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The Islands of Poptropica


What is Poptropica?

Poptropica is a fun, free virtual world just for kids. In this amazingly fun game, you can travel around the globe in a hot-air balloon to different worlds to play games, compete, and communicate with other players.

Along all those fun activities, you can also read comics and watch movie clips while you play! In this game, kids create their own character called a Poptropican which they use to travel to the many different islands on the map. How much more fun can an online game for kids get?

Poptropica is a place for kids to play and even offers the chance for kids to learn problem solving skills with the many puzzles in the game.

The lands in which children travel to, offer factual history about different places in the real world. While Poptropica is completely free to play, paid accounts are also available and allow children to explore more worlds, collect more items, and more. However, the monthly cost of this game is very low compared to many online games.

Learning about sharks on Shark Tooth Island

Learning about sharks on Shark Tooth Island

Becoming a Poptropica Member

Kids with a paid membership can get access to the latest islands before they are made available to those without the membership. On top of that, members can get all the clothes and powers for free, while unpaid members must use credits to obtain these items. The monthly cost of membership is $2.99 and allows you to get all these cool features. But remember, you do not have to get the membership to enjoy many of this game's features. It is also recommend to play the game before getting the membership to see if you enjoy the game enough to become a member.

24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot Island

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A Guide to The Islands

What makes Poptropica a ton of fun is the various islands your character can travel. What makes it even more fun is that the company behind this awesome game is always creating more and more islands. Each island has its own theme and storyline. Your goal is to uncover the secrets that each island holds as well as find hidden items. Upon completion of an island, you will receive 100 credits.

Early Poptropica - Early Poptropica is the 1st island to be a part of the game. On this island, you will encounter the first settlers of Poptropica and they need YOUR help as they are missing several objects. In recovering the various objects in this land, you will a spider and a giant. You may also check out the museum on the island which feature works from real-life artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci.

Shark Tooth Island - The 2nd island to be released is Shark Tooth Island. A shark is bothering the people who live on this island and your goal is to get the shark to stop. To do this, you must explore the ancient temple on the island in order to get a special potion that will get the shark to leave the people alone. You will also have to help a boy and the professor, both who are stranded on a nearby island.

Time Tangled Island - This is the 3rd island in Poptropica. On this island you must help Professor Pendulum with his broken time machine. Because of the time machine, history has been changed and it is your job to fix it! While doing this you will meet famous historical figures like Thomas Edison and Da Vinci. After you fix everything, you can even go forward in time to see what things will be like.

24 Carrot Island - The people living on this island need your help as their carrots have been stolen. Since carrots control their economy, their economy is suffering because of the loss of carrots. In addition, some people on the island have disappeared. Here you will meet the evil Dr. Hare who has stolen all the carrots which he is going to use to sent his giant robot bunny into space so he can control everyone. Also, Dr. Hare is the one who kidnapped the missing people and it is your job to stop him and free the people. Those who enjoy this island may be interested in the sequel to this island called Dr Hare's Secret lab which you can purchase in the store in the game. 24 Carrot Island is the 4th island to be added to the game.

Super Power Island - The 5th island to be added to Poptropica is Super Power Island. On this island, a meteor has crashed and caused prisoners to be able to break out of the island's prison. Since the meteor was radioactive, the prisoners now have super powers which they are using to commit crimes and make life scary for those living on the island. After defeating the first prisoners, you will learn how to fly so that you can defeat the last prisoner whose super power is flying.

Spy Island

Spy Island

Spy Island - This island is the 6th island to be added to the game. On this island, three spies have discovered a secret threat to those living in Poptropica. However, the spies have been kidnapped by a group called B.A.D. It is your job to find and rescue the spies using top-secret spy stuff!

Nabooti Island - The 7th island to be added to the game is Nabooti Island. As the publishers of Choose Your Own Adventure books helped create this island, it is a Choose Your Own Adventure Island. Pretty cool, huh? Your goal on this African-themed island is to help the Nabooti tribe recover the five jewels that are missing from their totem.

