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The 10 Craziest College Drinking Games


The college drinking game is the most ubiquitous of college activities. In case you're smashed and incoherent right now, that means that a lot of people in college drink.

There's no better way to get really drunk (warning: getting really drunk can result in getting really stupid, which can lead to stupid things, like falling off balconies and peeing your pants) than to play a drinking game. Really, there's no better way to bond with other drunk people than to play a drinking game. Drinking games bring the world together, develop friendships that last a few minutes, and form great college memories for the folks that are actually able to wake up the next day and remember those memories and who they spent their time with or where they were.

Culled from college campuses around my imagination, here are 10 of the craziest college drinking games being played right now.

(Please participate at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility for any reader's behavior or inability to distinguish reality from satire. If you cannot distinguish reality from satire, then stop drinking. If you attended college just for the drinking, you're either an idiot or an alcoholic. If you're stupid enough to actually try some of these games, well, that's on you.)


The key to this game is that the participants must commit to drinking the same drink for the entire duration of the game. Participants start drinking their drink of choice by the pint or other measurable amount depending on the alcohol content so things are fair. For each drink they take, they must consume an entire glass of water. So one person might consume a shot of whiskey followed by a glass of water while another consumes an entire beer followed by a glass of water.

The first person to go to the bathroom is dubbed "the urinator" and must lie on the floor in the middle of the room with their mouth open and blindfolded. As the other participants need to relieve themselves, they do so in the urinator's mouth. The urinator can then pass the torch to whoever pees in his or her mouth by correctly identifying the peeing person's alcohol of choice. If the correct alcohol is guessed, then the person who did the peeing becomes the urinator.

Technically, of course, the person peeing should always be the urinator, but nobody said drunk college kids were smart.


So how do you get drunk without actually drinking? Put the alcohol in your butt, of course. There's really nothing like seeing an entire fraternity with their pants down and tubes stuck in their butts with beers at the other end. It's just like a regular drinking game in that you're trying to see who can put the most beer in their butt. It's highly recommended that participants start with maybe half a glass of beer at at time because the alcohol is being absorbed directly into the blood stream and will have a more significant effect. Trying to put too much alcohol or stronger alcohol directly into the butt can result in death. However, drinking game participants aren't known for their intelligence, so BEER ENEMAS FOR EVERYONE!!


A good sign of somebody lacking intelligence is that they can't say a few words without interjecting the word "uh" in the middle. This is particularly true at sororities. The "uh" game is pretty simple. Participants walk around a sorority party with drink in hand and anytime they hear a sister use an "uh", they drink. Participants can make the game more fun by substituting various words for "uh", like "like" for instance. Please be aware that the "uh" game has killed quite a few people nationwide and 14 people in Texas in one weekend.


The basic premise of this game is how much Everclear can you drink before you can create a blow torch with your ass. The first person to drink enough Everclear to allow themselves to fart onto a match or other fire source and create a fire cloud wins.


Prior to competing in this game, every participant has to have two shots of hard alcohol. There are ten participants total and it's ideal if there are five guys and five girls assuming everyone is heterosexual.

At that point, the first person drinks a mouthful of Schnapps and then passes that mouthful to the next person via what looks like a french kiss. If the contents of the mouth is dropped, the couple must then take a drink and start again. If the Schnapps is passed successfully to the last person, the sequence starts again, but going backward.

As the game progresses, participants are eliminated as they vomit into each others' mouth. The last person standing is the winner.


Anybody who's on a college campus knows that kids are going crazy for that film, The Human Centipede. It's a verifiable phenomenon with midnight screenings and parties and everything. So, it's no wonder there's a college drinking game named after it. If you didn't already know, the film is about a lunatic who tortures his victims by sewing them together in a human centipede. One victim's mouth is sewn onto the butt and anus of another victim and so on.

Obviously, this makes for a great college drinking game. Contestants must drink for several hours each and then form a human centipede. The last person to avoid urinating or defecating on his friends wins!


Basically, you drink as much as you can and whoever sleeps with the ugliest person wins.

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This game can be played with either a map of the United States or a map of the world. Also, it can be somewhat costly, so it tends to be played by wealthier students. Less well-to-do students can bring cups with them and split drinks as they go.

Each contestant takes his or her map to a local liquor store, preferably a larger one that carries a lot of beer. However, the game can also be played just by drinking beer or by including wine and hard alcohol too.

Contestants then go around the store purchasing alcohol. Once each drink is consumed, the contestant gets to fill out the place on the map where the drink originated.

The winner is the person who fills out the most places on their map, but can also be the person who spends the least amount of money filling out a certain number of places on the map.


This game can be done in the mountains or on any terrain, but a mountain bike trail is preferable as it limits injury and collisions with cars.

As any biker knows, a common piece of equipment for most bike rides is a Camelback hydration system. The rider fills it with water, straps it to his or her back, and usually has enough water for a few hours of riding.

In this college drinking game, teams load up their camel backs with their drink of choice and must complete the course while drinking without falling off their bike. Contestants can win by either completing the course and draining their Camelback or riding until the last contestant is still on their bike.

The difficulty in determining the winner comes with deducting penalties for not consuming the alcohol versus a completed time, so it's frequently easier to see who can ride the farthest before falling off while also draining the camelback.

It's highly recommended that participants also include water when riding.


Orifice bingo involves drinking alcohol from every orifice on the human body on both male and female bodies. However, a dog or a cat can also be used, though pouring hard liquor in the anus of a cat can be really challenging.

Generally, the orifices are listed on a card and the person to either successfully drink from each orifice or successfully have a drink consumed from each orifice is declared the winner.

Depending on the contestants level of tolerance, the orifices can be done more than once and can avoid grossing anyone out, so a list might look like this:

mouth, ear, close eye socket, palm of hand, armpit

The more adventurous contestants use this list:

mouth, ear, back of knee, anus, vagina, crotch

With contestants who are very familiar with each other, the "drinking" can simply involve the licking of spirits from each contestant.

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