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10 Baby Shower Game Ideas To Entertain All Guests...


As everyone knows from experience a baby shower isn't always the most fun or exciting things to go to. How do you spice up your baby shower and make it fun for everyone....the games. A baby shower is only as good as its games. Here are 10 fun baby shower games that will make your shower a party to remember.

Dirty Diaper Game


The Dirty Diaper Game.

  1. Before the party buy a bag of assorted candy bars and a package of newborn diapers.
  2. Pick out a variety of 5-10 different candy bars from the bag. The must all be different. Number each diaper and put one of the chosen candy bars in each one.
  3. Write down which candy bar is in which numbered diaper on a slip of paper.
  4. Microwave each diaper for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Hand out pens and paper to all of the guests.
  6. Then one by one have the guests pass around the diapers and try to guess what kind of candy bar it started out as.
  7. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

Guess The Baby Food Questionnaire


Guess The Baby Food!

  1. Download or create a clever Guess The Baby Food Questionnaire, then print out several copies enough for all of the attending guests.
  2. Pass out the worksheet and pens to each guest.
  3. Give all guests a designated amount of time to work on the questionnaire.
  4. When times runs out the hostess will read of the correct answers so the guests can grade their own work.
  5. The player with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Don't say baby!


The Clothespin Game.

  1. As each of the guests arrive, give them a clothespin decorated depending on the theme of the party or the sex of the baby.
  2. Inform each guest they are not allowed to say the word baby for the duration of the party.
  3. If they slip and say the buzz word then the person who calls them out on it first can take their pin.
  4. Through out the party pins will be passed back an forth between guests.
  5. When the party comes to an end the guest who ends up with the most pins will be the winner!

Baby's Brew


Bottle Chugging Contest.

  1. Make sure to purchase enough baby bottles for all of the attending guests.
  2. Each guest gets a bottle to fill with the drink of their choice.
  3. When the hostess yells go all of the guests are to chug the contents of their baby bottle as fast as possible without using their hands.
  4. The player who completely empties their bottle first is the winner!

Changing Station

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Diaper Changing Relay Race.

  1. Make sure there are enough dolls for each team to have their own and enough diapers for each guest. The dolls will start with a diaper on and can be diapered before the party.
  2. Set up a blindfolded changing table with bandannas for all of the guests, also make sure there is baby powder for each team, wipes, a diapered doll and a stack of "clean diapers"
  3. Split the guests into teams and have them line up.
  4. When the hostess yells go the first person in line will be blindfolded and sent over to the changing table. Their job is to removed the old diaper, clean the baby, powder them, re-diaper the baby, and run back to their line and hand off the blindfold to the next player in line.
  5. The team that completes this the fastest wins!

Bottle Bowling Set-Up


Baby Bottle Bowling.

  1. Set up ten baby bottles like they are shown above and provide the guests with a tennis ball.
  2. Take turns bowling for baby bottles.
  3. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Candy Match Worksheet


Candy Match Game.

  1. Download or create worksheets with words and phrases related to pregnancy and babies that can be coordinated with a type of candy.
  2. Pass out worksheets and pens to all of the guests and give them a few minutes to try to decode the worksheet.
  3. When time runs out, the hostess will read the answers to the worksheet so each guest can grade their worksheet and tally the correct answers.
  4. The player with the most correct guesses wins!

Instead of bobbing for apples....


Bobbing for Nipples.

  1. This game is played exactly like bobbing for apples but instead of putting apples in a tub of water put baby bottle nipples into the tub.
  2. One by one have all of the guests bob for nipples! Of course they have to keep their hands behind their back and only get so many tries before their turn is over.
  3. Keep count of how many each person is able to grab out. The person with the highest amount after everyone has had a turn wins!
  4. You can do multiple rounds of this game and is always fun for an outdoor or summer party.

My Water Broke Ice Cubes!


My Water Broke!

  1. Get a bunch of small plastic babies at a craft store a few days before the shower date. Put them in ice trays fill with water and put in the freezer.
  2. The day of the party as the guest arrive offer them a beverage, make sure every guest gets an ice cube with a baby in it.
  3. As the party goes on and the ice cubes melt the players will have to keep a close eye on their ice cube baby. When the ice completely melt and there is a free floating baby in the glass the person will yell "My Water Broke!"
  4. First person's water to break and be announced wins!

Baby Basket


Baby Basket Memory Game.

  1. Before the shower purchase a basket full of a variety of baby necessities. These are things you would normally find in a diaper bag but put into a basket for easy visibility for the purpose of the game.
  2. Bring the basket out and allow of the guest to view and study it for 1-2 minutes. When time is up remove the basket from the party area so it is no longer visible.
  3. Pass out a pen and paper to every guest and ask them to list as many things as they can remember being in that basket. Give the players an additional 1-2 minutes to write out their list.
  4. When time runs out the hostess will grab the basket from the hidden area and begin taking the items out one by one to show everyone what is in the basket. The guests will check off every item they listed correctly.
  5. The guest who has the most items in common with the basket will win a prize!

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