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10 Factory Strategy Games like 'Factorio'

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Ah, automation. The secret to getting things done quicker and with less energy used than ever. However, as we all know, it’s the challenge of getting automation put in place that tends to be the biggest problem. And that’s why games like Factorio can be such great educational fun. This awesome builder game has become a major starting point for many people who are fascinated by the art of automation. How do you make it so? What’s the secret to building a fancy big building that does all of the hard work for you?

As you might imagine, then, Factorio is a great game for helping minds to understand the importance of automation. It also helps us to realise that the whole system must work at once, otherwise, bottlenecks and production errors end up appearing. Factorio is a great starting point, but is it the only game like this out there?

Absolutely not! The building industry is loaded with games just like Factorio, and many similar enough games to deliver the same feeling of genuine accomplishment. If you are interested in trying out games like Factorio, why not check out the list below for some great ideas?

Ten Awesome Games Like Factorio You’ll Love Playing

Here's the list of the following games like Factorio we are going to delve into:

  1. Automation Empire
  2. Hydroneer
  3. Astroneer
  4. Satisfactory
  5. OpenTTD
  6. Oxygen Not Included
  7. Rise of Industry
  8. FortressCraft
  9. Rimworld
  10. Assembly Line

One - Automation Empire

This is a game that anyone who enjoyed Factorio is going to fall in love with. It’s still growing all the time, and it offers some very interesting ideas. Though it probably has one too many ideas that are similar to Factorio to give you a totally unique feeling, it should help to scratch the itch a bit if you are looking for something that ticks most of the same boxes.

This is a fun game, and it gives you the chance to get as many trucks, drones, and other vehicles moving around and making deliveries possible. Automation is the aim of the game here; can you find a way to make sure that everything runs without a hitch?

Two - Hydroneer

A good choice for many people who might fancy a more first-person themed approach to building something would be Hydroneer. This is a base builder where you spend as much time mining as you do anything else. While it has more in common with something like Minecraft than Factorio, it shares enough similarities that you should enjoy the base building factor immensely.

Build the base, get everything running efficiently, and enjoy watching your tiny creation go from a dream in your mind to genuine reality. While it’s by no means as in-depth as some of its competitors, this is a very fun game that, if you commit the time, could lead to some pretty amazing project developments.

Three - Astroneer

The wonderful Astroneer has garnered some 56,000 reviews across Steam and carries a ‘Very Positive’ rating – and with good reason. This is one adorable little game, giving you the chance to build up your own little building whilst you explore planets to see what you can find. It’s like a cross between No Man’s Sky and Facotrio in that you need to handle a fair amount of building and crafting, and your base has to run to help each part connect and work as intended.

However, at the other end of things, you get to enjoy a deeply satisfying space project that’s got an ample amount of exploration waiting for you. Definitely, one to make time to try out with friends.

Four - Satisfactory

Even the name is similar! Satisfactory is a very popular choice on the market at the moment for a lot of people. This first-person take on the Factorio idea is quite different in that you just play as one member of a wider cog. However, you can build something as wild or as minimalistic as your heart desires. The game gives you all the tools and techniques that you could need to start building something truly incredible.

Watch the trailers, and you will see people building everything from tiny little factories to mass, sprawling mega-buildings. Whatever your ambition is, this game should have the means to let you make it a reality somewhere along the line.

Five - OpenTTD

This entire freeware, open-source game is one of the most interesting of its kind. With this game, OpenTTD allows you to enjoy a fantastic experience that means building a massively interconnected system. The challenge here comes from making sure that each part works together in harmony, ensuring that you get to enjoy an experience that feels refreshing and mentally challenging.

This is one for project managers who really want to push their problem-solving skills to new degrees, and want to feel their grey matter being pushed to the limit. A fun, engaging game that might not be for everyone but some Factorio players are sure to find a happy successor home waiting for them in this interesting release.

Six - Oxygen Not Included

Oh man, what a tough game!

You will love ONI if you are a fan of Factorio. There is an immensity to this game that can become quite hard to understand, but once you get the hang of its basic systems you will be very much in a good place. While some people don’t like just how intense this game can be on the science side of things, those with a scientific passion and/or background will likely find a friend in Oxygen Not Included.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s more than certainly for someone. A fun, engaging game that will push your mental faculties in new directions as you battle against continually changing circumstances.

Seven - Rise of Industry

In this game, the main similarity is the need to control the management of goods and production. It’s a very fun game and it should give you a chance to really enjoy seeing how connected many parts of the industries you get involved with are. It’s a fun game of back and forth as you try and find various ways to get each system to play along with one another.

It’s a challenging game, but an immensely rewarding one once you get the hang of it. You’ll probably put a few saves into the ground as you try and work out the game's kinks, but once you do it becomes an amazingly fun way to spend an afternoon.

Eight - FortressCraft

This game has been out for a long time, but it never got the kind of recognition that it should have. It’s like Minecraft with the smart voxel design, but it combines together a headache-inducing combination of combat, assembly-line production, exploration, crafting, and systems management. Add in some tower defence for good measure, and this game manages to use about 10% from each of the niches that have clearly inspired it.

It can be a bit much at times, and sometimes it can feel as if too much is going on to really get ‘good’ at. If you can persevere with the madness and the difficulty, though, it’s a definite one to try out for Factorio fans.

Nine - Rimworld

Though Rimworld is more like a colony management game as opposed to building management, and it has far more RPG elements than Factorio, it’s still immense fun. You should really look to try this game out if you are a fan of a deeper character system, a really engaging storytelling medium, and some of the best building you will come across in a game of this kind.

You will spend a lot of time wondering why Building A has lost power, and it’s usually down to something in the supply chain breaking down or being attacked by raiders/mutant monsters. Great fun, definitely worth your time and investment, and one that you could easily lose as many hours to as Factorio.

Ten - Assembly Line

Looking for an easier Factorio that you can play on the go? Then try this out. This mobile game is one of the best games of its kind, giving you all the help that you need to run a factory from your iOS device. It has much of the same kind of feel and feature list of Factorio, but it does have some genuine charm that can be hard to overlook.

It’s a game that is never going to be as deep as its more in-depth comrade on PC, but it’s definitely a game worth trying out. A fun, satisfying experience that is sure to give you all of the help and support that you need to get your Factorio fix when you are AFK.

What’s On Your List?

So, what game out of the list above do you think you will try out first? You have a fair few to think about and look through. While not every game that is above is going to make you feel like you are playing Factorio, they share enough similarities and thinking that you should have no problem at all enjoying the experience.

Go and take a look at each game, watch some trailers, and see what you think would work best for you: what game gets your inner-builder excited?

Let us know if we have missed some of the games like Factorio off the list and get them included below in the comments section.

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