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10 Monster Strike Tips and Tricks

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Monster Strike is a fun pinball-style RPG that lets you collect, fuse and evolve Pokemon-like critters. The game’s fun “pull and release” mechanics has made it quite popular in Japan. Combining air hockey and Pokémon, this physics game does not disappoint at all and becomes quite addictive after a few rounds of play.

The game lets you choose a maximum of three monsters with one extra companion monster. Upon entering the battle arena, you will need to pull and release your critters at enemies to cause damage. The most exciting part of gameplay is the way monsters bounce around and bump into each other creating special “bump combos” making it easier to defeat multiple enemies with one single strike.

There are many levels to play, monsters to collect and rewards to earn in Monster Strike. Follow these basic tips and tricks to earn more bonus rewards and learn how to make the most of every critter to do maximum damage with one single strike.

1. Make the Most of Bump Combos


Learning how to take advantage of bump combos perfectly is winning half of the battle. For the uninitiated, a bump combo gets triggered when a monster touches another friendly monster. The one who gets “bumped” unleashes special attacks, laser beams, explosions and homing missiles. Use bounce-type monsters to trigger bump combos and plan your shot before launching the first monster. You can try these simple bump combo strategies:

  • Aim at friendly monsters closer to the enemy. Pull and release your critter. The monster will bump into its target and it will trigger a special attack that will hit the enemy.
  • Bounce a monster off a wall in such a way that it hits another monster.

Each monster has its own special bump combo attack style. To know what combo style your monster(s) possess, just tap on Monsters > Monsterpedia. Tap on a monster profile and then on the arrow below to expand. Alternatively, you can view a critter’s bump combo and strike shot via the Monster Box.

Most Red or fire monsters unleash a “Blast” bump combo special attack. Blue or Water monsters fire a laser beam and Green or Earth monsters unleash spread attacks. Most Purple and Yellow monsters unleash homing projectiles when a monster bumps into them.

2. Choose Your Starter Monster Wisely


Before choosing your starter monster, note down all 3 starter monsters’ vital stats (HP, Attack and Speed). To do this, tap on a critter’s profile pic under “Starting Monster”. The stats are shown at the lower-right corner of the profile.

To view another starter monster’s stats, just tap “No” under “Is This the Monster You Want”. If you tap “Yes”, then that monster will be yours forever and you won’t get to see another starter monster from the list. Note down the highest stat of the 3 stats of each monster Select the monster you think will have an edge on the battlefield. I chose the one having the highest attack points.

3. Special Power-Ups Restore HP and Boost Speed

Items such as winged boots, hearts and swords are special power-ups that appear frequently on the game board. You can pull-and-release the critter toward to the power-up to get special powers such as “Speed Up” (winged boots) and “HP Restored” (Heart).

Don’t try to aim at a power-up as soon as it appears – wait for it to become more powerful. The longer a special power remains untouched, the stronger it will be.

4. Pierce-Type Monsters Are Good Against Boss Monsters


There are two main types of critters in Monster Strike – Bounce-type and Pierce-type. The latter does not bounce off of enemies or friends - it just attacks and passes right through them. While Bounce-types are good for triggering bump combos, Pierce-type monsters should be used for targeting boss monsters. Use pierce-type critters to aim at the weak points (marked as stars) of a boss monster.

You get rewards in the form of treasure chests and coins for defeating a boss. If you defeat a boss in a few turns or before the turn limit, you get speed bonus. Collect rewards quickly by tapping on them. The quicker you are the more rewards you will collect.

5. Fuse Monsters to Boost Stats

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Fusing is a great way to level-up active monsters and improve their stats. Combining monsters of the same element yields more EXP (and other attributes) than if they are different. To fuse, go to Monsters > Fuse Monsters and select an active monster.

A good strategy would be to choose the stronger one as base monster. You can select your starter or the second strongest monster in your team. Tap on Continue. Next, tap on the empty slot below “Material Monsters” and choose spare monsters.

