just feed it to him guilt free.

To Recap, Nat 4 stats, easy skill ups, right element.

Not Lulu*


7. Lulu-Water Howl

Lulu isn't a monster I used myself but looking at her it's easy to see why she's become popular. A lot of players choose to build her and skip the Veromos fusion. She fills the roll just fine and is way easier to skill up. She's a 2 star so you'll get a lot of them naturally but in a pinch she can be farmed as well. Not much else to say here. Get her and level her quick and easy.



8. Luer-Water Phantom Thief

Luer is a monster most people forget about. He used to be popular in Dragons but now not so much. A recent update made Luer viable again. His second and third skills are always "Crushing Hits". Why is that important? Because Miho sucks. She's so common in guild content you may want to build Luer anyway as a solid counter.



9. Icaru- Water Inugami*

Tricaru is the trendy team right now and a lot of people are playing catch up to build this guy. If you run world boss like me your probably built him a long time ago. He only needs defence and a little accuracy/speed. He might also be one of the best looking mons in my opinion.

*Second Awakened monsters are only advised if you intend to fully skill them up. Read below for explanation.



10. Dagora-Water War Bear

Dagora is a lot of fun to play with. He's super easy to rune and he frustrated people like no other. He can also solo Dragon so there's that. Rune him for HP/Def, no matter how you get there he will do his job. Try him out with someone like Verad or Camilla for maximum annoyance.

*Second Awakened monsters are only advised if you intend to fully skill them up. Read below for explanation.

Second Awakened Monsters in World Boss

Second Awakened Monsters can be worse in World Boss. The reason is that the lose their skill ups, which is a large factor in the score. They do however gain a large portions of stats so after a few skill ups they will be better than they were before. Keep this in mind:

If you don't plan on maxing the monsters skill ups after 2A don't awaken it. It will score worse in World Boss.

Summing up World Boss Monsters

Each of the monsters I chose have their own reason for being on the list. If you don't have them already each one would be a useful add to your stable. There is plenty more monsters out there that can represent well in World Boss and just because it doesn't meet the criteria doesn't mean you shouldn't build it. Until you have 60 Max skilled level 40 monsters you don't need to be picky. Good luck and I'll see you at the top.