Big Nate Island - The 8th island to be added to the game is based on the 'Big Nate' comic strip by Lincoln Pierce. On this island, the school is about to be demolished. Your goal is to find the time capsule that will stop the demolition. Nate and his friends will help you with your journey. What's really cool about this island is that the art is similar to that of the Big Nate comic strip.

Nabooti Island

Nabooti Island

Astro-Knights Island - This island is the 9th to be added to the game. Your goal on this island is to build a spaceship so that you can rescue the kidnapped princess who has been taken to outer space. In order to rescue the princess, you must visit different planets and fight mechanical space monsters before you find the princess.

Counterfeit Island
- The 10th island to be added to the game is Counterfeit Island. On this island, a painting has been stolen by the Black Widow who is planning on stealing more paintings from the museum. It is your job to find her and get the missing painting back.

Reality TV Island - This island is the 11th to be added to the game. If you've seen the show "Survivor" on TV, you know what this island is about! Your goal on this island is to complete against other characters so that you can stay on the island.

Mythology Island - The 12th island to be added to Poptropica is Mythology Island. This island's storyline is based on Greek mythology. Your goal on the island is to find items for Zeus so he can be immortal. In meeting other Greek gods, you find that Zeus wants to rule Poptropica, so you must help the other gods defeat him.

Skullduggery Island - This pirate-themed island is the 13th island to be added to the game. Here you must sail, trade, and do sea battles on a group on islands in order to defeat the evil Captain Crawfish. To beat him, will have to get your own ship and crew. After you defeat him, you will find a treasure which you give to the people living on Skullduggery Island.

Steamworks Island - This is the 14th island to be added to the game. The people who used to live on this island used steam power in order to live. When you make it to the island, the people are all gone. Your goal is to find out where the people are, with the help of your robot. The steam machines created by the missing civilization will aid you in your quest. Be careful of the plants that have grown in the area as they are now what controls the island.

Great Pumpkin Island - The 15th island to be added to the game uses character from the famous Peanut comic strip. It is Halloween on the island, but no-one is participating in the holiday. Charlie Brown is constantly getting tricked, Snoopy is attacked, and Linus is waiting for the Great Pumpkin. What is going to happen?

Cryptids Island - This is the newest island to be added to Poptropica. (The 16th island.) Your goal on this island is to prove that cryptids, secret hidden creatures, exist. However, you're not the only one looking for cryptids so you're in a race to find them first! On this island, you will come across Bigfoot, Nessie, and more legendary creatures!

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Wild Wild West Island - This island is the 17th island to become a part of Poptropica. Wild Wild West Island has an old American frontier western feel to it. Your goal on this island is to capture El Mustachio Grande and his bandit friends.

Wimpy Wonderland - This is the 18th island to be added to the game. Wimpy Wonderland got its theme from the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" graphic novels.

Red Dragon Island - This island got its storyline and characters from the Magic Tree House. Your goal on this Japanese themed island is to use your ninja skills to find your way home. Red Dragon Island is the 19th island added to the game.

Shrink Ray Island - Released in the Summer of 2011, this island features a ray gun that shrinks everything (including you!) It's your job to find the missing scientist and the gun before the shrink ray gun falls in the wrong hands! Can you do it?

Mystery Train Island - This island is the 21st island to be a part of the game. A crime has occurred on a train headed to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. It's your job to find out whodunit, but everyone is a suspect! Can you figure who did the crime and save the fair?

Additional Games on Poptropica

There are several other games in Poptropica that aren't a part of the islands. Upon completion of each game, you will receive 50 credits. In the Haunted House game, which you can find in the Poptropica store, you are to enter a haunted house and find treasures. Dr Hare's Secret Lab is based on 24 Carrot Island. When you complete this game, you will receive a costume in addition to the 50 credits.

Earth Day is one game that doesn't cost any credits. The goal here is to turn off household items in order to save energy. There are also several mini-games in Poptropica which include Balloons, Hoops, Paint War, Pathwise, Sky-Dive, Soupwords, Star Link, Sudoku, and Switch.


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there is a 18 island called wimpywonderland

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