You may tap on a maximum of 4 spare monsters for the fusion procedure. Remember that fusing monsters cost gold. After selecting spare critters, check the total cost of gold, the EXP gain and the level. Press Ok once you are ready and then tap on Fuse.

6. Don’t Sell Morlings

Fusing with “Morlings” give a stats boost whereas combining base critter with Expie monsters give an EXP boost. Morlings are adorable creatures that can be fused with other critters to boost stats such as Speed, Attack and HP. Don’t sell them if you are planning for a big stats boost for your active monster. There are 3 types of Morlings – Mormites, Morquiks and Morlyfes (See screenshot below):


Mormites increase your active monster’s attack. Morquiks boost speed and Morlyfes boost HP.

7. How to Get Rare Eggs


A defeated boss monster or any other enemy monster randomly drops monster eggs among other goodies (such as stones). There’s no guarantee that randomly dropped eggs will hatch into rare or super rare monsters, although there is a slight chance of getting one.

You can go to the “Hatcher” to get some super powerful critters. But you will need “Orbs” for a free spin at the Hatcher. You can get Orbs by spending real money or by completing tasks (slow procedure but it is free). Go to Mission Log to get a list of rewards you will get after completing tasks like clearing maps, playing the same map in co-op mode, logging in 3-4 days total etc. Tasks get updated frequently.

The Friend Hatcher is another way to get your hands on powerful monsters. There are more chances of hatching a rare monster via the Friend Hatcher than any other method. You will need to play with your buddies to earn Friend Points. You can also earn Friend points as daily login bonus. You can use the hatcher once you have collected 100 friend points.

8. Replace Weak Critters with Stronger Ones

You can replace old critters with new powerful ones via Edit Teams. Go to Monsters > Edit Teams and tap on the profile pic of a critter. Choose the critter you feel will be fit for the job. Make sure your Main critter is the starter monster. Have those monsters in your team that have good speed and attack rate.

9. More Luck, More Rewards


Your monster’s “Luck” can earn you special bonus rewards at the end of each stage. You will receive bonuses like rare stones and eggs. The green four-leaf clover beside a critter’s level and the associated number shows luck. In solo missions, the only way to increase luck so far is to fuse together monsters of the same family.

Duplicates can increase luck, so don’t sell them. In single-player missions, a sub monster’s luck is not given any importance. The best option is to focus on the main monster’s luck and fuse duplicates to increase it. High luck boosts the chances of grabbing huge rewards after the end of each quest.

10. Additional Tips and Tricks

  • You can get a sure-shot orb as a “first clear bonus” if you clear all stages in a quest, but only for the first time. You won’t get another orb if you replay all stages.
  • In later stages, you will come across special “Damage Walls”. These walls can do immense damage to your cutesy critters. In such stages, make sure you have those monsters in your team that possess the “Nullify Damage Wall” ability.
  • Each critter possesses special “Strike Shots” that gets activated after a set number of turns are complete. Each monster has a unique strike shot. When the Strike Shot is ready, a monster’s profile glows. All you need to do is tap on the monster profile and then pull and release the same monster to unleash its strike shot.
  • Aim between two enemies and then bounce off between them to earn big combo bonuses.
  • You can sell monsters for gold coins. Go to Monsters > Sell and choose one or more than one critter. Selling rare monsters can earn you more gold. Try not to sell rare, duplicates of the main monster and Mormites. Duplicates can increase luck and mormites boost attributes.
  • You can view the number of “stoans” and sharls you have collected by accessing Monsters > View Catalysts. These special objects are used to evolve a monster. To do this, go to Monsters > Evolve. You will see a list of possible choices for evolution. Tap on a monster and check the required catalysts. To complete evolution, you will need all catalysts, gold and a monster’s level.
  • There are several advantages of playing with friends. There’s a higher item drop rate chance when playing co-op. Also, there are more chances of meeting rare monsters during co-op play than during single-player missions.

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johoben on May 26, 2015:

In point 2 you mention that you won't see the other starters again. I wanted to correct you on that. I have collected a couple of the fire and water monsters (water is the one I started with) in regular single player battles and 2 wood monsters from the friend drop.

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